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    Diagram B, the weft Diagram C, the tartan. The combining of the warp and weft.

    Each thread in the warp crosses each thread in the weft at right angles. Where a thread in the warp crosses a thread of the same colour in the weft they produce a solid colour on the tartan, while a thread crossing another of a different colour produces an equal mixture of the two colours. Thus, a set of two base colours produces three different colours including one mixture.

    The total number of colours, including mixtures, increases quadratically with the number of base colours so a set of six base colours produces fifteen mixtures and a total of twenty-one different colours. This means that the more stripes and colours used, the more blurred and subdued the tartan's pattern becomes. In diagram A, the sett reverses at the first pivot, then repeats, then reverses at the next pivot, and will carry on in this manner horizontally.

    In diagram B, the sett reverses and repeats in the same way as the warp, and also carries on in the same manner vertically. The diagrams left illustrate the construction of a "symmetrical" tartan. However, on an "asymmetrical" tartan, the sett does not reverse at the pivots, it just repeats at the pivots. Also, some tartans very few do not have exactly the same sett for the warp and weft. This means the warp and weft will have alternate thread counts. Tartan is recorded by counting the threads of each colour that appear in the sett.

    For example, the thread count "K4 R24 K24 Y4" corresponds to 4 black threads, 24 red threads, 24 black threads, 4 yellow threads. The shades of colour in tartan can be altered to produce variations of the same tartan. The resulting variations are termed: These terms refer to colour only. Modern represents a tartan that is coloured using chemical dye, as opposed to natural dye.

    In the midth century natural dyes began to be replaced by chemical dyes which were easier to use and were more economic for the booming tartan industry. Chemical dyes tended to produce a very strong, dark colour compared to the natural dyes.

    In modern colours, setts made up of blue, black and green tend to be obscured. Ancient refers to a lighter shade of tartan. These shades are meant to represent the colours that would result from fabric aging over time.

    Muted refers to tartan which is shade between modern and ancient. This type of tartan is very modern, dating only from the early s. This shade is said to be the closest match to the shades attained by natural dyes used before the midth century. One such myth is that red tartans were "battle tartans", designed so they would not show blood. It is only recently created tartans, such as Canadian provincial and territorial tartans beginning s and US state tartans beginning sthat are designed with certain symbolic meaning for the colours used.

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    For example, the colour green sometimes symbolises prairies or forests, blue can symbolise lakes and rivers, and the colour yellow is sometimes used to symbolise various crops. According to the textile historian E. Barber, the Hallstatt culture of Central Europe, which is linked with ancient Celtic populations and flourished between the 8th and 6th centuries BC, produced tartan-like textiles. Some of them were discovered inremarkably preserved, in the Hallstatt salt mines near SalzburgAustria.

    It was uncovered at Falkirk in StirlingshireScotland, about metres north-west of the Antonine Wall. The fragment was stuffed into the mouth of an earthenware pot containing almost 2, Roman coins. The Falkirk tartan has a simple check design, of natural light and dark wool. Early forms of tartan like this are thought to have been invented in pre-Roman times, and would have been popular among the inhabitants of the northern Roman provinces [16] [17] as well as in other parts of Northern Europe such as Jutlandwhere the same pattern was prevalent.

    The present official Clan Campbell tartans are predominantly blue, green and black. By the late 16th century there are numerous references to striped or checkered plaids. It is not until the late 17th or early 18th century that any kind of uniformity in tartan is thought to have occurred.

    He expressly wrote that the inhabitants of various islands and the mainland of the Highlands were not all dressed alike, but that the setts and colours of the various tartans varied from isle to isle. For many centuries the patterns were loosely associated with the weavers of a particular area, though it was common for highlanders to wear a number of different tartans at the same time.

    A charter granted to Hector Maclean of Duart requires feu duty on land paid as 60 ells of cloth of white, black and green colours. A witness of the Battle of Killiecrankie describes " McDonnell 's men in their triple stripes". From the government force of the Highland Independent Companies introduced a standardised tartan chosen to avoid association with any particular clan, and this was formalised when they became the Black Watch regiment in The world's first permanent colour photographtaken by English photographer Thomas Sutton inwas of a tartan ribbon.

    Efforts to pacify the Highlands led to the Dress Act ofbanning tartans, except for the Highland regiments of the British army. Wilson corresponded with his agents in the Highlands to get information and samples of cloth from the clan districts to enable him to reproduce "perfectly genuine patterns" and recorded over setts bymany of which were tentatively named. At this time many setts were simply numbered, or given fanciful names such as the " Robin Hood " tartan, not associated with any specific clan.

    By the 19th century the Highland romantic revival, inspired by James Macpherson 's Ossian poems and the writings of Sir Walter Scottled to wider interest, with clubs like the Celtic Society of Edinburgh welcoming Lowlanders. The pageantry invented for the visit of King George IV to Scotland brought a sudden demand for tartan cloth and made it the national dress of the whole of Scotland, rather than just the Highlands and Islands, with the invention of many new clan-specific tartans to suit.

    Royal patronage and the tartan craze[ edit ] Wilkie 's idealised depiction of George IVin full Highland dressduring the visit to Scotland in [note 4] The popularity of tartan was greatly increased by the royal visit of George IV to Edinburgh in George IV was the first reigning monarch to visit Scotland in years.

    Scott and the Celtic Society urged Scots to attend festivities "all plaided and plumed in their tartan array". James Logan 's romanticised work The Scottish Gael, published inwas one such publication which led the Scottish tartan industry to invent clan tartans.

    John Sobieski and Charles Allen Hay. The two claimed to be grandsons of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and his wife Princess Louise of Stolbergand consequently later became known as the " Sobieski Stuarts ".

    The Sobieski Stuarts claimed that the Vestiarium was based upon a copy of an ancient manuscript on clan tartans—a manuscript which they never managed to produce. The Queen and prince bought Balmoral Castle in and hired a local architect to re-model the estate in " Scots Baronial " style. Prince Albert personally took care of the interior design, where he made great use of tartan. He utilised the red Royal Stewart and the green Hunting Stewart tartans for carpets, while using the Dress Stewart for curtains and upholstery.

    The Queen designed the Victoria tartan, and Prince Albert the Balmoral, still used as a royal tartan today. Victoria and Albert spent a considerable amount of time at their estate, and in doing so hosted many "Highland" activities. Victoria was attended by pipers and her children were attired in Highland dress.

    Prince Albert himself loved watching the Highland games. It is maintained by many that clan tartans were not in use at the time of the Battle of Culloden in The method of identifying friend from foe was not through tartans but by the colour of ribbon worn upon the bonnet. The setts painted all differ from one another and very few of those painted show any resemblance to today's clan tartans.

    The idea of groups of men wearing the same tartan is thought to originate from the military units in the 18th century. Evidence suggests that in the Independent Highland Companies may have worn a uniform tartan. The eight featured highlanders in the painting wear over twenty different tartans. Alexander Macdonald, 2nd Baron Macdonald of Sleat was so far removed from his Highland heritage that he wrote to the Society: Almost all Scottish clans have several tartans attributed to their name.

    Several clans have "official" tartans. Although it is possible for anyone to create a tartan and name it any name they wish, the only person with the authority to make a clan's tartan "official" is the chief. This is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to its use in clothing, such as skirts and scarves, Royal Stewart tartan has also appeared on biscuit tins for Scottish shortbread.

    Royal Stewart tartan Other tartans[ edit ] A boy wearing Hunting MacGregor tartan In addition to clan tartans, many tartan patterns have been developed for individuals, families, districts, institutions, and corporations. They have also been created for various events and certain ethnic groups.

    Many regional tartans are officially recognised by government bodies. In Canada, most provinces and territories have an official tartanwith the first dating from In Scotland at least two local government councils have official tartans. Dress tartans are based on the earasaid tartans worn by Highland women in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    They are commonly used today in Highland dancing. Hunting tartans are also a Victorian conception. Despite the name, hunting tartans have very little to do with actual hunting. They are usually designed using combinations of black and white. Tartan was incorporated in an assortment of common household objects, such as snuffboxesjewellery cases, tableware, sewing accessories, and desk items.

    Tourists visiting the Scottish Highlands went home with it, and Scottish-based businesses sent tartanware out as gifts to customers. By then, tartan had shifted from being mainly a component of men's clothing to become an important part of women's fashion. In consequence of its association with the British aristocracy and military, tartan developed an air of dignity and exclusivity. Because of this, tartan has made reappearances in the world of fashion several times. For instance, tartan made a resurgence in its use in punk fashion.

    In the late s, punk music was a way for youth in the British Isles to voice their discontent with the ruling class. The unorthodox use of tartan, which had long been associated with authority and gentilitywas then seen as the expression of discontent against modern society.

    In this way tartan, worn unconventionally, became an anti-establishment symbol. The 7, figure above includes many of these variations counted as though they were different tartans. It also aims to be the definitive source for the registration of new tartans that pass NAS criteria for inclusion. On the Register's website users can register new tartans for a feesearch for and request the threadcounts of existing tartans and receive notifications of newly registered tartans.
    Weather, of course, has a mind of its own.

    While September tends to be the wettest month and April the driest, Edinburgh has no true dry season. Summer, or the warm season, generally lasts from early June to the end of August or early September. Rain is not as common as at other times of the year, however showers and the occasional torrential downpour are not unheard of, so it's wise to pack raingear.

    July is the hottest month and August has still long days, 16 hours of daylight getting shorter over the month to 14 hours and a sunset at 8 pm.

    January has historically featured the coldest temperatures. Showers and steady rain are a given during these months, interspersed with periods of sleet and even snow. Fortunately, Edinburgh offers plenty of indoor activities and tourists sometimes find the best flight and hotel deals during these months. Travelers should dress in layers so they can be comfortable indoors and out. Rain gear is a must. The few months that bridge the cold and warm seasons April and May in the spring, September and October in the fall are the most changeable times of year as far as weather is concerned.

    During the cold season, travelers are advised to pack plenty of rain gear and to dress in layers to ensure they stay comfortable throughout the day. Visitors at these times should plan well ahead even more than a year in advance! EGPH [14]the busiest airport in Scotland, is situated some 10 miles west of the city. The airport offers a wide range of domestic and international flights to EuropeNorth America and the Middle East. Many visitors to the city arrive via a connecting flight from London.

    Since July Edinburgh also has direct flights, operating during the summer months, to Toronto and since summer has also had direct flights to ChicagoPhiladelphia and DohaQatar.

    Edinburgh Trams' [16] link the airport to Edinburgh city centre every minutes between No change is given, however the machines do accept cards. Serviceruns from outside the airport terminal building to Edinburgh city centre Waverley Bridge at least every 10 minutes until Service runs from the airport terminal building to Ocean Terminal shopping center in Leith, taking a route along the North section of the city.

    The buses offer free wi-fi connection, sockets for charging electrical equipment, CCTV allowing top-deck passengers to monitor their luggage, and electronic "next-stop" information. The Airlink buses have a dedicated blue livery which makes them easy to distinguish from the rest of the Lothian fleet. The buses on the N22 service are normal Lothian Buses branded vehicles. The former cheaper alternative Lothian Buses service 35 no longer runs.

    This was replaced by the service [18]. Service is much slower about 1h Do note that you must carry exact change with you onto theas the driver can't give any back to you, so try and get this from within the airport, or just take the airlink!

    EGPF [20] may also be a viable option, with a similar though slightly smaller range of destinations to Edinburgh Airport, and travel times to Edinburgh of around 1 and a half hours by public transport, or slightly less by car.

    Notably, Emirates [21] offers flights to Glasgow, but not Edinburgh, from its hub in Dubai. See the main Glasgow article for more details. First Greater Glasgow operates the bus service from the airport to Glasgow city centre every 12 minutes during the day, taking around 25 minutes. The bus stops at Dundas Street, which is a minute's walk from Queen Street railway station. ScotRail offers a half-hourly service during the day from Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverley, taking around 50 minutes.

    A cheaper but slower alternative is to continue on the bus to Glasgow's Buchanan Bus Station, and take either the non-stop National Express [22] coach service 1 hour 5 mins or the Scottish CityLink bus service 1 hour 19 mins from there to Edinburgh Bus Station. Wikitravel has a guide to Rail travel in the United Kingdom The main railway station in Edinburgh is called Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station [23] and is an attraction in itself.

    First opened inEdinburgh Waverley Station was rebuilt Despite various refurbishments, the past still survives in the station's elaborate, domed ceiling where wreathed cherubs leap amid a wealth of scrolled ironwork. Edinburgh Waverley Station is a major hub for the Scottish rail network, operated by Scotrail [24]. There is an hourly service to Dundee and Aberdeenand two hourly to Inverness.

    Shuttle trains to Glasgow Queen Street run every 15 minutes throughout the day, dropping to 30 minutes on evenings and Sundays, and the journey takes minutes. Stopping patterns differ on this route, meaning that every half hour, the service takes approx.

    Some services run to Glasgow Central instead, but run via Lanarkshire with many more stops. Certain CrossCountry trains originating from Birmingham and the south west also continue to Glasgow Central - again your ticket will be valid on these services but the journey will take slightly longer than the shuttle.

    The vast majority of train services to Edinburgh from London and most of eastern England are operated by Virgin Trains East Coast [25] ; an hourly service leaves from London Kings Cross station throughout the day until 6PM. Journey time is between 4hrs 20min and 5 hours. Virgin Trains [26] also operate a 2 hourly service from Birmingham New Street via the West Coast Mainline with an average journey time of 4hrs 4 mins. For a different travel experience from London, try the Caledonian Sleeper service [27] now operated by Sercowhich runs every night from London's Euston Station except Saturdays, and the journey takes approximately 8 hours.

    Bear in mind that if you are travelling alone you may have to share the sleeping compartment with a stranger of the same sex. BritRail passes can be used to reserve tickets on the sleeper trains. Tickets can now as of late be booked up to a year ahead, via the Caledonian Sleeper website.

    There is a second railway station in the centre of Edinburgh, Haymarket, around a mile to the west of Edinburgh Waverley. If you are arriving from the north, west or southwest, Haymarket is a better station to exit at if you are heading straight for the airport, zoo, or modern art gallery or if your accommodation is on the west side of town as you will avoid the city centre traffic, and it is on the major westbound bus routes.

    Both Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket stations had ticket barriers installed in so you will need to purchase a ticket in order to enter or leave the platform area. If you get on a train at an unmanned station, you can purchase a ticket from the conductor on the train or a ticket inspector near the barrier gates: The barrier gates will retain single journey tickets so be sure to get a receipt if you need one.

    If you have the larger kind of ticket that does not fit in the barrier, you will need to go to the gate manned by a member of staff who will check your ticket and let you through.

    If you do not have a ticket, you will need to go to the ticket office behind the barrier platform 14 at Edinburgh Waverley to buy one.

    Edinburgh Park is a new train station that opened inwhich is some way from the city centre, serves business parks and "The Gyle" shopping centre.

    This service takes around an hour to get to Glasgow from Edinburgh Park.

    How Will The Klein Men Look In Their Custom-Tailored Scottish Kilts?

    From London the fastest route to Edinburgh is the M1 motorway, followed by the A1 M and the A1 - a journey of km mi and approximately hrs driving time. Edinburgh is not a particularly car friendly city the worst city to drive in outside of London in the UK with the myriad of one-way streets and the Old Town's medieval layout, and the dedication of parking wardens to ticketing anything that is not moving is legendary.

    Overstaying a parking charge is likely to result in a stiff penalty which the court is perfectly happy to pursue against car hire companies and, ultimately, to the hirer and possibly impounding of the vehicle.

    Scottish Kilt Exposed Porn Gay Videos

    All said, it is often cheaper and quicker to use the new Park and Ride systems now in place on all approaches to the City, National Park and Ride Directory is available online [28]so it's even easy to just abandon your car on the outskirts. For visitors arriving from the M8, follow directions for Edinburgh Airport to reach Ingliston Park and Ride; this facility is half a mile from the airport terminal.

    If you are on a tour that involves you driving into Edinburgh them it's worth finding out whether your hotel has 24 hour parking and, if it doesn't, then parking your car outside the main parking zone and using one of the frequent buses to travel to your hotel or to the city centre.

    By bus[ edit ] The city is served by the major inter-city bus companies from around Scotland and England. The left luggage lockers at the Bus station are much cheaper than the "charged by the piece" left luggage service at Edinburgh Waverley train station. Get around[ edit ] Edinburgh is a compact city - most of the sights and major tourist attractions are within the Old Town and New Town and are no further than a 15 minute walk apart. Walking along elegant or atmospheric streets is one of the pleasures of the city.

    There are however, a number of hills to be navigated; for example from Princes Street, up The Mound towards Edinburgh Castle requires some significant legwork, but it's worth it for the views en route. The city's public transport system is relatively poor next to London and other major European cities - being heavily reliant on buses, which have to navigate the city's sometimes bustling traffic. Congestion charging similar to that found in the English capital has been proposed but was defeated at a referendum.

    Equally, the suburban railway network is very sparse compared to that of Glasgow, although there have been some slow and steady improvements over the years. By bus[ edit ] Edinburgh has two main bus companies, Lothian Buses [30]which is majority-owned by the The City of Edinburgh Council, and First [31]a private operator.

    These two companies share the same bus stops, but the route numbers and tickets are not interchangeable and they operate different fare structures. Lothian Bus in the Harlequin livery, at Canonmills Lothian are the larger operator in the city itself whose distinctive madder-red burgundy and white coloured buses had become as much a symbol of Edinburgh as its buildings.

    For some reason Lothian saw this as a negative and this livery was almost completely phased out in favour of Harlequin colours, which are predominantly white, with red and gold rhombuses of different sizes along the sides. Some of the more important routes also have different colours on the front and roof of the bus to help passengers spot their required bus. They repainted the fleet into the traditional "madder" livery in Children up to age 5 travel for free.

    Bear in mind that bus drivers will not give change, so save up those coins. The all-day ticket is a great way to see the city without the expense of the tour buses, as you can get on and off all Lothian buses for the whole day.

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    You can buy these from any bus driver, or from Lothian Buses offices. There is a BusTracker [32] service. This provides "real time" bus service information.

    Electronic signs are along major routes, showing the wait time for the next bus on each service at that stop. Online, it's possible to view the information for every bus stop in the city, not just those stops with electronic signs. Every stop has a unique eight-figure code, which are listed on the website and also displayed at the stop. You can access Bus Tracker via a mobile phone at mobile. A free app named "Transport for Edinburgh" is available for iPhone and Android.

    They provide similar information with route maps and a stop locator. First [33] buses mostly service farther-flung areas to the east and west of the city. Edinburgh Coach Lines operate service 13 [34]a bus of use to many visitors as it is the only route serving the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery.

    Lothian season tickets and day tickets are not valid on service There are also four companies that operate sightseeing buses [35]all of which are now owned by Lothian Buses. All have a policy that a sightseeing ticket is valid for 24 hours, so you can get around central Edinburgh quite handily using the sightseeing buses.

    Each sightseeing bus follows a different route around the city, but they all start and finish at Waverley Bridge, adjacent to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station near Princes Street. Note that standard National Rail fares apply to these trains - there are no credible daily season ticket options available.
    We aim to help protect the environment through a range of initiatives within the household.

    We recycle household products bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, linens, toner cartridges etc Use of local produce where possible Use of low energy bulbs where appropriate Our policy is to only launder towels when requested by guests Encourage guests to follow our green towel and bed linen policy Our commitment We aim to help protect the environment through a range of initiatives within the household.


    We recycle household products bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, linens, toner cartridges etc Use of local produce where possible Use of low energy bulbs where appropriate Our policy is to only launder towels when requested by guests Encourage guests to follow our green towel and bed linen policy Lynver Guest House, 30 Southside Road, Inverness, IV2 3BG Inverness is the capital of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. As such, it is easy to reach despite the remote nature of this part of the country.

    Lynver is situated very close to the city centre within easy reach of train and bus stations. At next set of traffic lights turn left and Lynver is at the second entrance on the left.

    Go right at the roundabout, progress through traffic lights on Old Perth Road Hospital on rightstraight through next mini roundabout onto Culcabock Road. Turn right onto Annfield Road signposted city centre and turn right at next set of traffic lights onto Southside Road. Lynver is at the second entrance on the left. Go right at the next roundabout Raigmore interchangepass the Thistle Hotel on your right and at next roundabout turn left.

    Proceed up Old Perth Road to next roundabout, go right onto Culcabock Road, pass the golf club, then continue as from North.

    Through set of traffic lights, up hill and take next left onto Old Edinburgh Road. From Aberdeen A96 Proceed into Inverness to large roundabout Raigmore interchangego straight through, pass the Thistle Hotel on your right and at next roundabout turn left onto Old Perth Road then follow directions from the North Inverness and the Highland area An ideal base from which to tour the splendours of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is situated on the stunning River Ness with its idyllic island walks accessed by several Victorian bridges.

    Inverness provides an excellent range of bars and restaurants to satisfy all tastes of the hungry and thirsty tourist. Historical interest Castles - CawdorBrodie and Dunrobin are all within easy driving distances of Inverness. Cawdor and Dunrobin, to this day, are still owned by descendants of the original families, whilst Brodie is owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

    Within 10 minutes drive of the city you can be walking on the eerie moor or visit the excellent visitor centre run by the National Trust for Scotland. Fort George - built after the battle of Culloden, this houses an excellent regimental museum of the Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders, although still in use as a regimental base.

    Clava Cairns - chambered cairns and standing stones dating from to BC situated next to Culloden battlefield. Whisky There are numerous world famous whisky distilleries nearby including The OrdTomatinGlenmorangie not forgetting those on the only Malt Whisky Trail in the world through beautiful Speyside which offers the splendours of Cardhu, Glenfiddich, the Glenlivet and the Macallan - a malt for all tastes!

    Malt Whisky tours are also available locally. Trips and Tours Enjoy a memorable boat trip through the Caledonian Canal and onto Loch Ness to take in the breathtaking scenery and get a chance to catch a glimpse of Nessiethe loch's own wee beastie!

    Alternatively seek out the local school of rare bottlenose dolphins on the equally beautiful Moray Firth with trips available from Inverness Harbour. There are several exciting tours available from Inverness throughout the summer covering a wide area of the Highlands.

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