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For iPhone go here. Image caption Once two pairs match, they can start a group chat between the four people. Now, this happens to me on a daily basis, because all of my friends are jerks, but other people might not be ready to see a friend steal away the date they were trying to make eyes at all night. Here's a screenshot of the activity choosing feature for San Francisco, where DuoDater was developed and is based:. Here's a shot of the main DuoDater interface; my friend Charlie and I formed a dashing duo, filled out the information we wanted to be public, and are now ready to meet and greet the ladies of New York City:.

  • Double dating app creators say there's 'definitely space' in market BBC Newsbeat
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  • Double dating app creators say there's 'definitely space' in market BBC Newsbeat

    As seen on Dragon's Den. Create a joint profile, find other pairs nearby, get matched and start a group chat. Available for iPhone and Android. Realizing that dating can lead to stress and awkwardness, the dating app Doublebasically Tinder for double dates, was created. Double is a. Recent years have seen an explosion of dating apps, and there seem to be incredibly niche ones launching every day.

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    You grab a willing and hopefully single friend; you're paired quadrupled? Tinder is the biggest dating app on the market.

    images double date apps

    I like the idea of a dating website devoted to two-on-two outings, and I agree that it is less stressful or threatening than a one-on-one blind date, and more practical than anything over 3 people per side at a time See: From the way my friends describe online dating, to hope that anyone has fun on any date is a longshot, no matter how many people are there. Your chances may have just immediately doubled.

    images double date apps
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    Watch out, DuoDater co-founder Andrew Flachner's girlfriend.

    For more stories like this one you can now download the BBC Newsbeat app straight to your device. However, he says you might fancy one of the pair but then realise they're not the right personality match for you when you meet them. Aside from currently only existing miles from where I live, DuoDater is going to have to overcome a few other obstacles in order for it to be successful.

    But like all other dating websites, it only works if a lot of people sign up.

    With Coupler, you and your partner can find other couples who share your interests. Coupler is a mobile double dating app to find double dates in your area.

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    Double dating aspect of the app takes pressure off singles; Group chat is a smart and convenient feature that allows all four matches to communicate at once. There are plenty of dating apps for singles, but what about couples trying to make new friends? Introducing Coupler - the double dating app that helps people in.
    Gary is the only single one out of the trio. So how does one make a blind date more natural?

    images double date apps

    And if you're wondering whether or not you might be able to double date the DuoDater co-founders: Loren says Gary goes on double dates "all the time" but there's "no love for him yet". If it sounds like OKCupid 2 or any of the other dating sites times two, then co-founder Andrew Flachner wants to correct your misconception:.

    And if you're wondering whether or not you might be able to double date the DuoDater co-founders:.

    For iPhone go here.

    images double date apps
    Actually, the way Flachner frames it, DuoDater is kind of like the bowl of porridge from Goldilocks that is "just right.

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    Users can sign up for DuoDater through Facebook or the traditional way, choosing a username and password and all that fun stuff.

    Your chances may have just immediately doubled. The idea for Double came to Gary when a friend said she felt too awkward to meet her Tinder matches - but said she would go if she could take a friend.

    DuoDater, The Dating Website For Double Dates HuffPost

    Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. They've made the enrollment process easy enough; now it is a matter of attracting a large enough pool of DuoDaters that the service can actually match up pairs of singles.

    Haven't had any luck in the online dating world?

    images double date apps