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    ANIASI Admixture Dating Harappa Ancestry Project

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    ANIASI Admixture Dating Harappa Ancestry Project

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    The 'Conversos,' Secret Jews, the Pope and the Inquisition History of passion flower recounts a story of intrigue as agents, victims of empire may be linked to Church symbol By Michael E.

    ANIASI Admixture Dating Harappa Ancestry Project

    A Spanish historian in Peru claimed he had discovered the fruit of temptation in the true Garden of Eden. The noted adventurer John Muir, hungry in his thousand mile walk to Florida after the Civil War, refreshed himself with a wild lemon-sized fruit — calling it "the most delicious fruit" he had ever tasted. A Renaissance pope beheld the flower and marvelled. It's a story that has never been pieced together. It began when this unusual flower became a symbol of the passion of Christ.

    What a tale was spun! Lurking between the pages, however, are such secrets as may be born of the terror of death by fire at the hands of the Church. If we search under the radar, this strange inflorescence owns a little-known niche in Jewish history through association with conversos, the Jews forcibly converted to Christianity, and their descendents, during the Inquisition in Spain.

    With implausible irony, a physician-botanist suspected of Jewish origin and another descendent of conversos may have helped bring the flower to the notice of the world and the hands of the pope. The victims of the Inquisition may have become its unwitting agents. Take a bow here, amorous plants While no natural symbol is owned by any religion, or should be, the natural world comes to every generation with a thousand religious interpretations.

    Miraculous, evil and amorous plants have illuminated Western religion ever since the Garden of Eden story. In Christianity, more than flowers are infused with religious meaning. We offer a revolutionary interpretation here, based on a history that is little-plumbed, and on similarities that are striking. The story on this page is stabilized by the historical record.

    How are they linked to this flower? In this intoxicating to the bees plant known around the world for its beauty and commercial use, there lurks much more mystery than has been accounted for. Its sweet, savory pulpy seeds, resembling pomegranate, express their juice in a tart, sweet bouquet.

    The edible fruit ranges in size from a golfball to a football. In Israel the dictionary calls it Pri hashonit, or fruit of the clock, perhaps as its inflorescence resembles the face of a timepiece. These wild flowers luxuriate in subtropical latitudes, and some hardy species thrive further north. Native Americans grew the "maracock" for food in Virginia amid corn rows.

    Genetics and South Asia

    The Dutch knew it as "maracuia. We recently found our way to the annual conference of the Passiflora Society International at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida, where a few of the 50 participants only recently emerged from hacking through the jungles and scouting the mountains of South America seeking new species.

    We marveled over many new hybrids and gasped at their panoply of colors, their stunning beauty. Four hundred years ago, the Pope was also amazed. He is the prelate who held the flower in his hands four centuries ago. He is matched with red cape and matching red camauro, both lined in ermine.

    The Religious Twitter Byroyal gardeners in Europe were thrilled. These flowers were sprouting successfully in Spain, France and Italy.

    Hybridization became possible and in the next two centuries much was printed. His public relations effort for the new world, unfortunately, was not published until The metaphor for the passion The "coanenepilli" in native language was probably first depicted in a manuscript in the Aztec codex Libellus de Medicinalibus Indorum Herbis, though it has been argued in a scholarly journal that the flower was a dahlia.

    This drawing, impressionistic, appears not to be a vine, but a small bush, and spoke of medicinal use by the Aztecs. Enter a second Madonna Fast forward four centuries. A journalism professor notes an impossibility -- this flower sprouting from a carnation in the hand of the virgin in a Madonna painting ca.

    It is highly unlikely that Europeans would have seen the flower 73 years before the pope saw it. It is a credit to the power of this symbol. This was, perhaps, the only passiflora in a Madonna painting of the 16th Century. But symbols can begin to have a life of their own. Erase the Inquistion and the flower might have taken a different track. Enter a third Madonna There are other ways to see this flower, one most obvious. The purple fringes of several species resemble the threads and strings of the Jewish religious garments, the "tallis" and the "tzitzis.

    The Hebrews were told by Moses to wear a garment with fringes and a blue thread at four corners as a constant reminder of their faith and obligations.

    The Jewish mystics or Kabbalists pose 72 names for God. It noted that in the 17th Century, a churchman counted 72 frills on a passion flower. And the rabbis say, for every star in the skies there is a flower. And so an essay is written and placed on the Internet. Our third Madonna appears. Somehow, the words and pictures from my online essay end up on a Madonna site.

    There was no easy way to know who ran this Madonna website, but the first story was no longer like a virgin. The words and pictures appeared on the site, at least until a complaint was filed.

    ANIASI Admixture Dating Harappa Ancestry Project

    Madonna or whoever ran the site may have spoken more than she knew. With the imprimatur of the Church, state-sanctioned murder was the order of the day.

    ANIASI Admixture Dating Harappa Ancestry Project

    The new Christians, even when sincere, were often despised because of their "Jewish blood. The genus Passifloraceae was named for the Passion of Christ. This species is named Passiflora incarnata. Seeds with fleshy pulp boast a flavor the world enjoys. Pope Paul V was shown miraculous plants from the New World by clerics. Much of his original work is said to have been destroyed in a fire. This species grows in Chiapas in southern Mexico highlands. Fresco on Augustinian monastery in Malinalco, Mexico.

    Bottom left is described as a passion flower, painted by natives being taught Christian ways. Very likely a professing Jew, his body was exhumed and his bones were incinerated in an auto-da-fe in This year marked the alliance of Portugal and Spain. The Spanish attempt to erase every trace of Judaism came after years of Jewish contribution to science and philosophy, under both Christian and Islamic rulers.

    Routes within Spanish culture yet remained for conversos, some of whom became physicians to the ruling monarchs and prelates. Medicine had become a profession over centuries for the Jews. Some conversos were translators and negotiators. Others sailed with the conquistadores. Some even joined the Church, and moved into the hierarchy. Thousands of conversos remained in Spain, living on the edge. One of these may have been the capable botanist - physician Dr.

    He was graduate of the medical school at Alcala, 20 miles outside of Madrid, suspected as a haven of conversos.

    ON-LINE DATING - The Meat Market of Lust, Desire and Passion

    The physician-naturalist, who worked with artists who painted hundreds of New World plants, may have been the first botanist to sketch the passion flower, but his works were not printed in his lifetime, perhaps on suspicion that he had, after all, Jewish blood.

    As principal investigator for the king, he shipped 16 illustrated volumes of findings home in to his sovereign. These folios and paintings may have been the first to depict the flower to the Europeans. Some of his work faded, displayed by the king on the palace walls. Other work was lost in a disastrous fire at the Escorial inbut Hernandez had made a copy of the original manuscript, writes historian Varey.

    Drawings of the passion flower appeared in the edition of an herbal under his name, long after he had died. Could the drawing above be the first lifelike representation, ever, of the flower?

    The first expositor of the new world medicinal plants in Europe, Dr. Monardes never visited the New World, and relied on correspondents. In Mexico we witness a rare representation of the passion flower, four cornered, on a mural at the paradisiacal Augustine monastery at Malinalco, west of Mexico City.


    It is pictured above. They also borrowed each other's information in their writings. A conversation in history I would like to imagine the pair looking at this stylized, four cornered passion flower painted on the walls of the monastery.

    For his royal majesty and our sovereign Phillip, they are heresies. Let us not speak of this any more. Every Talmud student knows that one is forbidden to let one's eye stray upon a beautiful tree during lessons.

    The Jews are no stranger to artistic representation, but far less likely to portray it as a symbol of God. They do not worship at the burning bush. Nowhere else have I yet found as intriguing a mystery as the passion flower, its origin, and its representation in religion and art.
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