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    How To Download Videos?

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    Trippie Redd Feat. Travis Scott "Dark Knight Dummo" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)

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    Etymology[ edit ] When the pioneer community living near the US Army outpost of Fort Brooke was incorporated init was called "Tampa Town", and the name was shortened to simply "Tampa" in The etymology of the name is unclear. The word "Tampa" may have meant "sticks of fire" in the language of the Calusaa Native American tribe that once lived south of today's Tampa Bay.

    This might be a reference to the many lightning strikes that the area receives during the summer months. Other historians claim the name means "the place to gather sticks". Stewart writes that the name was the result of a miscommunication between the Spanish and the Indians, the Indian word being "itimpi", meaning simply "near it". He spelled it "Tanpa" and describes it as an important Calusa town on the west coast. While "Tanpa" may be the basis for the modern name, archaeologist Jerald Milanich states that the Calusa village of Tanpa was on the shores of Charlotte Harborwhich is about 65 miles south of Tampa Bay.

    A later Spanish expedition did not notice the mouth of Charlotte Harbor while sailing north along the west coast of Florida and assumed that the current Tampa Bay was the bay they sought, thus accidentally transferring the name on Spanish navigational charts. Local authorities consulted by Michael Kruse of the Tampa Bay Times suggest that "Tampan" was historically more common, while "Tampanian" became popular when the former term came to be seen as a potential insult.

    Tocobaga and Pohoy Extent of Tocobaga and related cultures The shores of Tampa Bay have been inhabited for thousands of years. A variant of the Weeden Island culture developed in the area by about years ago, with archeological evidence suggesting that these residents relied on the sea for most of their resources, as a vast majority of inhabited sites have been found on or near the shoreline and there is little evidence of farming. At the time of European contact in the early 16th century, the Safety Harbor culture dominated the area, with indigenous peoples organized into three or four chiefdoms around the shores of the bay.

    Early Spanish explorers to visit the area interacted extensively and violently with the Tocobagawhose principal town was located at the northern end of Old Tampa Bay near today's Safety Harbor in Pinellas County. While there is a substantial historical record of the Tocobaga and the Calusawho lived far to the souththere is less surviving documentation describing the Pohoy chiefdom, which controlled the area near the mouth of the Hillsborough River near today's downtown Tampa.

    However, brief mentions by explorers along with surviving artifacts suggest that the Pohoy and other groups that once lived on Tampa Bay had very similar cultures and lifestyles as the better-documented Tocobaga.

    There is no natural gold or silver in Florida, and the native inhabitants repulsed Spanish attempts to establish a permanent settlement or convert them to Catholicism.

    Fighting resulted in a few deaths, but the many more deaths were caused by infectious diseases brought from Europe, which devastated the population of Native Americans across Florida and the entire Western Hemisphere. The indigenous cultures of the Tampa Bay area had collapsed by aroundleaving the west coast of Spanish Florida largely depopulated and ignored for more than years.

    Cuban and Native American fishermen who established small seasonal camps called "ranchos" on the shores of Tampa Bay. The sparse civilian population practically abandoned the area during the Second Seminole War from toafter which the Seminoles were forced out and many settlers returned.

    On January 18,Tampa was officially incorporated as the "Village of Tampa". It was home to civilians, or total residents including military personnel, in Martial law was declared in Tampa in Januaryand Tampa's city government ceased to operate for the duration of the war.

    The Union gunboat opened fire on Tampa and a Confederate battery returned fire in the Battle of Tampa. In Mayfederal troops arrived in Tampa to occupy the fort and the town as part of Reconstruction.

    They remained until August Tampa was a fishing village with very few people and little industry, and limited prospects for development. Tampa's chronic yellow fever epidemics, borne by mosquitoes from the swampland, were widespread during the late s and s, and many residents left. Fort Brooke was decommissioned inand except for two cannons displayed on the University of Tampa campus, all traces of the fort are gone.

    ESPY Awards, TV Schedule, Nominees & Winners

    First, phosphate was discovered in the Bone Valley region southeast of Tampa in The mineral, vital for the production of fertilizers and other products, was soon being shipped out from the Port of Tampa in great volume. Tampa is still a major phosphate exporter. The discovery of phosphate, the arrival of Plant's railroad, and the founding of Ybor City and West Tampa—all in the mids—were crucial to Tampa's development.

    The once-struggling village of Tampa became a bustling boomtown almost overnight, and had grown into one of the largest cities in Florida by Plant 's narrow-gauge South Florida Railroad reached Tampa and its port in latefinally connecting the small town to the nation's railroad system after years of efforts by local leaders.

    Previously, Tampa's overland transportation links had consisted of sandy roads stretching across the Florida countryside.

    Plant's railroad made it much easier to get goods in and out of the Tampa Bay area. Phosphate and commercial fishing exports could be sent north by rail, [42] and many new products were brought into the Tampa market, along with the first tourists. Ybor's first cigar factory c.
    Inthe Copps Coliseum was built to try to make that happen.

    The potential of adding additional franchises in Canada had been an ongoing source of controversy for the NHL in recent years as numerous groups proposed expanding the league into a new Canadian city, or purchasing a struggling American franchise and relocating it north; to a certain extent, these issues continue even after the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg, becoming the country's seventh active team.

    Quebec City and the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario are most frequently proposed as locations for new Canadian teams, as was Winnipeg prior to the announced relocation of the Thrashers.

    Background[ edit ] History of Canadian franchises —present [ edit ] Throughout the history of the NHL, attempts to bring franchises to Canadian cities have caused points of contention. Among them, the league's existing Canadian teams, especially the Montreal Canadienshistorically have raised concerns about further dividing the NHL's Canadian television revenue. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson stated that "the NHL decision to expand only in the U. The financial fortunes of Canada's teams rebounded following the lockout: Canada's six franchises represented one-third of NHL revenues in —07primarily due to the surging value of the Canadian dollar.

    This was the first franchise relocation since and the first franchise to locate in Canada since the Ottawa Senators entered the league in Current views on Canadian expansion[ edit ] Former National Hockey League Players Association executive director Paul Kelly has repeatedly argued in favor of bringing a new team to Canada.

    If you put another team up there, be it in Nova Scotia or Hamilton, it would be more of the same. He determined that among current NHL media markets, the average Canadian market had considerably more hockey fans than the typical U. Silver also believed Vancouver could support a second franchise, although he thought that some of the Vancouver-area hockey market could be drawn by a Seattle-based team. The first, the Quebec Bulldogslasted from toafter which they moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

    The second, the Quebec Nordiquescalled Quebec City their home from to in the World Hockey Associationand from then on to as a National Hockey League team, at which point they moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche. According to the Television Bureau of Canada, a prospective Quebec City team would now be in the league's second-smallest market, ahead of only Winnipeg. In Septemberthen-Quebec premier Jean Charest a member of the rival Liberal Party and whose government had invested in the new arena claimed that the political aspect might hinder Quebec City's chances of getting the Nordiques back, saying that Bettman might be less likely to allow a team to move if sovereignists were in power.

    Bergeron called it "an obvious lack of respect and I find it disgusting," and claimed that Bettman is averse to moving teams out of the United States. Bettman is a businessman. The Quebec sovereignty project will not bother him. Commissioner Bettman also said that expansion requires a three-quarters affirmative vote from the Board of Governors, but the members of the executive committee would first have to make a recommendation to the group.

    Hamilton[ edit ] Hamilton mayor Jack MacDonald attempted to lure the Colorado Rockies to Hamilton inan effort that ended when he lost his re-election bid. Hamilton was also a candidate for expansion inbeing one of the favorites, but it lost out to the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning. Balsillie's purchase agreement offered to help finance a new arena, but also contained a stated intention to relocate the team to Hamilton or Kitchener - Waterloo if no deal on a new arena could be reached.

    Reprints ›

    Immediately afterwards, an offer by Balsillie to purchase the team was made public. Gaglardi later purchased the Dallas Stars and kept the team in Dallas.

    The bid was rejected in favor of an offer from Terry Pegulawho planned to keep the team in Buffalo. Unlike other potential expansion markets, a new arena would need to be constructed, and most of the proposals for a new Toronto area team include a new arena along with them. Despite the talks, Daly reportedly stated the NHL is "not currently considering expansion nor do we have any intention or desire to relocate an existing franchise.

    The arena would be situated in Downsview Park in the north of the city. Twenty-five percent of net profits would be given to charity. Louis market vetoed the sale. Faced with the prospects of either having to allow the sale or contract the franchise, the league found an owner Harry Ornest willing to keep the team in Missouri and, in an eleventh-hour deal, preserved the Blues in St.

    Louis, where they remain. A proposal from Ice Edge Holdings to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes would have moved a portion of the team's home games to Saskatoon in an effort to maintain the team's viability in its main home in Phoenix, similar to the former Bills Toronto Series arrangement in the National Football League ; the group, had it bought the team, was ready to go forward and had leased Saskatoon's SaskTel Centre for five home games in the —10 season.

    On Ice Management, an ownership group backed by auto racer, former Moncton Wildcats owner, and former professional hockey player John Grahamis backing a long-shot bid to bring the NHL to Saskatoon. During the s, Cleveland was home to the Cleveland Barons the former Oakland Sealswhich failed to draw fans or revenue, and was merged with the Minnesota North Stars now the Dallas Stars after two seasons; prior to the Barons, Cleveland hosted a WHA franchise, the Crusaders from to The Atlanta Flames joined the NHL in and played in the city for eight years before being moved to Calgary in and becoming the Calgary Flames.

    The San Diego Mariners of the WHA existed from to ; while the Mariners made the playoffs in all three seasons of their existence, the team was not successful at the box office. Cleveland, which had a failed franchise for only two seasons, is unlikely to receive a team due to its close proximity to the existing NHL franchise in Columbussouthwest of Cleveland via Interstate Similarly, Orlando would be unlikely to receive a franchise due to its close proximity to Tampa and its franchise via Interstate 4.

    Atlanta's Philips Arena was formerly capable of hosting NHL games; the arena has not been used for hockey since the Thrashers' relocation in and had undergone renovations in order to optimize its sightlines for basketball, leaving the arena less than suitable for the NHL.

    Baltimore, which was a "backup" option had one of the Expansion Six not been able to launch in[81] is unlikely to get a team due to its close proximity to the Washington Capitals who play preseason games in Baltimore annually and Philadelphia Flyers ; the main arena in Baltimore, Royal Farms Arenais both undersized and outdated as of The Metropolitans were the first American winners of the Stanley Cupbut folded inwhile the Seattle Totems played in the borderline-major Western Hockey League from until the WHL's dissolution in As ofthe Puget Sound region's highest level of hockey is the Canadian major juniors: Additionally, Silver's study concluded that Seattle had the largest number of avid hockey fans of any U.

    Seattle's never came to fruition because of the Western League's instability according to season ticket promotions, the team would have kept the WHL name of Totems. A Seattle group made a bid on an expansion franchise inbut it failed over the financial terms the NHL demanded. The SuperSonics basketball team managed the arena and would not offer a share of suite revenues considered necessary for the NHL team's success.

    The changes were tailored to its major tenant, the now-relocated Seattle SuperSonics. The scoreboard was significantly off-center in the arena's hockey configuration, and so many lower-bowl seats were obstructed that half the lower bowl had to be curtained off for hockey.

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    This was a major factor in the Thunderbirds leaving for their own building in Kent in SB Nation columnist Travis Hughes argued in that for these reasons, KeyArena would be "just unacceptable" even as a temporary facility. The configuration of the proposed arena would be able to accommodate hockey, unlike KeyArena. The arena would be built as a public-private partnership between the City of Seattle and Hansen's group.

    The project would not proceed without the confirmed purchase of a professional team as the arena's tenant. Levin also expressed his interest to Bettman. The arena would sit adjacent to the Tukwila Sounder commuter rail station. Renovations for the arena are proposed to begin in and be fully completed in Oak View reported that their initial goal of 10, deposits was surpassed in 12 minutes, [] and that they received 25, deposits in 75 minutes. On June 18,Dave Tippett was named as a senior advisor.

    Greater Houston is the largest market in terms of both city proper and metro populationin the US or Canada without an NHL franchise; sinceHouston is also now the largest metropolitan area without a complete set of teams in the major professional sports leagues.

    Another team also named the Aeros, of the American Hockey League AHLplayed at The Summit renamed the Compaq Center in and converted to a megachurch after the Aeros' departureand moved to the Toyota Center in ; the Aeros were unable to negotiate a lease extension, leading to the team's departure from Houston in The Rockets have twice explored the purchase of an NHL team for the building, with the closest being then-owner Les Alexander 's attempt to purchase the Edmonton Oilers in [] which was thwarted when a local ownership group came together and matched his offer.

    Fertitta has stated his intentions of possibly finding a tenant that could help fill the building throughout the year, including the mention of the NHL. The team averaged only 8, in attendance per game in the 17,seat arena, leading to the team's sale and relocation to Denver to become the Colorado Rockies. Inwhen the Pittsburgh Penguins faced financial troubles and no prospect of a new arena, the president of AEG offered to relocate the team to Missouri to play in the new Sprint Center rent-free and to become managing partners in the facility.

    Kansas City sports investor Lamar Hunt Jr. The team has been unprofitable since its relocation from Winnipeg to the Phoenix metropolitan area in and went bankrupt in The league actively resisted selling the team to interests that would have relocated the team out of Arizona, and made numerous efforts to sell the team to owners that had intended to keep it in the state. The league convinced the eventual owners of the Winnipeg Jets to buy the Atlanta Thrashers instead of returning the Coyotes to their original home in Winnipeg.

    None of the numerous prospective owners the league had hoped would buy the team, and keep it in Arizona, followed through on their sale until when IceArizona a group led by George Gosbee purchased the team. The Coyotes intended to fight the revocation in court.

    Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way

    David Molsonthen-owner of the Montreal Canadiensstated that he looked forward to a "world playoff" for the Stanley Cup. When it does, the World Tournament as we know it will just disappear The game will continue to expand.
    Wilkinsons Genealogy This page is intended to be your first step in tracing Wilkinson genealogy.

    The resources available include a database of user-submitted family trees, Wilkinson-related documents, pointers to Wilkinson-related on-line resources, and an interactive bulletin board. Please contact the website if you have anything to share with the Wilkinson community. Users can submit links to their pages or files of their Wilkinson-related genealogy to be added to the database at any time, free of charge.

    There is a section on this page for books and documents relating to Wilkinson genealogy. If you have a related book or document for sale, available for lookups, or ready for submission to the site, please feel free to contact the site and a reference will be added.

    In the family history section is information on the general history of the Wilkinson family, gathered from a variety of sources. There are also links to genealogy pages on the web that contain references to Wilkinsons. I try to keep these links up to date, but it's easy to overlook a few new or obsolete links. Please let me know of any omissions or errors. This site occasionally receives questions about software to use for family research.

    A list of the programs used as well as links to some competing software titles is listed here. Finally, there is a bulletin board for posting of requests for information from other Wilkinson researchers.

    This bulletin board system was installed in March, All posts prior to that time are located at the Requests Archive. Adding a request is free and easy. Please limit your requests to Wilkinsons.

    Unrelated to this site, there is a Wilkinsons Genealogy list server, run by George W. Durman, that allows Wilkinson researchers to broadcast genealogy messages to other researchers. The list server is not associated with the Wilkinsons on the Web site, but they are very complimentary. In general, the best way to find those missing links using the Wilkinsons on the Web site is: Submit a brief synopsis of who you are looking for to the requests forum. It's easy to do, just follow the instructions.

    Search the requests forum to see if another researcher has posted a familiar line.

    Navigation menu

    Search the Wilkinson Genealogical Database for familiar names and contact the associated researcher. Submit as many details of your entire family tree as you would like to have published to the Wilkinsons Genealogical database for other researchers to search.

    It's free and easy. Please write to scottw at wilkinsons dot com for details. Spend some time browsing the sites listed below. Good luck on your search! To aid in navigation about the page, the following "quick jump" links are provided here and in other locations. Please allow the page to fully load before clicking to ensure proper operation. The Wilkinson Genealogical Database The Wilkinson genealogical database is comprised of data collected and combined with the data sent to the site by other researchers.

    Note that some names may be duplicated if more than one researcher has submitted the same information. For information on a specific person, please send mail to the researcher listed if there is one for the person in whom you are interested.

    As of January, - due to regular complaints and the occasional threat of a lawsuit - all individuals in the database who are determined to be living are blanked out. Only their names remain. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't afford to pay legal costs.
    Situated on the Black Sea coast, Sochi is the country's biggest and most popular summer sea resort and one of the fastest growing winter resorts as well.

    Its beautiful endless beaches, unique nature and warm healing climate will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family! The climate of the mountainous part of Sochi allows for a full ski season in winter, which makes Sochi one of the world's most attractive all-year round resorts. Start your adventure today by contacting us. You will be greeted at the airport by our professional guide and transferred to the hotel in Krasnaya Polyana.

    In the afternoon Visit of Sky Park Sochi. Catch the incredible feeling while an unforgettable walk along the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. During this sightseeing tour you will see the most popular places of the famous Russian resort: You are sure to admire the palatial building of the Winter Theater erected in being a masterpiece of architecture as it looks like ancient Greek-Roman temple.

    The excursion includes the visit to the heart of the resort — Matsesta Spa Complex renowned for its curative mineral springs. Due to its unique balneological factor Sochi has become a resort of the worldwide significance. You will also visit Stalin's summer residence, which is a "time-travel" into dictator's epoch wherein everything and especially the atmosphere is still preserved like during his lifetime. While touring the residence you may order a cup of tea or coffee and relax at the favorite Stalin's open terrace.

    Visit to Park Arboretum, which features more than species of plants brought from different climatic zones of the world from each continent. At any time of the year one can admire the blossoming flowers and vegetation. Among other sites of this tour is a stop at Akhun Mount from which you can admire Sochi from the height of a bird's flight.

    At the end of the busy day, enjoy overnight at the hotel in the very center of Sochi. This is where 5 ice palaces and a new stadium for holding the world football championship are to be found. Cutting-edge technologies have been used to create the venues for figure skating, curling and ice-hockey. A new Grand-prix track is also located in Olympic park. DAY 5 Bid farewell to this beautiful sunny city as we transfer you to the airport after your exciting journey.

    Please contact us at DAYS Get set for a fascinating visit to that part of the former Soviet Union called Russia. The Aeroflot or American flag carrier jet makes the night a short one, and soon you are landing not far from the Arctic Circle, in a city which was first called St. Petersburg, then Leningrad, and St. The city of the czars! Meet your passports-appointed Intourist representative and continue to your centrally-located hotel, settle in and then set out to explore the city with your escort.

    On the other side of the Neva River, you will see the University, Menchikov Palace, the Fortresss of Peter and Paul, the Cabin of Peter the Great dating back towhen the Czar was building his dream cityand the heavy cruiser Aurora, whose guns rang out loudest induring the "first" Russian revolution. You'll see the heavy cruiser Aurora, whose guns rang out loudest induring the "first" Russian revolution.

    Petersburg, will accompany your group. During the Soviet era, the cathedral was deconsecrated and its housed the Museum of Religion and Atheism. It is once again an active Orthodox Cathedral, with "Atheism" removed from the name of the museum's collections it still holds. Later, the fortress became the city's garrison and political prison, which housed famous inmates including Dostoyevsky, Gorkiy, Trotsky, Lenin's older brother Alexander and even Peter the Great's own rebellious son, Alexei.

    Isaac's Cathedral, whose gilded dome dominates St. Once the largest church in all of Russia, St. Isaac's is big enough to accommodate 14, standing worshippers. The Cathedral was converted into a museum in the 's. Visitors can admire exquisite exterior facades and inspirational sculptures, icons and paintings.

    Entrance is included to the observation point at the base of the dome, known as the Colonnade, for a spectacular view of the city. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Overnight: Its construction, begun inextended for decades. Lavishly decorated and fastidiously maintained since the days of Catherine the Great, these large, gold-leafed rooms contain works of art of inestimable value.

    Much of this art is European, imported by an admiring Russian aristocracy. Petersburg which grew around one of the most extravagant palaces in Russia. The last of the imperial summer palaces to be built in the late 18th century, it includes a Neoclassical dome supported by 64 columns, a Throne Room, Knights Hall and Greek Hall, all decorated with paintings, bas-reliefs, gilt, marble and Gobelin tapestries.

    It now bears the name of the poet Pushkin, who studied in this city from to Inside, the lavish interior includes the "Golden Enfilade," a series of palatial rooms starting with the Great Hall also called Light Gallery because of its large windows on either sideand the famous Amber Room added by Catherine the Great in It took skilled craftsmen twelve years and several tons of amber to create this room's original amber panels frompieces of amber, carved then perfectly fitted together along with semiprecious gems and mirrors.

    Dismantled by the Nazis during World War II, the amber panels were shipped to Germany, and their location remains a mystery to this day. The value of this "lost treasure" was estimated at million dollars in The restoration of the Amber Room to its original condition was completed in Railway trains are different in Russia. To begin with, the railway tracks are farther apart than in Western countries, and the railway coaches are thus wider and more spacious, with purple curtains and oriental rugs on the inside, occasional silver samovar, and crisp white sheets on the sleeping berths.

    One of these is reserved in your name. Then motor up to the Vorobiev Hills Sparrow Hills, formerly called Lenin Hillsthe site of Moscow State University, from which you'll enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

    Basil's Cathedral, the universally recognized symbol of Moscow, get a close-up view of its extraordinary ensemble of multicolored and seemingly random steeples, pinnacles and onion-domed towers.

    Yet, the cathedral is designed according to a classic Greek cross pattern, with chapels arranged around the main sanctuary, all with superb interior decoration. Originally white with golden domes when it was built in the s, St. Basil's was later painted with a riot of colors that accentuate the unique characteristics of the towers, arranged to symbolize the flames of a bonfire.

    You will see the Novodevichy Convent, also known as the Smolensky Monastery. Stations were decorated by the best artists of the time, with materials brought in from different regions of the Soviet Federation.

    The Moscow Metro now counts stations and you will visit the most beautiful, which are decorated with marble, granite, onyx, paintings, mosaics or majolica tiles.

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    Breakfast on route, Lunch, Dinner Overnight: You'll also see three of the most important cathedrals in all of Russia: Michael the Archangel, where the Czars were buried.

    For the last years, this city has been the most important pilgrimage center in Russia. And, oddly enough, it has also developed a reputation as a toy-making center. The first wooden dolls, known as matryoshka, were made in this town, and production continues to this day. Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, which you will visit.

    This outstanding architectural ensemble serves as the residence of the Russian Patriarch and as the administrative center of the Russian Orthodox Church. Founded in by Sergiy of Radonezh who became Russia's patron saintthe monastery is once again open for worship and its school of theology again attracts many students.

    Look for the banyas, Russia's popular version of the sauna. Breakfest, Lunch, Dinner Overnight: Its wealth of monuments, towers, domes, churches and monasteries illustrate the development of Russian architecture from the 12th to the 19th centuries. This monumental building with five domes was begun in the 11th century. Gleb, built on order of Prince Dolgorukiy. One of the oldest churches in this region of ancient monuments, it its dedicated to the princes Boris and Gleb, children of Vladimir the Great, who were the first Russian Orthodox saints to be canonized after they were murdered in This is perhaps the most famous monument in the Vladimir region, due to the elegance of its architecture, its location on a meadow overlooking the River Nerl and its connection to the Byzantine icon revered as The Virgin of Vladimir now in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

    Start at Golden Gates, the city gates built infrom which you can see the two cathedrals built during the same period. The time has come to say good-bye to Russia. Memories of a strong and courageous people will animate your reports to friends and family. Petersburg The most popular private tour to Russia takes you to the heart of it all, to the mighty walls of the Kremlin, to the priceless art of the Hermitage and the lavish palaces of St.

    Led by the best guides in the country, these private tours will introduce you to a world of majestic history and culture. If you fly from Europe your Day 1 will start on Day 2 of this program.

    DAY 2 Arrival in Moscow. You will be met at the airport and transported to your hotel. Remainder of the day is at leisure for relaxation. DAY 3 After breakfast, you will be escorted on an in-depth tour of this fascinating Russian capital. Experience a deep sense of history as you trace the footsteps of the legions of princes, paupers and poets who have passed through this ancient city.

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    Visit to Novodevichy convent. Originally built as a fortress, it also functioned as a convent for women of the royal family and prison for Princess Sophia, sister of Peter the Great, after she made three attempts on his life to deprive him of the throne. The convent itself is a unique example of 16th— and 17th-century architecture. Lunch you will have on your own. The afternoon's tour takes you to the heart of the city — the Kremlin. This former Moscow citadel — "Kremlin" means "fortress" — houses exquisite palaces, presidential buildings, lovely churches and scores of major historical monuments.

    Your tour of the Kremlin will also include a visit to the fascinating State Armory, the oldest museum in Russia. As its name implies, it contains many ancient weapons and armor, as well as a treasure-trove of gorgeous crown jewels, gold-encrusted icons, bejeweled royal scepters and exquisitely carved thrones. All these lovely treasures eloquently tell the history of Imperial Russia.

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