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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Obtain the girdle of HippolytaQueen of the Amazons. Obtain the cattle of the monster Geryon.

    Steal the apples of the Hesperides he had the help of Atlas to pick them after Hercules had slain Ladon. Capture and bring back Cerberus. Further adventures After completing these tasks, Heracles joined the Argonauts in a search for the Golden Fleece. He also fell in love with Princess Iole of Oechalia. King Eurytus of Oechalia promised his daughter, Ioleto whoever could beat his sons in an archery contest.

    Heracles won but Eurytus abandoned his promise. Heracles' advances were spurned by the king and his sons, except for one: Heracles killed the king and his sons—excluding Iphitus —and abducted Iole.

    Iphitus became Heracles' best friend. However, once again, Hera drove Heracles mad and he threw Iphitus over the city wall to his death. Once again, Heracles purified himself through three years of servitude—this time to Queen Omphale of Lydia. Omphale Omphale was a queen or princess of Lydia. As penalty for a murder, imposed by Xenocleathe Delphic OracleHeracles was to serve as her slave for a year.

    He was forced to do women's work and to wear women's clothes, while she wore the skin of the Nemean Lion and carried his olive-wood club.

    After some time, Omphale freed Heracles and married him. Some sources mention a son born to them who is variously named. It was at that time that the cercopesmischievous wood spirits, stole Heracles' weapons. He punished them by tying them to a stick with their faces pointing downward.

    Hylas While walking through the wilderness, Heracles was set upon by the Dryopes. In Apollonius of Rhodes ' Argonautica it is recalled that Heracles had mercilessly slain their king, Theiodamasover one of the latter's bulls, and made war upon the Dryopes "because they gave no heed to justice in their lives". He took the youth on as his weapons bearer and beloved. Years later, Heracles and Hylas joined the crew of the Argo. As Argonauts, they only participated in part of the journey.

    In MysiaHylas was kidnapped by the nymphs of a local spring. Heracles, heartbroken, searched for a long time but Hylas had fallen in love with the nymphs and never showed up again. In other versions, he simply drowned. Either way, the Argo set sail without them. Rescue of Prometheus Hesiod 's Theogony and Aeschylus ' Prometheus Unbound both tell that Heracles shot and killed the eagle that tortured Prometheus which was his punishment by Zeus for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mortals.

    Heracles freed the Titan from his chains and his torments. Prometheus then made predictions regarding further deeds of Heracles. Heracles' constellation On his way back to Mycenae from Iberiahaving obtained the Cattle of Geryon as his tenth labourHeracles came to Liguria in North-Western Italy where he engaged in battle with two giants, Albion and Bergion or Dercynus, sons of Poseidon. The opponents were strong; Hercules was in a difficult position so he prayed to his father Zeus for help.

    Under the aegis of Zeus, Heracles won the battle. The story, among others, is described by Dionysius of Halicarnassus. Previously, Poseidon had sent a sea monster to attack Troy.

    The story is related in several digressions in the Iliad 7. This expedition became the theme of the Eastern pediment of the Temple of Aphaea. Laomedon planned on sacrificing his daughter Hesione to Poseidon in the hope of appeasing him. Heracles happened to arrive along with Telamon and Oicles and agreed to kill the monster if Laomedon would give him the horses received from Zeus as compensation for Zeus' kidnapping Ganymede. Heracles killed the monster, but Laomedon went back on his word.

    Accordingly, in a later expedition, Heracles and his followers attacked Troy and sacked it. Then they slew all Laomedon's sons present there save Podarceswho was renamed Priam, who saved his own life by giving Heracles a golden veil Hesione had made. Telamon took Hesione as a war prize; they were married and had a son, Teucer.

    Other adventures This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. He killed the robber Termerus. Heracles visited Evander with Antorwho then stayed in Italy.

    Heracles killed King Amyntor of the Dolopes for not allowing him into his kingdom. He also killed King Emathion of Arabia. Heracles kills the Egyptian King Busiris and his followers after they attempt to sacrifice him to the gods.

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    Heracles killed Lityerses after beating him in a contest of harvesting. Heracles killed Periclymenus at Pylos. Heracles killed Syleus for forcing strangers to hoe a vineyard. Heracles rivaled with Lepreus and eventually killed him.

    Heracles founded the city Tarentum modern Taranto in Italy. Heracles learned music from Linus and Eumolpusbut killed him after Linus corrected his mistakes.

    He learned how to wrestle from Autolycus. He killed the famous boxer Eryx of Sicily in a match. Heracles was an Argonaut. He killed Alastor and his brothers.

    Heracles killing the giant, Antaeus When Hippocoon overthrew his brother, Tyndareusas King of SpartaHeracles reinstated the rightful ruler and killed Hippocoon and his sons. Heracles killed Cycnusthe son of Ares. The expedition against Cycnus, in which Iolaus accompanied Heracles, is the ostensible theme of a short epic attributed to HesiodShield of Heracles. Heracles killed the Giants Alcyoneus and Porphyrion.

    Heracles killed Antaeus the giant who was immortal while touching the earth, by picking him up and holding him in the air while strangling him. Heracles went to war with Augeias after he denied him a promised reward for clearing his stables. Augeias remained undefeated due to the skill of his two generals, the Molionides, and after Heracles fell ill, his army was badly beaten. Later, however, he was able to ambush and kill the Molionides, and thus march into Elis, sack it, and kill Augeias and his sons.

    Heracles visited the house of Admetus on the day Admetus' wife, Alcestishad agreed to die in his place. By hiding beside the grave of Alcestis, Heracles was able to surprise Death when he came to collect her, and by squeezing him tight until he relented, was able to persuade Death to return Alcestis to her husband. Heracles challenged wine god Dionysus to a drinking contest and lost, resulting in his joining the Thiasus for a period.

    Heracles also appears in Aristophanes ' The Frogsin which Dionysus seeks out the hero to find a way to the underworld. Heracles is greatly amused by Dionysus' appearance and jokingly offers several ways to commit suicide before finally offering his knowledge of how to get to there.

    Heracles appears as the ancestral hero of Scythia in Herodotus' text. While Heracles is sleeping out in the wilderness, a half-woman, half-snake creature steals his horses. Heracles eventually finds the creature, but she refuses to return the horses until he has sex with her.

    After doing so, he takes back his horses, but before leaving, he hands over his belt and bow, and gives instructions as to which of their children should found a new nation in Scythia. In the fifth book of the New History, ascribed by Photius to Ptolemy Hephaestionmention that Heracles did not wear the skin of the Nemean lion, but that of a certain Lion giant killed by Heracles whom he had challenged to single combat. Having wrestled and defeated Achelousgod of the Acheloos river, Heracles takes Deianira as his wife.

    Travelling to Tirynsa centaurNessusoffers to help Deianira across a fast flowing river while Heracles swims it. However, Nessus is true to the archetype of the mischievous centaur and tries to steal Deianira away while Heracles is still in the water. Angry, Heracles shoots him with his arrows dipped in the poisonous blood of the Lernaean Hydra.

    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

    Thinking of revenge, Nessus gives Deianira his blood-soaked tunic before he dies, telling her it will "excite the love of her husband". Deianira, remembering Nessus' words, gives Heracles the bloodstained shirt. Lichas, the herald, delivers the shirt to Heracles. However, it is still covered in the Hydra's blood from Heracles' arrows, and this poisons him, tearing his skin and exposing his bones.

    Before he dies, Heracles throws Lichas into the sea, thinking he was the one who poisoned him according to several versions, Lichas turns to stone, becoming a rock standing in the sea, named for him. Heracles then uproots several trees and builds a funeral pyre on Mount Oetawhich Poeasfather of Philocteteslights. As his body burns, only his immortal side is left. Through Zeus' apotheosisHeracles rises to Olympus as he dies. No one but Heracles' friend Philoctetes Poeas in some versions would light his funeral pyre in an alternate version, it is Iolaus who lights the pyre.

    For this action, Philoctetes or Poeas received Heracles' bow and arrows, which were later needed by the Greeks to defeat Troy in the Trojan War. Philoctetes confronted Paris and shot a poisoned arrow at him. The Hydra poison subsequently led to the death of Paris.

    According to Herodotus, Heracles lived years before Herodotus' own time c. His first marriage was to Megarawhose children he murdered in a fit of madness.
    A person who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew; heathen. One who has no religion. This also includes those who worshiped gods before the advent of the Judeo-Christian religions. As Mortimer Adler put it: The Western peoples of pre-Christian antiquity were all pagans in the sense defined. Many remained pagans during the early centuries of the Christian era; and from the 16th century on, the number of pagans living in communities that were predominantly Christian or Muslim has steadily increased.

    The lawful documents, symbols and mottoes of the founding government do not contain any mention of Christian, Moslem, or Jewish religions. The documents, symbols and mottoes of the founding government describe Pagan deities and concepts. Since the government in question involves the founding documents and symbols of the United States of America, we must satisfy the above two criteria with evidence for Paganism and a lack of evidence for Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

    This becomes evermore interesting in light of the recent religious-right movement in their attempt to convince citizens that the American government derived from Christian principles. The inspiration for creating this article came from deceptive claims by right-wing Christians about Moses and the 10 commandments depicted on the Supreme Court building and other state courthouses more about this below.

    This article shows their error by examining the very documents establishing the United States of America the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the symbols and mottoes used by the early Americans. In every case, Paganism prevails and Christianity does not.

    In fact, Paganism reveals itself so predominantly that it should give the reader pause to consider the power of Christian propaganda to deceive and disguise these obvious facts for so long. When I was a boy World was better spot. What was so was so, What was not was not. Now I am a man; World have changed a lot. Some things nearly so, There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know. Pre-independence America Although the first colonists in America came from Europe mostly Great Britain, Spain, and Hollandmany of them to escape religious persecution Christian persecution no less!

    The religious-right propagandists like to put emphasis on this period of American history because, indeed, these first European-Americans did live under Christian rule and it makes it seem as if these first colonists established the government of the United States. Of course the first Americans did not practice Christianity at all.

    Legendary Hyperborea

    Native Indians lived in America thousands of years before the Christians invaded their land. These original Americans got dispossessed, slaughtered, or segregated to the will of intolerant Christians. Today's religious-right Christians conveniently leave out any mention of the original Americans, Pagan to the very core. Only a very brief period before the formation of the United States could Christians call America their land.

    The following gives a brief historical summary: Augustine, Florida, in Inthe London Company founded the Jamestown colony. In the Mayflower ship lands at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and its colonists formed the Mayflower Compact a true Christian document to establish a form of local government. But these early Christian colonies the Puritans became so religiously intolerant that a few of the colonists began to rebel.

    Because of his "new and dangerous opinions" calling for religious and political freedoms, including separation of church and state. Providence then became a haven for many other colonists fleeing religious intolerance.

    Just a few years later inthe Massachusetts general court approved a law that made religious heresy punishable by death! In hysteria grips Salem, Massachusetts as suspects accused of witchcraft got arrested and imprisoned. These religious Puritans accused one-hundred-fifty people of their own citizens and they executed twenty of them.

    InMassachusetts passes a law ordering all Roman Catholic priests to leave the colony within three months upon penalty of life imprisonment or execution New York passes a similar law. In in Maryland, the Anglican Church gets established as the official church. In South Carolina also established the Anglican Church as its official church. All of this occurred well before the establishment of the United States.

    These early European Americans began to feel very suspicious of the growing encroachment of Christianity upon government and personal freedoms. By the mid s, a few of the colonists began to introduce heretical ideas.

    More and more Americans become wary of religious and political impositions on their life. It becomes an instant best-seller. Paine, a Pagan deist would later write "Age of Reason" where he rejected Judeo-Christian tenets and scriptures.

    Zoosk Review - Online Dating Site

    Remember that at this time the colonies belonged to Great Britain. Things had come to a head.

    I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

    The most influential American colonists rebelled against Great Britain and their taxes, institutional churches, and desired to form an independent government free from religion and Monarchies. On July 4,The Declaration of Independence written by a Pagan deist announced their independence to the world. The Declaration of Independence, a Pagan document Although strictly not a lawful document, the Declaration of Independence, a pre-government document, revealed the first attempt by the American colonists to establish their own independence from Great Britain.

    The Declaration also mentions god where the religious-right of modern times have tried to use as evidence for their Christian god. But does the god of the Declaration speak about a Biblical god? No, not at all. Clearly the god mentioned describes a Pagan concept. Lets look at the Declaration's words directly: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    Thomas Jefferson thought of himself as a scientist more than he did a politician. Consider that the "Laws of Nature" describe a materialist viewpoint, many times referred to as Newton's laws in the years following Newton's discovery of the laws of gravity, light, and calculus mathematics. Thomas Jefferson greatly admired Isaac Newton and anyone who visits Monticello will see the influence he had on Jefferson.

    Clearly Jefferson intended "Nature's God," not to refer to the personal god of superstitious Christianity, but of a physical god of nature, the laws of physics-- Nature's God. In Jefferson wrote, "Nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science, by rendering them my supreme delight. But even if you do not feel persuaded that Nature's God means the Laws of Nature and you insist that it refers to a supernatural god, then you still cannot use it to support a Judeo-Christian god.

    Because to call the God of the Bible as Nature's God would not only contradict the Bible but would constitute heresy in the minds of 18th century Christian leaders of both the Protestant and Catholic faith. Nature's God describes a Pagan concept because nature describes the world. The Biblical concept of nature describes the earth the worldthe planets, plant, man and animal as nature, but certainly not as a part of God.

    According to Christianity God and Jesus come from above. The God of Christianity does not come from this world: The alleged Jesus said, "You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. The Egyptian, Hindu, Greek and Roman religions describe a plethora of gods of nature. Below gives just a few examples of Pagan nature gods from various religions: The Hindus worshiped Vedic Gods: The Pagan nature gods number in the thousands.

    Clearly then, to worship a god of nature regardless of whether you think it means the laws of nature of a supernatural god of nature means practicing Paganism by the very meaning of the word. To continue with words in the Declaration: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The Declaration echoes John Locke's idea [1] that in the "state of nature," all human beings lived free and equal Locke would remain a hero of Jefferson throughout his life.

    The Bible supports inequality from a top down hierarchy: God-man-woman-beast Catholic dogma adds the church and their priests between God and man. Moreover the word "Creator" describes a Deistic term in the s. Jefferson, in his many papers and correspondences throughout his life expressed a Deistic view of religion. Deists did not believe in miracles, revealed religion, the authority of the clergy, or the divinity of Jesus. Jefferson regarded ethics, not faith, as the essence of religion.

    Of course Deists believed in a creator, but thought that the original Creator no longer lived or did not play any part in the world or influenced the lives of people. That goes to the very reason why the American founding fathers knew that they We the people had to form the laws of the land, laws based on human reasoning. Note also that the Declaration says, "their Creator," not "our Creator.

    It could mean a personal pagan god as often seen in pagan societies who's members worship their own personal god. It could mean their parents, who provided them with their life, rights, and their ability to achieve happiness.

    It could also mean whatever natural or physical laws created them. Nowhere else in the Declaration or any other founding document do we find mention of gods or creators.

    The entire bases of connecting god with the U. And even these three words come from a deist describing a Pagan concept! The Constitution of the United States, a Pagan document The only mention of religion in the Constitution comes from exclusionary wording: Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    Student Tours and Educational Travel EF Educational Tours

    Frustrating to both Pagans and Christians, nowhere in the Constitution does it mention a god. Fear not my fellow Pagans. Sunday mentioned in Article 1, Sec. Some Christians have tried to claim the ratification date at the end of the document as referring to Jesus [2] but this fails for the reason that no Christian worships dates while nothing prevents Pagans around the world from worshiping the God Janus in January, Mars in March and the Saxon Sun god on Sunday. Of course Pagan Enlightenment thinking also influenced the Constitution, as well as many early American Deists.

    Deism served such a powerful force in the formation of a naturalistic and scientific viewpoint in the minds of our founding fathers that it shouldn't surprise anyone that inopponents frequently argued that the Constitution represented a deistic conspiracy to overthrow the Christian commonwealth. Pagan concepts to the very core The formation of the United States began a grand experiment in government.
    Although the controversy in Piri Reis' map significantly diminishes without Antarctica in it, the existence of this map still helps reinforce a couple of assumptions made earlier.

    If truly Piri Reis borrowed from other ancient maps dating back to the 4th century BC, then unquestionably this reinforces the suggestion that Plato, at BC, could have been aware of the American continent in order to include it in his story.

    Just as in the northern hemisphere, where North America, along with Greenland, Iceland and few other islands seem to encompass the North Atlantic. Map by Abraham Ortelius, Amsterdam Public Domain Legendary Hyperborea Additional clues, though, not only suggest that the ancient Greeks knew of North America across the Atlantic, but as it appears, they were also familiar with the region around the Arctic Circle—in essence the broken bridge that connects northern Europe to North America.

    They called this land Hyperborea a Greek word that means "Extremely North". Arctic continent on the Gerardus Mercator map of Public Domain Is this possible? While undoubtedly skeptics would dismiss this suggestion, interestingly, the Greeks believed that Hyperborea was an unspoiled territory so far north from Greece, the sun there never sets.

    Of course, the only place due north where the sun continuously shines, at least six months out of a year, is the region above the Arctic circle, a territory obviously not easily accessible, especially during the winter months. Can Hyperborea have been the figment of vivid imagination, or is it possible that there was some truth to this story, as in the case of other stories brought to us from ancient Greece, which involved real places wrapped in mythical elements? Such, among others, was the Palace of Knossos, which it was associated with the Minotaur a mythical beast of half man and half bull, the city of Troy which was connected with an epic war fought by demigods, and Mount Olympus, which was thought to be occupied by gods.

    What about Hyperborea though? Is it possible that the Greeks managed to navigate so far north, or was that knowledge passed down to them from others, such as the Minoans perhaps?

    The road to Hyperborea and North America If, according to historians, the Bronze Age Minoans 4, years ago were often traveling as far as Scotland and the Orkney Islands to trade goods, is it inconceivable to assume that over time going back and forth for a thousand years they may have eventually reached Greenland the edge of Hyperborea, only a couple of short island stops away?

    And, if those ancient navigators managed to reach Greenland via island hopping, is it possible then to assume that they could have gone a bit further and ultimately reached North America, which in essence, is just around the corner? Most importantly, how did spices, plants and insects indigenous only to America find themselves in Santorini a Minoan island around the period of BC? An excavation in the ancient city of Akrotiri, on the island of Santorini, revealed that a tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricornean insect indigenous to America at the time, was found buried under the volcanic ash of the BC eruption.

    If tobacco was not introduced to Europeans until around AD, as history claims nearly 3, years laterhow else did this pest of stored tobacco got there. Furthermore, how were the Egyptians able to obtain tobacco and other plants indigenous to America, like coca leaves, which were often used during mummification?

    Indeed, inGerman studies revealed that one third of all mummies tested, carried traces of nicotine on their hair, skin, and bones. Following the Genetic Trail If our early Mediterranean ancestors did not know of North America 10, to 12, years ago, how then did Haplogroup X, a Mediterranean gene, find itself in North America around that timeframe and as Plato claimed?

    For those not familiar with genetics, each race around the planet is categorized by scientists according to their particular DNA haplogroup. As haplogroups A, C, and D are also found primarily in Asia, and B mainly in China and Japan, it is highly speculated by anthropologists that these four haplogroups traveled to North America during a glacier period when continents were once connected by ice.
    The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

    Then God said "Let there be light"; and there was light. YHWH also created time and the physical world from nothing, or from "things that cannot be seen".

    He spoke and the physical objects, including time, were created in seven days. By faith we understand that the ages were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. In Genesis 1, the Judeo-Christian story also begins with a void in the part of space that would become our universe. The world emerged from the will of God by the sound of the voice of God. So the thing that cannot be seen is the electromagnetic waves of the sound of the voice of God.

    God created with sound waves, by using His voice and speaking the physical world into existence. This is absolutely scientific. All atoms are a bundle of electromagnetic waves. However, God already existed and the story does not attempt to explain how He came to be. So the Bible only describes the creation of our universe. The creation continued when the earth and heavens were carved out of water.

    The story supports the idea that while the earth sits in water, there may be a ceiling of water that exists outside the heavens that we see. Symbolically, the salty sea that is part of the earth is where the snake Leviathan lives.

    The symbols of God always have a basis in reality. Perhaps when Satan and his angels were banished to earth, they were confined to living their physical existence under the ocean.

    And there must be a law in place that prevents our physical worlds from colliding. And perhaps the myths about hell being located under the earth is based on the fact that Satan lives there. The underworld is simply the earth where the dead are buried beneath the surface of the earth. They are unconscious and unaware in Sheol. The breath of God which also gave them life goes back to God.

    But it is not a conscious entity living in a particular place. It probably contains information about our memories and personalities so that God can recreate us with new bodies. The New Testament adds one other detail about this cosmology. There are three levels of heaven.

    The first is the sky and atmosphere that we can see. The second is outer space. The third is the highest heavens where God lives. I know a man This could be the layer of waters above the earth, between outer space and the earth that we cannot see. Revelation states that God will come from the east and that we will stand on "the Sea of Glass" as we go back to heaven Revelation Adventists also think that God will come through the constellation of Orion.

    The schedule of the actions of God seem to indicate that the Second Coming will happen during the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. This is between September to October. A meteor shower which is caused by Halley's comet appears in the Orion constellation in late October. Either an egg or a person was produced from this void.

    In these myths, water was a part of the beginning. It is interesting that science concludes that water was needed to start life and that the planets were once covered in water. These stories also shared some other common features. The order of creation was the abyss, darkness, fire or light, sea, sky and earth, sun, moon and stars, then plants and animals and man.

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    From The Mind Of God. Brahma is sometimes said to be self-created, or born from a lotus out of Vishnu's navel, or hatched from the cosmic egg. In another myth, creation came from the tears of Prajapati. In the beginning there was a single soul who looked around and saw nothing but itself. Since it was lonely it wanted a companion so it split into two, a man and a woman.

    They had intercourse and other human beings were born. Then the woman thought that it was wrong to have intercourse since they came from the same soul. So she tried to hide herself and became a cow. He became a bull and had intercourse and all cattle were born. Then she changed herself into a mare and he became a stallion and horses were born. This continued until all creatures down to the smallest insect were created. After this, the man realized that he is creation. This created world will last 4, years.

    When all was chaos and confusion, the earth was covered with water, there was only mud and slime on the surface of the earth. At that time there became visible, the god One-Deer, who had the surname Snake of the Lion. There was also a goddess, very genteel and beautiful, whose name was also One-Deer, and whose surname was Snake of the Tiger.

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    They are the beginning of all other gods. As soon as these two gods became visible on earth in human form, with their power and wisdom they made a large stone on which they built a very sumptuous mansion.

    The stone was called "the place where the heavens were", which was their seat and residence on earth. This large stone and the mansion was on a very high hill. A garden was planted on the mountaintop. Theory of Natural Selection and the Survival of the Fittest. The world emerged from an egg that holds the seeds of life. The shell became the structure that held the sky and the earth. After drawing the representation of the cosmos that I think is correct, I realize that it looks like an egg.

    The yolk is represented by the earth. And it is surrounded by air and water. So it makes me wonder if the ancients used an egg to explain how the cosmos is structured and it was morphed into the cosmic egg.

    It would also explain the belief that we are the center of the universe. Even the connection to the heavens by a bridge over the sea of glass reminds me that the yoke is connected to the shell with a string. But he also supported the egg before he died. In the beginning there was nothing in the universe except a formless chaos.

    However this chaos began to coalesce into a cosmic egg for eighteen thousand years. When the opposing principles of yin and yang became balanced within the egg, PanGu emerged from the egg.

    He is usually depicted as a primitive hairy giant dressed in furs. PanGu began the task of creating the world. To keep them separated, PanGu stood between them and took up the Sky. This task took eighteen thousand years, with each day the sky grew ten feet higher, the Earth ten feet wider, and PanGu ten feet taller. After the eighteen thousand years had elapsed, PanGu was laid to rest. His breath became the wind his voice the thunder, his left eye the sun and right eye the moon.

    His body became the mountains and his blood formed rivers. His muscles formed the fertile lands and his facial hair made the stars and milky way; His fur became the bushes and forests, his bones were the valuable minerals, his bone marrow is sacred diamonds and his sweat fell as rain.

    The fleas on his body carried by the wind became human beings all over the world. This universe existed in the shape of darkness, unperceived as if it were in deep sleep. Then the Divine Self-existent appeared with power and dispelled the darkness.

    He is eternal and he contains all created beings and shone forth of his own will. He first created the waters with a thought and placed his seed in them.

    That seed became a golden egg, as bright as the sun. In that egg he himself was born as Brahma. The Divine One resided in that egg during a whole year, then by his thought he divided it into two halves. And out of those two halves he formed heaven and earth, between them the middle sphere, the eight points of the horizon, and the eternal abode of the waters.

    From himself he also drew forth the mind and self-consciousness. He created the five organs which perceive the objects of sensation and all beings. They believe that the world is created and destroyed in cycles of 4, years.

    Mithra was born from a cosmic egg on December Chaos was the primordial void that existed before order became imposed on the universe and from which all created things originated, including the gods. Proceeding from time, Chaos eventually formed a huge egg from which was issued his children Nyx darknosEros gravity and Ge or Gaia Earth.

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