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    The Ultimate Singles Resource for Zimbabwe!

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    South Africa, have you learned NOTHING from Zimbabwe?

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    Zimbabwe is home to a number of landmarks with valuable cultural and historical importance. Great Zimbabwe National Monument "Zimbabwe" is a Shona word meaning "house of stone", and the imposing ruins of the Great Zimbabwe National Monument certainly live up to such a name.

    Once the royal home of the Queen of Sheba, at least according to legend, the large stone city flourished during the 11th through 15th Centuries. Built on the remains of a prehistoric settlement, Great Zimbabwe was a capital city and major trading center before it was abandoned for lack of food due to overpopulation and excessive deforestation. Notable artifacts found at the site have included beads and porcelain from China and Persia, Arabian coins, ancient soapstone figurines and a large granite cross.

    The area is still in use today as a local spiritual site. The city of Khami was established after the fall of Great Zimbabwe and lasted until the 19th Century.

    It is one of the only Zimbabwe sites that was not destroyed by treasure hunters. Archaeological remains include Spanish and Chinese porcelain, German stoneware and Portuguese trading goods, as well as a monumental granite cross. Although the area is in a relatively stable condition, natural factors such as vegetation encroachment and flooding must continue to be monitored. Because the area is still an active sacred site for the local population, tourism development must be regulated appropriately.

    Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas On the banks of the Zambezi river, enormous cliffs overhang the floodplains along a steep escarpment rising thousands of feet from the valley floor. Huge herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra, antelope and predators such as lion and hyena migrate here during the dry winter months. The river is also home to record numbers of hippopotamus and Nile crocodile, as well as more than species of resident and migratory birds.

    The Online Dating Site For YOUR Age Group... From Matthew Hussey & Get The Guy

    While the endangered black rhino has since disappeared from the area, the property still protects important populations of threatened and near-threatened species including elephant, hippopotamus, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena, and wild dog. Natural barriers created by the Zambezi River and the escarpment have protected the property from damage and development. Controlled hunting is allowed on a limited basis. However, the area may one day be threatened due to development from the hydroelectric and oil industries.

    Matobo Hills Twenty one miles south of Bulawayo, a profusion of densely-packed granite landforms rise from the earth in a sea of hills, caves, and boulders. The rock faces are covered with prehistoric paintings of humans, animals and birds dating back at least 13, years, illustrating evolving artistic styles and socio-religious beliefs. Archaeological evidence indicates that the site has been occupied for at leastyears.

    The Matobo Hills still have strong cultural and religious associations, particularly for the Mwari religion. The site hosts a three-week-long ceremony each August, where more than a thousand pilgrims gather to dance and perform rituals among the rocks and terraces. A curtain of falling water over a mile wide, the Zambezi river plunges noisily through a series of spectacular basalt gorges, sending up iridescent plumes of mist, spray and rainbows that can be seen up to thirty miles away.

    The area is also a breeding ground for four species of endangered birds. A major tourist attraction for both Zimbabwe and Zambia, urban infrastructure and tourism facilities must be carefully managed in order to preserve the area's exceptional beauty.
    Pegado noted that "The natives of the country call these edifices Symbaoe, which according to their language signifies 'court'".

    There are two theories for the etymology of the name.

    Date Singles In Zimbabwe Meet & Chat Online

    The large walled construction is the Great Enclosure. Some remains of the valley complex can be seen in front of it. The majority of scholars believe that it was built by members of the Gokomere culture, who were ancestors of modern Shona in Zimbabwe. The Great Zimbabwe area was settled by the fourth century AD. Between the fourth and the seventh centuries, communities of the Gokomere or Ziwa cultures farmed the valley, and mined and worked iron, but built no stone structures.

    Features of the ruins Aerial view of Great Enclosure and Valley Complex, looking west Aerial view looking southeast, Hill Complex in foreground View west from the Eastern Enclosure of the Hill Complex, showing the granite boulder that resembles the Zimbabwe Bird and the balcony. This edifice is almost surrounded by hills, upon which are others resembling it in the fashioning of stone and the absence of mortar, and one of them is a tower more than 12 fathoms [22 m] high.

    The natives of the country call these edifices Symbaoe, which according to their language signifies court. The Hill Complex is the oldest, and was occupied from the ninth to thirteenth centuries. The Great Enclosure was occupied from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries, and the Valley Complex from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. The Conical Tower, 5.

    It has been suggested that the complexes represent the work of successive kings: Structures that were more elaborate were probably built for the kings, although it has been argued that the dating of finds in the complexes does not support this interpretation. These were carved from a micaceous schist soapstone on the tops of monoliths the height of a person. Trade Archaeological evidence suggests that Great Zimbabwe became a centre for trading, with artefacts suggesting that the city formed part of a trade network linked to Kilwa [25] and extending as far as China.

    Copper coins found at Kilwa Kisiwani appear to be of the same pure ore found on the Swahili coast. Despite these strong international trade links, there is no evidence to suggest exchange of architectural concepts between Great Zimbabwe and centres such as Kilwa. Great Zimbabwe also predates the Khami and Nyanga cultures. He indicates that the edifices were locally known as Symbaoe, which meant "royal court" in the vernacular. Mauch went so far as to favour a legend that the structures were built to replicate the palace of the Queen of Sheba in Jerusalem, [41] and claimed a wooden lintel at the site must be Lebanese cedarbrought by Phoenicians.

    Theodore Bent to say The names of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba were on everybody's lips, and have become so distasteful to us that we never expect to hear them again without an involuntary shudder [43] Carl Peters and Theodore Bent Carl Peters collected a ceramic ushabti in Flinders Petrie examined it and identified a cartouche on its chest as belonging to the 18th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III and suggested that it was a statuette of the king and cited it as proof of commercial ties between rulers in the area and the ancient Egyptians during the New Kingdom c.

    After having received the ushabti, Felix von Luschan suggested that it was of more recent origin than the New Kingdom. He asserted that the figurine instead appeared to date to the subsequent Ptolemaic era c. This, and other excavations undertaken for Rhodes, resulted in a book publication that introduced the ruins to English readers. Bent had no formal archaeological training, but had travelled very widely in ArabiaGreece and Asia Minor.

    He was aided by the expert cartographer and surveyor E. Swan, who also visited and surveyed a host of related stone ruins nearby. Bent stated in the first edition of his book The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland that the ruins revealed either the Phoenicians or the Arabs as builders, and he favoured the possibility of great antiquity for the fortress.

    Date Singles In Zimbabwe Meet & Chat Online

    By the third edition of his book he was more specific, with his primary theory being "a Semitic race and of Arabian origin" of "strongly commercial" traders living within a client African city. Other theories on the origin of the ruins, among both white settlers and academics, took a common view that the original buildings were probably not made by local Bantu peoples. Exterior wall of the Great Enclosure.

    Picture taken by David Randall-MacIver in Members of this ethnic group speak the Bantu languages spoken by their geographic neighbours and resemble them physically, but they have some religious practices and beliefs similar to those in Judaism and Islamwhich they claim were transmitted by oral tradition. Anderson writing about his travels north of the Limpopo River in the 19th century. Both explorers were told that the stone edifices and the gold mines were constructed by a people known as the BaLemba.

    In Medieval Rhodesia, he wrote of the existence in the site of objects that were of Bantu origin. This claim was not immediately accepted, partly due to the relatively short and undermanned period of excavation he was able to undertake. Gertrude Caton-Thompson In mid Gertrude Caton-Thompson concluded, after a twelve-day visit of a three-person team and the digging of several trenches, that the site was indeed created by Bantu.

    She had first sunk three test pits into what had been refuse heaps on the upper terraces of the hill complex, producing a mix of unremarkable pottery and ironwork.

    She then moved to the Conical Tower, and tried to dig under the tower, arguing that the ground there would be undisturbed, but nothing was revealed.

    Some further test trenches were then put down outside the lower Great Enclosure and in the Valley Ruins, which unearthed domestic ironwork, glass beads, and a gold bracelet. Caton-Thompson immediately announced her Bantu origin theory to a meeting of the British Association in Johannesburg.

    Her most important contribution was in helping to confirm the theory of a medieval origin for the masonry work of circa the 14thth century.

    Date Singles In Zimbabwe Meet & Chat Online

    Byshe had modified her Bantu theory somewhat, allowing for a possible Arabian influence for the towers through the imitation of buildings or art seen at the coastal Arabian trading cities.

    Post research Since the s, there has been consensus among archaeologists as to the African origins of Great Zimbabwe. Archaeological evidence indicates that it constitutes an early phase of the Great Zimbabwe culture. Gokomere peoples were probably also related to certain nearby early Bantu groups like the Mapungubwe civilisation of neighbouring North eastern South Africa, which is believed to have been an early Venda-speaking culture, and to the nearby Sotho.

    Recent research More recent archaeological work has been carried out by Peter Garlakewho has produced the comprehensive descriptions of the site, [72] [73] [74] David Beach [1] [75] [76] and Thomas Huffman[59] [77] who have worked on the chronology and development of Great Zimbabwe and Gilbert Pwiti, who has published extensively on trade links. The removal of gold and artefacts in amateurist diggings by early colonial antiquarians caused widespread damage, [35] notably diggings by Richard Nicklin Hall.

    Archaeologists who disputed the official statement were censored by the government. I was told by the then-director of the Museums and Monuments organisation to be extremely careful about talking to the press about the origins of the [Great] Zimbabwe state. I was told that the museum service was in a difficult situation, that the government was pressurising them to withhold the correct information. Censorship of guidebooks, museum displays, school textbooks, radio programmes, newspapers and films was a daily occurrence.

    Once a member of the Museum Board of Trustees threatened me with losing my job if I said publicly that blacks had built Zimbabwe. He said it was okay to say the yellow people had built it, but I wasn't allowed to mention radio carbon dates It was the first time since Germany in the thirties that archaeology has been so directly censored. This suppression of archaeology culminated in the departure from the country of prominent archaeologists of Great Zimbabwe, including Peter GarlakeSenior Inspector of Monuments for Rhodesia, and Roger Summers of the National Museum.

    Date Singles In Zimbabwe Meet & Chat Online

    In the new internationally recognised independent country was renamed for the site, and its famous soapstone bird carvings were retained from the Rhodesian flag and Coat of Arms as a national symbol and depicted in the new Zimbabwean flag. After the creation of the modern state of Zimbabwe inGreat Zimbabwe has been employed to mirror and legitimise shifting policies of the ruling regime.

    At first it was argued that it represented a form of pre-colonial "African socialism" and later the focus shifted to stressing the natural evolution of an accumulation of wealth and power within a ruling elite. Most of the carvings have now been returned to Zimbabwe, but one remains at Rhodes' old home, Groote Schuurin Cape Town. The Great Zimbabwe University Main article: Great Zimbabwe University In the early 21st century, the government of Zimbabwe endorsed the creation of a university in the vicinity of the ruins.

    This university is an arts and culture based university which draws from the rich history of the monuments. It was created to preserve the rich history of this country which was facing a dark future due to globalisation. The university main site is near the monuments with other campuses in the City centre and Mashava.
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