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    180th meridian/International Date Line, Fiji

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    Fiji Women of Strength

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    free dating site in fiji island

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    Free Online Dating in Fiji Fiji Singles

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    Fiji - Naughty Girl ☮

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    Free Online Dating in Fiji Fiji Singles

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    Free Online Dating in Fiji Fiji Singles

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    The culture of West Polynesia is conditioned to high populations. It has strong institutions of marriage and well-developed judicial, monetary and trading traditions.

    It comprises the groups of TongaNiueSamoa and extends to the atolls of Tuvalu to the north. The pattern of settlement that is believed to have occurred is that the Polynesians spread out from the Samoan Islands into the Tuvaluan atolls, with Tuvalu providing a stepping stone to migration into the Polynesian Outlier communities in Melanesia and Micronesia.

    The large islands of New Zealand were first settled by Eastern Polynesians who adapted their culture to a non-tropical environment. Unlike Melanesialeaders were chosen in Polynesia based on their hereditary bloodline. Samoa, however, had another system of government that combines elements of heredity and real-world skills to choose leaders.

    This system is called Fa'amatai. According to Ben R. Finney and Eric M. Jones, "On Tahiti, for example, the 35, Polynesians living there at the time of European discovery were divided between high-status persons with full access to food and other resources, and low-status persons with limited access.

    Trading of both luxuries and mundane items was important to all groups. Periodic droughts and subsequent famines often led to war. In these cases fishing, the primary source of protein, would not ease loss of food energy. Navigators, in particular, were highly respected and each island maintained a house of navigation with a canoe-building area. Settlements by the Polynesians were of two categories: The size of the island inhabited determined whether or not a hamlet would be built.

    The larger volcanic islands usually had hamlets because of the many zones that could be divided across the island. Food and resources were more plentiful. These settlements of four to five houses usually with gardens were established so that there would be no overlap between the zones. Villages, on the other hand, were built on the coasts of smaller islands and consisted of thirty or more houses—in the case of atolls, on only one of the group so that food cultivation was on the others.

    Usually these villages were fortified with walls and palisades made of stone and wood. As well as being great navigators, these people were artists and artisans of great skill.

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    Simple objects, such as fish-hooks would be manufactured to exacting standards for different catches and decorated even when the decoration was not part of the function. Stone and wooden weapons were considered to be more powerful the better they were made and decorated. In some island groups weaving was a strong part of the culture and gifting woven articles was an ingrained practice.

    Dwellings were imbued with character by the skill of their building. Body decoration and jewelry is of an international standard to this day.

    Free Online Dating in Fiji Fiji Singles

    The religious attributes of Polynesians were common over the whole Pacific region. While there are some differences in their spoken languages they largely have the same explanation for the creation of the earth and sky, for the gods that rule aspects of life and for the religious practices of everyday life. People traveled thousands of miles to celebrations that they all owned communally.

    Beginning in the s large numbers of missionaries worked in the islands, converting many groups to Christianity. Polynesia, argues Ian Breward, is now "one of the most strongly Christian regions in the world Christianity was rapidly and successfully incorporated into Polynesian culture.

    War and slavery disappeared. Polynesian languages Polynesian languages are all members of the family of Oceanic languagesa sub-branch of the Austronesian language family. Polynesian languages show a considerable degree of similarity. The vowels are generally the same—a, e, i, o, and u, pronounced as in ItalianSpanishand German —and the consonants are always followed by a vowel.

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    The languages of various island groups show changes in consonants. R and v are used in central and eastern Polynesia whereas l and v are used in western Polynesia.

    In Samoa, where the original s is used instead of h, v replaces w, and the glottal stop replaces the original k, the largest island is called Savai'i. Some encourage their young people to go where they can earn good money to remit to their stay-at-home relatives. Many Polynesian locations, such as Easter Islandsupplement this with tourism income. Some have more unusual sources of income, such as Tuvalu which marketed its '.

    Inter-Polynesian cooperation[ edit ] After several years of discussing a potential regional grouping, three sovereign states Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu and five self-governing but non-sovereign territories formally launched, in Novemberthe Polynesian Leaders Groupintended to cooperate on a variety of issues including culture and language, education, responses to climate change, and trade and investment.

    It does not, however, constitute a political or monetary union. Polynesian navigation Polynesia comprised islands diffused throughout a triangular area with sides of four thousand miles. The area from the Hawaiian Islands in the north, to Easter Island in the east and to New Zealand in the south were all settled by Polynesians.

    Navigators traveled to small inhabited islands using only their own senses and knowledge passed by oral tradition from navigator to apprentice. In order to locate directions at various times of day and year, navigators in Eastern Polynesia memorized important facts: Polynesian Hawaiian navigators sailing multi-hulled canoeca A common fishing canoe va'a with outrigger in Savai'i island, SamoaThese wayfinding techniques, along with outrigger canoe construction methods, were kept as guild secrets.

    Generally each island maintained a guild of navigators who had very high status; in times of famine or difficulty these navigators could trade for aid or evacuate people to neighboring islands.

    Tupaia had knowledge of islands and named 74 on his chart. He had not visited western Polynesia, as since his grandfather's time the extent of voyaging by Raiateans has diminished to the islands of eastern Polynesia.

    His grandfather and father had passed to Tupaia the knowledge as to the location of the major islands of western Polynesia and the navigation information necessary to voyage to FijiSamoa and Tonga. To this day, original traditional methods of Polynesian Navigation are still taught in the Polynesian outlier of Taumako Island in the Solomon Islands. From a single chicken bone recovered from the archaeological site of El Arenal-1, on the Arauco PeninsulaChile, a research report looking at radiocarbon dating and an ancient DNA sequence indicate that Polynesian navigators may have reached the Americas at least years before Columbus who arrived ADintroducing chickens to South America.

    In contrast, sequences from two archaeological sites on Easter Island group with an uncommon haplogroup from Indonesia, Japan, and China and may represent a genetic signature of an early Polynesian dispersal. Modeling of the potential marine carbon contribution to the Chilean archaeological specimen casts further doubt on claims for pre-Columbian chickens, and definitive proof will require further analyses of ancient DNA sequences and radiocarbon and stable isotope data from archaeological excavations within both Chile and Polynesia.

    This left the problem of accounting for the presence of the Polynesians in such isolated and scattered parts of the Pacific.

    By the late 19th century to the early 20th century a more generous view of Polynesian navigation had come into favor, perhaps creating a romantic picture of their canoes, seamanship and navigational expertise. In the mid to late s, scholars began testing sailing and paddling experiments related to Polynesian navigation: David Lewis sailed his catamaran from Tahiti to New Zealand using stellar navigation without instruments and Ben Finney built a foot replica of a Hawaiian double canoe "Nalehia" and tested it in Hawaii.

    Recent re-creations of Polynesian voyaging have used methods based largely on Micronesian methods and the teachings of a Micronesian navigator, Mau Piailug. It is probable that the Polynesian navigators employed a whole range of techniques including use of the stars, the movement of ocean currents and wave patterns, the air and sea interference patterns caused by islands and atollsthe flight of birds, the winds and the weather.

    Scientists think that long-distance Polynesian voyaging followed the seasonal paths of birds. There are some references in their oral traditions to the flight of birds and some say that there were range marks onshore pointing to distant islands in line with these flyways. One theory is that they would have taken a frigatebird with them. These birds refuse to land on the water as their feathers will become waterlogged making it impossible to fly. When the voyagers thought they were close to land they may have released the bird, which would either fly towards land or else return to the canoe.

    It is likely that the Polynesians also used wave and swell formations to navigate. Also, people of the Marshall Islands used special devices called stick chartsshowing the places and directions of swells and wave-breaks, with tiny seashells affixed to them to mark the positions of islands along the way. Materials for these maps were readily available on beaches, and their making was simple; however, their effective use needed years and years of study.

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