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    NDT technicians and engineers define and implement tests that locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might otherwise cause planes to crash, reactors to fail, trains to derail, pipelines to burst, and a variety of less visible, but equally troubling events. These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material.

    In other words, NDT allows parts and material to be inspected and measured without damaging them. Because it allows inspection without interfering with a product's final use, NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, NDT applies to industrial inspections. The technologies that are used in NDT are similar to those used in the medical industry, but nonliving objects are the subjects of the inspections.

    However, technically, NDE is used to describe measurements that are more quantitative in nature. For example, an NDE method would not only locate a defect, but it would also be used to measure something about that defect such as its size, shape, and orientation. NDE may be used to determine material properties, such as fracture toughness, formability, and other physical characteristics.

    Many people are already familiar with some of the technologies that are used in NDT and NDE from their uses in the medical industry.

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    Most people have also had an X-ray taken and many mothers have had ultrasound used by doctors to give their baby a checkup while still in the womb. The number of inspection methods seems to grow daily, but a quick summary of the most commonly used methods is provided below.

    Top 5 Best free online dating chat canada

    Visual examiners follow procedures that range from simply looking at a part to see if surface imperfections are visible, to using computer controlled camera systems to automatically recognize and measure features of a component. Radiography RT RT involves using penetrating gamma- or X-radiation on materials and products to look for defects or examine internal or hidden features. An X-ray generator or radioactive isotope is used as the source of radiation.

    Radiation is directed through a part and onto film or other detector.

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    The resulting shadowgraph shows the internal features and soundness of the part. Material thickness and density changes are indicated as lighter or darker areas on the film or detector. The darker areas in the radiograph below represent internal voids in the component.

    Magnetic Particle Testing MT This NDT method is accomplished by inducing a magnetic field in a ferromagnetic material and then dusting the surface with iron particles either dry or suspended in liquid.

    Dating site for Expats in Germany

    Surface and near-surface flaws disrupt the flow of the magnetic field within the part and force some of the field to leak out at the surface. Iron particles are attracted and concentrated at sites of the magnetic flux leakages. This produces a visible indication of defect on the surface of the material. The images above demonstrate a component before and after inspection using dry magnetic particles. Ultrasonic Testing UT In ultrasonic testing, high-frequency sound waves are transmitted into a material to detect imperfections or to locate changes in material properties.

    The most commonly used ultrasonic testing technique is pulse echo, whereby sound is introduced into a test object and reflections echoes from internal imperfections or the part's geometrical surfaces are returned to a receiver.

    Below is an example of shear wave weld inspection. Notice the indication extending to the upper limits of the screen. This indication is produced by sound reflected from a defect within the weld. Penetrant Testing PT With this testing method, the test object is coated with a solution that contains a visible or fluorescent dye. Excess solution is then removed from the surface of the object but is left in surface breaking defects.

    A developer is then applied to draw the penetrant out of the defects. With fluorescent dyes, ultraviolet light is used to make the bleedout fluoresce brightly, thus allowing imperfections to be readily seen. With visible dyes, a vivid color contrast between the penetrant and developer makes the bleedout easy to see. The red indications in the image represent a defect in this component.

    Electromagnetic Testing ET There are a number of electromagnetic testing methods but the focus here will be on eddy current testing. In eddy current testing, electrical currents eddy currents are generated in a conductive material by a changing magnetic field.

    The strength of these eddy currents can be measured. Material defects cause interruptions in the flow of the eddy currents which alert the inspector to the presence of a defect or other change in the material. Eddy currents are also affected by the electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability of a material, which makes it possible to sort some materials based on these properties. The technician in the image is inspecting an aircraft wing for defects. Leak Testing LT Several techniques are used to detect and locate leaks in pressure containment parts, pressure vessels, and structures.

    free dating sites canada

    Leaks can be detected by using electronic listening devices, pressure gauge measurements, liquid and gas penetrant techniques, or simple soap-bubble tests. Acoustic Emission Testing AE When a solid material is stressed, imperfections within the material emit short bursts of acoustic energy called "emissions.

    Emission sources can be evaluated through the study of their intensity and arrival time to collect information such as their location about the sources of the energy.
    Sarah Bush 05 Mar Christine Benz: Hi, I'm Christine Benz for Morningstar. Warren Buffett famously said that his ideal holding period is forever. Those are good words for mutual fund investors to live by, too.

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    Buying and holding investments for a very long time helps keep trading costs to a minimum. It will also help limit the drag of taxes on your taxable account. Trading infrequently also lessens the amount of time that you'll have to spend on your portfolio. Index tracking funds, whether traditional index funds or ETFs, are the ideal set it and forget it options.

    You won't have to worry about portfolio managers coming and going or the fund strategy changing. One index fund can cover the whole U. The fact that it owns nearly every stock in the U.

    A big advantage of a broadly diversified portfolio that's market-cap-weighted is that it's very efficient to run.

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    The stock weightings are set by their prices, so they adjust automatically as the market ebbs and flows. Because this fund is always fully invested, that means that there is some downside risk.

    It will feel the full force of the bear market, but it also means that it won't miss a rally. For instance, during the bear market in October through Marchit lost more than the average fund in the U.

    All said, this fund earns a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold and is a cheap, efficient, and quick way to own the entire U. Bond investors can also reasonably buy a broad bond market index fund and call it a day, though funds that are focused on the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index do have a big emphasis on government bonds.

    Actively managed bond funds with sensible strategies and stable management situations can work well as hold-forever funds, too. The funds stands out for a number of strengths. First of all, it has a stable and experienced management team. Because there's a team-based approach here, it makes manager turnover less likely, and when it does happen it's less problematic.

    Do you visit Dating Sites to find a for Women Only

    Investors don't have to rethink their choices. Parent here is an exemplary one; managers invest along side shareholders, which is wonderful. The team takes a long-term, value-based approach, tends to favor corporate bonds, and they are willing to take risks, sometimes investing in controversial or downtrodden parts of the market when they think investors are getting paid.

    That said, they'll also take risk off the table when they think the valuations are not compelling, which is something we really like about them. The fund has great long-term returns, can take a little bit of patience through riskier credit markets, but overall investors have been served very well here.

    Low expenses just sweeten the pot. All-in-one funds that bundle together stocks and bonds can be ideal options for hands-off investors with long holding periods. The key to selecting such a fund is ensuring that the firm running it is skillful at managing both stock and bond investments. Vanguard Wellington is a balanced fund whose origins predate the Great Depression. It's got a large cap-oriented portfolio rooted in dividend paying stocks.

    It's been a very effective fund for the long term. Named for the Duke of Wellington who minimized his own losses in warfare and overcame numerically superior foes, the fund has had a similar approach throughout its long life and has rewarded investors.

    It's one to keep for the long term.
    Point Roberts, a tiny unincorporated American community of 1, can only be reached through crossing Canada or water. Meg Olson Since the mainland Tsawwassen Peninsula dips south just below the 49th parallel, which sets the international border, Point Roberts exists - complete with border guards and checkpoints on one side, and water on all others.

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    The natural beauty and small town safety mixed with the big city vibe of nearby Vancouver, B. Meg Olson Some children want to be ballerinas when they grow up, others doctors or lawyers. But when Sheila Monty's daughter was 5, she said she wanted to be a border guard. Welcome to Point Roberts, Wash. With that distinction, residents say, comes the inconvenience of border regulations; but the benefits include natural beauty and a safe environment that mixes small town American life with the flavor of a big Canadian city.

    Things like a visit to the dentist also mean crossing the border twice. If the local supermarket is out of oranges or beef, you just have to do without them. Border agricultural regulations for those products are strict. She has been living there for 14 years. The enclave's fate was sealed in the mids when a treaty set the U. Since the Tsawwassen Peninsula on mainland Canada dips south just below the 49th parallel, Point Roberts is in American territory, complete with border guards and checkpoints on the one side that's not surrounded by water.

    The five-mile-square area has about 1, residents, with the population increasing during the summer as tourists from Canada crowd the area, which is known for its natural beauty. The duality of the place is in evidence everywhere. The town's bars, restaurants and grocery stores accept Canadian currency as the norm. The drinking water and power supply come from Canada too, and that has been a point of contention lately as Canada has refused to increase the amount of water it lets in, stifling growth in Point Roberts, which now sports a full-size golf course next to the border.

    Many of the Americans have Canadian roots. Monty and her daughters were born in Canada but are American citizens. Not all of Point Roberts' families have dual nationalities, but many do. That makes it a perfect place for Meg Olson, an American who fell in love with a Canadian man while she was studying in Vancouver.

    She first moved to Point Roberts to be close to Vancouver. Then she fell in love with the place. In fact, Point Roberts is a rural, sparsely populated haven right next to a well-developed Vancouver suburb, Tsawwassen. So once you leave behind Canadian suburbia with its manicured lawns and backyard pools and cross the border booth and continue driving on Tyee Drive, the closest thing Point Roberts has to a main street, you hit a line of western red cedars and hemlock trees running from one coast to the next.

    There are five to be precise, mostly there to serve Canadian drivers who make the journey south for cheaper gasoline. The rural feeling is even in the surface of the streets. They are not covered with asphalt, but a concoction of gravel and tar.

    And that's only if you keep to the mile-per-hour speed limit. Most Point Roberts residents make full use of the NEXUS program, an American-Canadian initiative that allows people who cross the border frequently to do so more quickly.

    A special card is used at the border once the resident passes a background check and maintains a clean record of obedience to regulations. It might have something to do with the fact that anyone with a felony conviction is essentially banned from the Point, because of regulations about crossing the border. Or it could just be the sense of security a small town offers.

    The border checkpoint is the only viable way in or out of the community.

    Do you visit Dating Sites to find a for Women Only

    Point Roberts is sometimes referred to as an American exclave, a small piece of territory that is separated from the mother country and entirely surrounded by the territory of another state. But many residents don't agree with the definition. Seen from Canadian eyes it would be an enclave. Tara Nelson, who writes for the newspaper at the closest mainland town, Blaine, Wash.

    Her way of describing the place: It's like an island but instead of water on all sides, one side is bordered by the 49th parallel with armed American guards and vehicle X-ray machines.

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