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    Adultery by Paulo Coelho

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    Adultery by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

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    Adultery by Paulo Coelho

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    Adultery Audiobook Excerpt

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    Paulo Coelho's new novel, "Adultery," examines the moral crisis of a privileged journalist who cheats on her wealthy husband with an old boyfriend-turned-politician. Klein Paulo Coelho's novel "Adultery" examines the moral crisis of a privileged woman The Swiss narrator of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho's latest novel introduces herself as a woman with little cause for complaint — beyond a faked orgasm or two.

    In her 30s, Linda has a rich financier husband who loves her, two children, and a reporting job at a respected Geneva newspaper. Yet despite her abundant good fortune, she feels trapped in routine, mired in a life devoid of passion or risk "in the safest country in the world. The seed of her discontent, Linda suggests, was an interview she did with a writer who said simply, "I haven't the slightest interest in being happy. I prefer to live life passionately, which is dangerous because you never know what might happen next.

    How far will the increasingly unhinged Linda go to satisfy her desires? Will sin and betrayal eventually beget crime and punishment? The spark that sets Linda aflame is another interview, this time with an old high-school boyfriend who has become a politician. But then she, too, is a self-obsessed navel gazer. Perhaps, moral considerations and journalistic ethics aside, they are a match? The interview itself bores Linda. But their professional masks quickly slip.

    He kisses her, and she responds like a character out of a male porn fantasy, promptly kneeling down and performing oral sex. The encounter precipitates a destabilizing mix of guilt, arousal and obsession.

    Though Jacob seems at best a distraction from marital ennui, Linda imagines herself in love with him. After a particularly brutal rendezvous, she is smitten by Jacob's fifty-shades-of-greyness: He treated me with zero respect, left me stripped of my dignity.

    Reviews of the Adultery

    So she devises a crazy scheme to purchase illegal drugs and plant them at the professor's office. Coelho, best known for "The Alchemist," structures "Adultery" in short bursts of prose and brief chapters that make it easy to keep turning pages. Along with Linda's spiritual musings and a few graphic sex scenes, he offers satirical jabs at some broad targets: At one point, Linda visits three psychiatrists and tells them she has "murderous thoughts.

    Whereupon she decides to interview a Cuban shaman for her newspaper, promises him secrecy, and ends up cutting and pasting her article from the Internet. Coelho gives "Adultery" a literary patina by allowing Linda to find behavioral parallels in biblical stories, Greek myths, religious history and especially the science-run-amok of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and Robert Louis Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr.

    Linda's story is our story, but her evident narcissism — who among us wouldn't settle for a rich, loving spouse and a prestigious, enjoyable career? Even harder to swallow is the apparent saintliness of her husband, who fits no one's stereotype of an investment fund owner.

    Coelho further upends expectations by resolving Linda's problems without punishing her. But, unfortunately, darkness is all too often more intriguing than light.

    A spiritual awakening — attained through paragliding, of all things — hardly makes for a riveting conclusion to an otherwise compelling tale of existential angst, marital betrayal and sexual sin. Klein is a cultural reporter and critic in Philadelphia and a contributing editor at Columbia Journalism Review.

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    Adultery by Paulo Coelho

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