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    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

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    96 Questions: The Most Disgusting Person On The Team

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    There are currently 21 Minnesota Vikings games available for sale. Additionally, you can see Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers and new franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals and the return of Sam Bradford, and Vikings vs Buffalo Bills, who made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years last season.

    TicketCity is the place to go for Minnesota Vikings tickets. Whether you are planning on cheering on the Vikings at U. Bank Stadium or supporting Minnesota on the road, TicketCity has some of the best deals for all Minnesota Vikings tickets. Vikings vs Packers Tickets This rivalry continues to be close and after over meetings dating back tothese two have transformed this rivalry into one of the best in the NFL.

    With both teams playing two times a year and often fighting for a division title, the intensity only continues to get better. This rivalry went to a new level when Packers great Brett Favre came out of retirement to play for the hated Vikings.

    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

    Vikings vs Bears Tickets This rivalry has had its fair share of crazy moments. The Vikings kicked a last-second field goal in for the win after they blew a point lead. Minnesota forced a tie against the Bears in with under 20 seconds left after rallying from an early deficit of 17, only to lose in overtime.

    The Good, Bad, Ugly and Bizarre in Minnesota, from the Bud Grant era to haunting playoff losses

    This has been the norm in this rivalry that started in Vikings vs Lions Tickets With many close games, the Vikings-Lions rivalry continues to get better as both teams face each other twice a year. The NFC North has been nicknamed the "Black and Blue" division and the Lions and Vikings matchup lives up to that name each time, as it is always one of the most intense and hard-hitting games in the NFL.

    How to Buy Minnesota Vikings Tickets 1. Scan through the Minnesota Vikings schedule and select the game that you would like to attend or use the opponent or date filters beside the Minnesota Vikings ticket listings to find the perfect matchup.

    Bank Stadium interactive seating chart, ticket quantity and ticket price filters. Use the ticket price filter and ticket quantity filter to quickly refine your search to the available Minnesota Vikings tickets that are in your price range. Bank Stadium interactive map can be employed to reveal all tickets available for a preferred section. Review the checkout page to ensure that the correct Minnesota Vikings tickets have been selected and read through any ticket notes or delivery information.

    If everything looks correct, fill out the checkout information and purchase your Minnesota Vikings tickets! And that wasn't all. On defense, Minnesota added one of the top defensive linemen available in Sheldon Richardson, coming off an impressive season for the Seahawks.

    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

    After boasting a top defense last year, the Vikings may now have the most well-rounded team in the league with standout running back Dalvin Cook expected back from injury. Bank Stadium Venue Guide Address: Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The Vikings said goodbye to their long time home, the Metrodome, at the end of the season. In its first year in use, U. The Minnesota Vikings home bench is on the sideline along sections F1-F5. Bank Stadium parking is covered in our Vikings Event Guide. With more than 10 Hall of Famers, the Vikings have established themselves as one of the more historical franchises. With playoff appearances in almost half of their seasons in the league, the Vikings will only continue to build off their impressive history.
    Open seasonally, Jeffers Petroglyphs preserves early Native American history dating back thousands of years.

    More than 2, carvings mark historic events and symbols important to Native Americans. The Jeffers Petroglyphs site includes walking trails through restored native prairie. At the Pipestone National Monument, Winnewissa Falls continues to flow as it did thousands of years ago. Native American tribes came to Pipestone in search of the soft reddish stone they carved into ceremonial pipes.

    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

    Pipestone's Circle Trail walking paths take visitors past the Winnewissa Falls and several historical markers. Minnesota Historical Society Inscriptions on the Kensington Runestone tell of a journey west by 30 Scandinavians in The Kensington Runestone, on display in Alexandria, MN, is at least years old based on new evidence.

    Visitors to Alexandria, MN can see a replica Viking ship on display in buildings adjacent to the Museum. The High Falls at Grand Portage, MN, the tallest waterfall in the state, proved impassable for early voyageurs traveling by canoe. Each summer more than 1, voyageurs descended on Grand Portage to trade furs. Native Americans helped voyageurs find valuable furs, which were sent back to Europe to be made into luxury items.

    At Grand Portage National Monument, visitors can learn about early voyageur history in the state, years before the first settlers arrived. Grand Portage National Monument recreates many of the original buildings on the site in the s. Centuries before the first settlers arrived, before towns sprung up and trains brought visitors from the coast, Minnesota was called home by thousands who hunted, traded and cared for the land and its rich resources.

    Adjusting your eyes, slowly the ancient carvings of images appear — turtles, buffalo and hunters with spears.

    What is known today as the Jeffers Petroglyphsa Minnesota historic site, has for centuries and continues today as a sacred place for Native American tribes, including the Dakota, Iowa, Arapaho and Cheyenne. Native Americans carved images into the rock, representing spirits, wisdom, medicine, longevity and other images important to the tribes. The carvings indicate a rich history of hunting and trade. As the Ice Age ended and glaciers retreated, tall grasses quickly grew in the area and it became a prime hunting ground for bison and other large animals.

    Tribes, including the Dakota Siouxthrived in the area for hundreds of years until the first settlers arrived in the s. By the s, settlers increasingly pushed Native Americans off of the lands, and tensions between the United States government and the tribes grew.

    Treaty violations by the U. Tensions broke out into conflict inleading to the U. The war ended with the execution of 38 Dakota men — the largest mass execution in U. At one time, there was more thansquare miles of prairie in North America.

    Today, less than one percent remains. Sacred Prairie Town Further away in Pipestone, MN a sacred place of peace commemorates the more than 3, years Native Americans have come to the area in search of a rare soft reddish stone, Pipestone, for use in ceremonial pipes. The area was neutral territory, where all tribes could come to quarry the stone. Even in warring times, tribes would quarry side by side in peace. By the s, the Dakota became the dominant tribe in the area. When explorer George Catlin arrived in the area inNative Americans were carving the soft stone into elaborate shapes, including animals and intricately carved pipes.

    When Native American tribes were pushed off the land and onto reservations, they preserved access to Pipestone through the Treaty of Despite attempts to protect the site, the treaty was violated numerous times, and the tribe spent decades seeking compensation through the Indian Court of Claims established by the U.

    The case made its way to the U. The site became Pipestone National Monument in and today is still open to quarrying by Native Americans with special permit. Early Europeans in America?

    Paul, MN is a unique artifact believed to tell the story of early Europeans who explored North America. The pound Kensington Runestone — a stone tablet with Scandinavian runic inscriptions on its top and sides — was discovered in by Minnesota farmer Olaf Ohman on his land near Kensington, Minnesota.

    It was said that he found the stone in the ground, wrapped in the roots of an aspen tree. We camp by 2 skerries one day-journey from this stone. We were and fished one day. After we came home, 10 men red with blood and tortured. Hail Virgin Mary, save from evil. Have 10 men by the sea to look after our ship, 14 day -journeys from this island year Experts have disagreed over the authenticity of the stone, and in the past some have even accused Ohman of forging it.

    InMinnesota geologist Scott Wolter was hired to use new techniques to investigate the stone.


    Using scanning electron microscopy and other tools, Wolter dated the weathering of the stone to determine that it must be more than years old, thus verifying that Ohman himself could not have forged it. According to archeological findings along existing water pathways, they could have come down from Hudson Bay, through the Nelson River to Lake Winnipeg, and then to the Red River. In fact, numerous Viking artifacts have been found in these areas, including characteristic triangular holes cut into rocks, which was a known way Vikings anchored their boats triangular anchor rocks.

    Norwegian records show that inKing Magnus Ericson sent an expedition, led by explorer Paul Knutson, to determine whether colonists had abandoned settlements in Greenland, amid reports that they had escaped to North America. Records indicate the expedition set out in and returned in or It is this expedition that is believed to have left behind the runestone. Additional artifacts, including an alter rock found near Sauk Center, Minnesota, are said to have been left behind by the Vikings.

    Over the years, additional evidence of Vikings in North America has emerged. Fifteen campsites from Hudson Bay, Canada to Sauk Center, Minnesota have been uncovered, containing characteristic triangular holes cut into rocks, which was a known way Vikings anchored their boats. A number of Viking tools have also been found which mirror tools on display today in Scandinavian museums and known only to be a Viking style.

    Artifacts found on the East Coast of the United States have further solidified the belief that not only were the Vikings here hundreds of years before Columbus, but that Europeans had visited North America has early as 22, years ago. The theory is supported by numerous artifacts of that age, including an anvil, blades and other tools, found on the coast of Maryland and Virginia.

    These early explorers, including the Vikings, may not have received the credit they deserve, but visitors to Alexandria, MN can see the Kensington Runestone on display at the end-of-the-road Runestone Museum, part of the Alexandria visitor's center and Fort Alexandria heritage site. While the museum itself isn't fitting for an artifact of such significance, true history buffs who visit the museum are able to see the stone up close, and view Viking tools and other artifacts found in the area.

    Outside, tour authentic s buildings at Fort Alexandria, including a one-room school house and store. By that time, French explorers known as voyageurs made their way to the state in search of beaver pelts that would be made into high-end fur hats that were popular throughout Europe at that time.

    They arrived by canoe, thinking they could travel across the land by river. When they reached the shores of Lake Superior, they found the area to be impassable by water. With a new route across the land and with the help of Native Americans in the area, trading thrived.

    By the late s, the Northwest Company had established a trading post at the site. They provided canoes and tools. Furs came from the inland forests and were sent by boat back east to Canada and then on to Europe where they were made into luxurious hats, coats and other items. These untouched landscapes provide a glimpse into the very land early Minnesotans called home — providing a view of our state just as it would have been seen hundreds and thousands of years ago. Several of these sites are protected by the federal government, including Pipestone National Monument and Grand Portage National Monument.

    Admission charges apply for these historic sites. Minnesota Historical Society Press,
    Before long we were discussing every team's best and worst moments, along with their most-hated players and coaches, as well as some of the more bizarre things each team has been involved in. That spirited discussion produced this series -- the Good, Bad, Ugly and, sometimes, Bizarre moments for every team.

    We continue with the Minnesota Vikings. The good The Bud Grant era To understand how Bud Grant became so popular in Minnesota, you first have to understand how ugly things were when Grant was hired in Basically the Vikings were a circus.

    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

    When Grant took over as head coach of the Vikings 49 years ago, things were looking pretty bleak in Minnesota. Grant was taking over for Norm Van Brocklin, a coach who was so sick of coaching that he actually quit the Vikings job twice in 15 months. Van Brocklin resigned in Novemberbut this wasn't your normal resignation, because Van Brocklin would return the next week and coach the Vikings for 15 more months.

    In Februarythings got so ugly that quarterback Fran Tarkenton "quit" the team, which forced Van Brocklin to resign for a second time.

    Minnesota Vikings Tickets Games & Prices Buy at TicketCity

    Carson Palmer's strategy to get out of Cincinnati in was basically invented by Tarkenton. Tarkenton swore he would never play for the Vikings again, so on March 7,the team traded him to the New York Giants.

    Four days later, Grant was hired to coach a team that was in complete turmoil and had no starting quarterback. Not an ideal place to start for a first-time NFL head coach. Bud Grant remains a revered figure in Minnesota. He brought in a quarterback. Grant and Vikings general manager Jim Finks had both spent some time in the CFL, so that's where they looked for their starting quarterback. The other big move Grant made came in the NFL Draftwhich took place on March 14, just three days after he was hired.

    Although the Vikings struggled to a record during Grant's first season on the job, there wouldn't be much struggling after that. In 10 of his next 11 seasons with the team, Grant would lead the Vikings to the postseason. It was a ridiculous stretch that included three Super Bowl appearances in four years between and Grant was successful despite the fact that there always seemed to be some sort of drama surrounding the team.

    After Kapp led the Vikings to a Super Bowl IV appearance inhe decided to hold out for more money the following season. Instead of giving money to Kapp, Grant decided to plug in Gary Cuozzo at quarterback and the team didn't miss a beat.

    Kapp would leave Minnesota and the Vikings would go to the playoffs in both years that Cuozzo was the team's starter. Despite Cuozzo's success, Grant wasn't content, so he pulled off a shocker of a trade in January He brought Tarkenton back to Minnesota.

    96 Questions: Player Most In Touch With Their Feminine Side

    The combination of Tarkenton on offense and the Purple People Eaters on defense made the Vikings virtually unstoppable. Not only did they reach three Super Bowls in four years, but they also went to the NFC title game four times in five years In a divisional playoff game, the Vikings lost after Roger Staubach connected on a yard touchdown pass with just 24 seconds left in the game.

    Although Grant never won a Super Bowl, he's one of only eight coaches in NFL history to have made it to the big game four times. After Grant retired inthe Vikings fell apart. The team went inwhich led the front office to make a wild offer to Grant: The internet would probably explode if an NFL coach got a lifetime contract today, but it's something that actually happened in That's the kind of offer that's impossible to turn down, so Grant took it and returned to the Vikings sideline in One more season was enough though, and Grant retired again at the end of the year.

    It was almost fitting that he retired twice since he replaced a coach that had resigned twice. Grant finished his Hall of Fame career with regular seasons wins, which still stands as the 17th highest total in NFL history. During his career, Grant coached several players who would end up in the Hall of Fame, including: Although Grant's been retired for over 30 years, he really hasn't slowed down much.

    The year-old is still a popular figure in Minnesota, and he definitely loves the weather there. While most of us would get hypothermia if we walked out into freezing cold weather, that's not the case with Grant, who wore short-sleeves for the opening coin toss of the Vikings-Seahawks playoff game in January.

    The temperature was negative-six degrees at kickoff windchill. My favorite moment of Vikings Seahawks so far: Grant's garage sale is pretty much the social event of the summer in Minnesota. Former Vikings coach Bud Grant is having. Guess no Super Bowl rings are for sale!

    Since the franchise's inception inthe team has suffered shocking loss after shocking loss after shocking loss in the playoffs. There's almost been so many shocking losses that we can't can even call them shocking anymore because it's just what you come to expect when the Vikings play in the postseason.

    For a team that's lost four Super Bowls, it would be easy to say that one of those losses stung the most, but that's probably not the case for most Vikings fans. For most fans, the playoff loss that stung the most was probably 'The miss heard 'round the world: Following a divisional playoff win over the Cardinals, the only thing standing in the way of the Vikings and a Super Bowl berth was the Atlanta Falcons.

    No one thought the Vikings were going to lose. Minnesota was an point favorite and they were playing at home, where they had won 10 straight games, including the playoffs. The blowout didn't happen though: After a Vikings' drive stalled on the Falcons' yard line, Minnesota sent out Gary Anderson to attempt a yard field goal that would have presumably iced the game. What happened next will probably go down in NFL history as the most shocking miss of all-time.

    Scott Norwood's might be the most famous miss of all-time, but Anderson's was the most shocking for one big reason: He hadn't missed a kick all season. InAnderson became the first kicker ever to make it through an entire season without a miss: The Vikings kicker went for on field goals and for on extra points. Dating back toAnderson had made consecutive kicks, which led pretty much everyone to believe that there was no way he was going to miss against the Falcons.

    After the snap, Anderson's kick -- and the Vikings' Super Bowl hopes -- went wide left. Although you can't completely blame Anderson for the loss, that's what people remember from the game. It's worth noting that the Falcons had to drive yards in the final two-minutes to tie the game after Anderson's miss. Even then, Minnesota could've still won. The Vikings would get the ball twice in overtime, but they're high-scoring offense was never able to move the ball past their own yard line.

    The reason Anderson's miss hurts so much is because it effectively ended the season of the most successful Vikings team in franchise history. Randall Cunningham and Randy Moss led a Vikings offense that put up points in The Vikings defense wasn't bad, either. They only gave up Although Anderson would go 9-of-9 on all his other postseason field goal attempts in Minnesota, no one really remembers any of those.

    Even worse, Anderson's name is one of the first ones that comes up when people have a conversation about the NFL's all-time greatest chokes. Brett Favre's interception vs. With 19 seconds left in the NFC title game after the season, Favre threw what might go down as his worst interception of all-time, which is saying a lot because Favre threw a lot of interceptions.

    If Favre throws the ball out-of-bounds, the Vikings could've tried a yard field game to win the game. If Favre scrambles and gets two or three yards, the field goal becomes a yard attempt.

    Favre did neither of those things though, and instead, he threw an interception. Blair Walsh's miss vs. This wound's still fresh, so maybe we shouldn't talk about how Blair Walsh completely choked on a yard field goal attempt to beat the Seahawks back in January. The Vikings divisional playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The term "Hail Mary" was basically invented in this game. The bad news for the Vikings is that they weren't the ones who threw it. Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach hit Drew Pearson for a yard touchdown with 24 seconds left to give Dallas a win over the Vikings.

    Anyway, I'll stop now. We don't need any Vikings fans having nightmares tonight. The Ugly Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal It doesn't get much uglier than your star player being indicted on a charge of child abuse, but that's exactly what happened to the Vikings in Just five days after Minnesota's regular season opener, authorities in Texas announced that Peterson was going to be indicted for "reckless or negligent injury to a child.

    The beatings were allegedly so bad that they left lacerations on the boy's arms and legs. Peterson's indictment was the beginning of a harrowing month saga that didn't completely come to an end until July The running back was also sentenced to 80 hours of community service. The saga didn't end there, though. Shortly after the plea deal, Peterson asked the NFL to reinstate him, but that didn't happen. Adrian Peterson's child-abuse scandal led to a drawn-out legal fight with the NFL.

    Although Peterson was reinstated, the NFL did appeal the decision made by the federal judge, and amazingly, that appeal is still going through the federal court system to this day Unlike Tom Brady and Deflategate, Peterson's suspension won't be reinstated if his side loses the appeal. Anyway, Peterson's reinstatement didn't even end this entire mess.

    The running back didn't like the way the Vikings treated him while he was suspended, so he demanded a trade. In Maythere was a thought that Peterson wanted out of Minnesota so badly that he'd be willing to retire if the Vikings didn't trade him. In the end, the Vikings did something for Peterson that would make any player feel appreciated: They gave him more money.

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