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    Which Dating Site Is The Best For You: Top 8 Recommendations!

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    Toronto Sun Toronto, ON Classifieds Employment

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    Name of Toronto In the 17th century, the area was a crucial point for travel, with the Humber and Rouge River providing a shortcut to the upper Great Lakes.

    These routes were known as the Toronto Passage. Toronto is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontarioand was originally a term of indeterminate geographical location, designating the approximate area of the future city of Toronto on maps dating to the late 17th and early 18th century.

    Eventually, the name was anchored to the mouth of the Humber Riverthe end of the Toronto Carrying-Place Trail portage route from Georgian Bay ; this is where the city of Toronto is located today. There are several explanations for the source and meaning of the name "Toronto". One claim is that the origin is the Seneca word Giyando, meaning "on the other side", which was the place where the Humber River narrows at the foot of the pass to the village of Teiaiagon.

    Another is that the term is from the Mohawk word tkaronto meaning "where there are trees standing in the water", which could refer to either Toronto Bay Toronto Harbour or Lake Simcoe, Lake Simcoe being at one time known as Lake Toronto. As the portage route grew in use, the name became more widely used and was eventually attached to a French trading fort just inland from Lake Ontario on the Humber.

    Part of this confusion can be attributed to the succession of Iroquoian peoples who lived in the area during the 17th century and before: The Mississaugas arrived in the late 17th or early 18th century, driving out the occupying Iroquois, [3] [4] and settling along the Lake Ontario shore, including the Port Credit area.

    Early European settlement[ edit ] Fort Toronto was one of several French trading posts established in Toronto during the s. The forts were abandoned in as a result of the Seven Years' War.

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    European settlement in central Canada was quite limited beforeamounting to only a few families, but it began growing quickly in the aftermath of the American Revolution. These led from northern and western Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. One trail, known as the "Toronto Passage", followed the Humber River northward as an important overland shortcut between Lake Ontario and the upper Great Lakes. For this reason, Toronto became an important location for French fur traders.

    After the fall of Fort Frontenac and Fort Niagara, it was abandoned inand by the British had defeated the French who withdrew from what would later become Canada in After surveying the land, the Mississauga's objected to the purchase and it was declared invalid. A townsite was surveyed in by Captain Gother Mann, and laid out in a gridiron, with government and military buildings around a central square.

    In MayLieutenant-Colonel John Graves Simcoethe first lieutenant-governor of the newly organized province of Upper Canadavisited Toronto for the first time. Simcoe was unhappy with the then-capital of Upper Canada Newarkand proposed moving it to the site of present-day London, Ontario but was dissuaded by the difficulty of building a road to the location. This large natural harbour was defended with the construction of a garrison later to be known as Fort Yorkguarding the entrance on what was then a high point on the water's edge, with a small river on the inland side Garrison Creek.

    Rejecting Mann's town plan, Simcoe had another town plan set up.

    Toronto Sun Toronto, ON Classifieds Employment

    This was a more compact plan, a gridiron settlement of ten square blocks, closer to the eastern end of the harbour, entirely behind the peninsula, near what is now Parliament Street. King Street in Later renamed Front Street, the road was one of York's original streets. During Simcoe's time in Toronto, two main roads were laid out in the city: Government buildings were erected near Parliament and Front Street. Simcoe had hoped to found a university in York during his time but was successful in establishing law courts in York.

    Labour was in short supply, and slaves were still allowed at this time, but Simcoe arranged for the gradual abolition of slavery, passing legislation banning any further slaves, and the children of slaves would be freed when they reached their 25th birthday. By this time, York was estimated to have a population of persons.

    Between anda road was constructed east of Toronto to the mouth of the Trent River by Asa Danforth. This was the making of today's Kingston Road. Russell established the first jail. He expanded the town westward and northward and during his term, the first St.

    Lawrence Market was built in The first church of what was to become today's St. James Cathedral was built in When Russell died inthe town's population was now up to The Americans subsequently plundered the town, and set fire to the Legislative buildings. Inas part of the War ofYork was attacked and partially burned by American forces led by Zebulon Pike.

    Fort York was lightly manned at the time, and realizing that a defence was impossible, the troops retreated and set fire to the magazine. It exploded as the US forces were entering the fort, killing Pike and a contingent of his men. In return, the forces sacked the town and burned the Parliament Buildings.

    After the US forces departed, a new and much stronger fort was constructed several hundred yards to the west of the original position. Another American attack in was defeated, the landing force never being able to approach the shoreline. Due to land reclamationthis fort now lies hundreds of metres inland.

    After the Napoleonic WarsYork experienced an influx of poor immigrants from the United Kingdom, which was in a depression.

    ‘Real Housewives Of Toronto’ Star Roxy Earle Slams Body Shamers

    The area to the northeast of St. James' became a slum. York had a red-light district on Lombard Street and numerous taverns sprung up around St. Inthe Town of York was incorporated as the new City of Toronto. The town was incorporated on March 6,reverting to the name of " Toronto " to distinguish it from New York City, as well as about a dozen other localities named 'York' in the province including York County in which Toronto was situatedand to disassociate itself from the negative connotation of dirty Little York, [16] a common nickname for the town by its residents.

    William Lyon Mackenzie was its first mayor. The new Reform-dominated municipal council quickly set to work to correct the problems left unchecked by the old Court of Quarter Sessions. Unsurprisingly for "Muddy York", the new civic corporation made roads a priority. This ambitious road improvement scheme put the new council in a difficult position; good roads were expensive, yet the incorporation bill had limited the ability of the council to raise taxes. An inequitable taxation system placed an unfair burden on the poorer members of the community.

    Mackenzie decided to take the matter directly to the citizens and called a public meeting at the Market Square on July 29, "for six, that being the hour at which the Mechanicks and labouring classes can most conveniently attend without breaking on a day's labour. Draper as president, Tory aldermen Carfrae, Monro and Denison as vice-presidents, and common councilman and newspaper publisher George Gurnett as secretary, met the night before, and "from to of the most respectable portion of the community assembled and unanimously resolved to meet the Mayor upon his own invitation.

    Ina revolutionary insurrection was crushed by British authorities and Canadian volunteer units at Montgomery's Tavern on Yonge Street. The Tories called the meeting for three in the afternoon so that the working class "mechanics" would not be able to attend. The inability of the mechanics to attend was their saving grace, for the meeting ended in a terrible tragedy when the packed gallery overlooking Market Square collapsed, pitching the onlookers into the butcher's stalls below, killing four and injuring dozens.

    The Toronto mechanics, ironically spared the carnage because of the hour at which the meeting was appointed, did not appear to be swayed by the Tory press. In the October provincial elections, Mackenzie was overwhelmingly elected in the second riding of York; Sheriff William Jarvis, running in the city of Toronto, lost to reformer James Edward Small by the slim margin of to votes.

    Toronto was the site of the key events of the Upper Canada Rebellion inled by Mackenzie. Inthe first gas street lamps appeared in Toronto. Over were installed that year, in time for author Charles Dickens ' visit in May Dickens described Toronto as "full of life, motion, business and improvement.

    The streets are well-paved and lighted with gas. View of Toronto looking west from King and Jarvis in The buildings right of the trees were later destroyed in the Great Fire of During the Typhus epidemic ofIrish immigrants died of typhus at fever sheds built at the Toronto Hospital at the northwest corner of King Street and John Street. Lawrence Market, as well as the first St. James' Cathedral and a portion of Toronto's first City Hall.

    While Toronto had a firefighting brigade and two fire halls, the force could not stop the large fire and many businesses were lost. A period of rebuilding followed. After the Upper Canada Rebellion, resentments between the ruling factions of the Family Compact and the Reform elements in Toronto continued.

    As Irish and other Catholics migrated to Toronto and became a larger part of the population, the Orange Order representing Protestant elements loyal to the British Crown fought to keep control of the ruling government and civil services. The police constabulary and the fire departments were controlled through patronage and were under Orange control.

    Orange elements were known to use violence against Catholics and Reformers and were immune to prosecution. Latter 19th century[ edit ] The construction of Union Station in dramatically increased commerce as well as the number of immigrants.

    Toronto grew rapidly in the late 19th century, the population increasing from 30, in to 56, in86, in andin The total urbanized population was not counted as it is today to include the greater area, those just outside the city limits made for a significantly higher population.

    The figure also included population counted after recent annexations of many smaller, adjacent towns such as Parkdale, Brockton Village, West Toronto, East Toronto, and others. Immigration, high birth rates and influx from the surrounding rural population accounted for much of this growth, although immigration had slowed substantially by the s if compared to the generation prior.

    Rail lines came to the waterfront harbour area in the s. A planned "Esplanade" land-fill project to create a promenade along the harbour, instead became a new right-of-way for the rail lines, which extended to new wharves on the harbour.

    Three railway companies built lines to Toronto: The railway lands would dominate the central waterfront for the next years. The system continued to expand into the present-day Toronto streetcar system. New rail transportation networks were built in Toronto, including an extensive streetcar network in the city still operationalplus long-distance railways and radial lines.

    At the time, Toronto's own beaches were far too polluted to use, largely a side effect of dumping garbage directly in the lake. Other radial lines connected to suburbs. As the city grew, it became bounded by the Humber River to the west and the Don River to the east. Several smaller rivers and creeks in the downtown area were routed into culverts and sewers and the land filled in above themincluding both Garrison Creek and Taddle Creekthe latter running through the University of Toronto.

    Much of Castle Frank Brook became covered during this time. At the time, they were being used as open sewers and were becoming a serious health problem. The re-configuration of the Don River mouth to make a ship channel and lakeshore reclamation project occurred in the s, again largely driven by sanitary concerns and establishing effective port commerce.
    The year-old flashed the flesh in a slinky white Calvin Klein Collection dress with cut-out sides and back, which clung to her every curve.

    Scroll down for trailer A cut above the rest: The singer was sporting a slinky white dress with cut-out sides and back All eyes on her: Taylor doesn't actually appear in the movie but that wasn't about to stop her from turning heads Greeting her public: Taylor posed with the doting fans screaming her name outside the Winter Garden Theatre Taylor stands at a statuesque 5ft 10in but still sported sky high heels in the form of spindly gold sandals.

    The singer, who had her hair in a backcombed ponytail, had stepped out of her comfort zone but nodded to her usual retro style with black liquid eyeliner. She was sporting by far the most daring outfit with leading ladies Valeria Bilello and Alexandra Roach covered up for the occasion. It's really his moment: The I Knew You Were Trouble hit-maker is showing a racier side to herself than we are used to Singer Taylor Swift, who contributed a song to the new movie One Chance poses on the red carpet for the movie's during the Toronto International Film Festival Earlier on Taylor posed for a series of portraits at the movie's photo call, and showed off her acting skills as she hammed it up for the cameras and struck a series of dramatic poses.

    Taylor was dressed in a blue frock which was adorned with sequins and had a full, puffy skirt. Taylor wore her honey coloured tresses tied in an elegant chignon and completed her look with smoky eye make-up.

    James Corden, who stars as Paul Potts in the real-life story, was looking suave at its premiere Taylor also posed for some portraits with the stars of the movie, James Corden, Alexandra and Valeria.

    Paul was also at the annual film festival to help drum up publicity for the movie. Taylor also stole the limelight at the film's photo call earlier in the day I can act too: Taylor decided to show off her acting skills and so hammed it up for the cameras One Chance also stars Julie Walters and it has been rumoured that Simon Cowell will be appearing in the movie as himself.

    There have also been suggestions that Taylor will perform her new track during a surprise performance in Toronto. In addition it has been reported by Us Weekly that Taylor has teamed up with Jennifer Lopez for a new song that will appear on J. Taylor posed up with the stars of the movie and the man it is based on, Paul Potts second from left True story: The movie follows Paul's rise to fame after he auditioned for Britain's Got Talent Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Taylor Swift steals the spotlight in tight white cut-out dress at One Chance premiere in Toronto.

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