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    On the Rarity of Foreign Women and Chinese Boyfriends/Chinese Husbands

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    Singapore seeks to be the business hub of Southeast Asia and has an expansive shopping precinct located in the Orchard Road district. Many multistorey shopping centres are located at Orchard Road; the area also has many hotelsand it's the main tourism centre of Singapore, other than the Downtown Core. The local populace also use Orchard Road for shopping extensively. Sentosa is a relatively large island of Singapore located to its south.

    Along with a beach-front resort, the island's tourist attractions include Fort Silosoits historical museum, the Marine Life Parkand the Tiger Sky Tower. Singapore also features two casinos integrated resortsone the Marina Bay Sands and the other, Resorts World Sentosa home to Universal Studios Singapore and Madame Tussauds Singapore Cultural and historical landmarks[ edit ] Sri Mariamman Temple, is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple located in Chinatown, Singapore A former British colony, Singapore has various historical and cultural landmarks with British and regional influences in its architecture.

    Such cultural landmarks include the Masjid Sultanone of Singapore's most important mosques which was completed inthe Thian Hock Kengone of Singapore's oldest temples, which was completed in and the Sri Mariamman Templewhich was built inmaking it the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.

    Singapore has four major museums depicting the art and history of the country and of the region. The Asian Civilisations Museum specialises in the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry, while the Peranakan Museumthe first of its kind in the world, explores Peranakan cultures in Singapore and other former Straits Settlements in Malacca and Penang, and other Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia.

    Other smaller museums include Changi Museumwhich showcases collection of paintings, photographs and personal effects donated by former POWs Prisoners of War during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore [13] and the Mint Museum of Toyswhich has a collection of 3, toys and childhood memorabilia from the midth century to midth Century. Singapore has a variety of parks and projects which often feature its natural tropical environment.

    The Singapore Zoo displays animals in 'open' naturalistic, spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by hidden barriers, moats, and glass, with various shows and events occurring throughout the day to allow visitors to interact with the animals. River Safari features a tropical rainforest setting [15] and features 10 different ecosystems around the world, with animals of species.

    Among the various gardens and parks located in the country, Singapore's Singapore Botanic GardensJurong Bird Park and Gardens by the Bay are most popular amongst tourists.

    Jurong Bird Park, is a bird zoo with extensive specimens of exotic bird life from around the world, including a flock of one thousand flamingos. The bird park is largest in the world in terms of the number of birds. Gardens By The Bay, designed as a series of large tropical leaf-shaped gardens, each with its own specific landscaping design, character and theme.

    Other main attractions include the Supertree Grove, which features tree-like structures, known as Supertrees that dominate the Gardens' landscape. They are vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include planting, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens.

    Singapore also has two ASEAN Heritage Parkswhich are the Bukit Timah Nature Reservean extensive nature reserve which covers much of the Bukit Timah Hilland is the only remaining place where primary rainforest still exists on the island, and the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reservewhich is known for its high variety of bird species, crabs, mudskippers and flora and fauna.

    Do Dating Apps Really Work?

    Pulau Ubinis an offshore island where the last of undeveloped kampongs villages and wooden jetties, relaxed inhabitants, rich and preserved wildlife, abandoned quarries and plantations, and untouched nature still exists. One of the more popular spots on the island is, Chek Jawaa previous coral reef years ago, where several ecosystems can be observed in one area. Cuisine of Singapore The cuisine of Singapore is often viewed by its population as a prime example of the ethnic diversity of the culture of Singapore.

    In Singapore 's hawker centres — a technical misnomer, to be precise — for example, traditionally Malay hawker stalls selling halal food may serve halal versions of traditionally Tamil or Chinese food. Chinese stalls may introduce Malay or Indian ingredients, cooking techniques or entire dishes into their range of catering.

    Some dishes introduce elements from all three cultures, while others incorporate influences from the rest of Asia and the West. This phenomenon makes the cuisine of Singapore significantly rich and a cultural attraction. Much prepared food is available in the hawker centres or food courts e. These centres are relatively abundant which often leads to low prices, and encourages a large consumer base.

    Food in itself has been heavily promoted as an attraction for touristsand is usually promoted by various initiatives undertaken by the Singapore Tourism Board or the associations it deals with as one of Singapore's best attractions alongside shopping.

    On the Rarity of Foreign Women and Chinese Boyfriends/Chinese Husbands

    The government organises the Singapore Food Festival in July annually to celebrate Singapore's cuisine. The multiculturalism of local food, the ready availability of international cuisine, and their wide range in prices to fit all budgets at all times of the day and year helps create a "food paradise" to rival other contenders claiming the same moniker.

    PrettySmart Tries TINDER For The First Time! - PrettySmart

    The availability of variety of food is often aided by the fact Singapore's port lies along strategic routes.
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    Every nominee here is a big winner raking in tons of moolah every month. They are the success stories all aspiring blogshop owners look up to.

    DOMINO'S PIZZA & CAKES!! Chili Crab Seafood Pizza, Chocolate Lava & Cheesecake

    However, Love, Bonito is in a league of their own. They were set up by three very fashionable ladies - two sisters and their childhood friend.

    How to survive a plane crash, according to science

    They even have their own warehouse and clearing sales. And a fabulous return service if you aren't happy with what you bought, imagine that! In terms of popularity, well look at it this way. TSL gets more traffic then all the blogshops here except for Love, Bonito. And Love, Bonito more than doubles our traffic. The gap between them and the other blogshops is HUGE. The awesome people from clicknetwork.

    Plan a Trip

    TV went to their warehouse and came back with an insightful inside story on them awhile ago. Check it out here. And if you'd like to know more about these blogshops just read the reviews left by our members. I highly recommend you checking out our "Top 10 Blogshops in Singapore" article. The Best Luxury Retailer Singaporeans love stuff that are cheap, good and branded. A not always easy to find combination. Thankfully Reebonz satisfies our cravings so well that I ain't going to list any nominees because I can't think of any.

    They perfected price undercutting and then made it the cool thing to do. Their concept works through luxury "private" flash sales which aren't really private since anyone can join their site.

    But hey that makes us feel special and it works. Yes online shopping is serious business and Reebonz is very good at what they do. All the expensive clones you see lined up on Orchard Road paying astronomical rents. The closet sites to these would be the traditional groupon sites so if you want to find out a good groupon site make sure you check out our list here of some of the Best groupon sites in Singapore.

    The Best Alternative 'Hotel' Accommodation site By alternative accommodation, I mean websites like airbnb which offer you options different from the traditional way you're used to. Yes, these sites practically turn home owners into a mini hoteliers. You can rent out your homes or stay in the places of others, giving you a great localised experience and cheaper rates. And this travel trend has taken off in a crazy big way all around the world.

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