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    Watch this video to find out more:

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    Biography[ edit ] Childhood and early years[ edit ] Bo is a succubus who grew up in an adopted human family, unaware of her non-human nature and of the Fae world she descended from. In " Raging Fae ", she told Kenzi that she began to feel "different" when she entered puberty and didn't know she was not normal until she accidentally killed her high school boyfriend by draining his life energy during her first sexual activity.

    When she told her parents what had happened, they broke the news to Bo that she had been adopted. Not knowing what she was and what she had done, Bo hated herself and ran away from home, exchanging her previous life for one without family or friends, moving from place to place and assuming a false identity whenever she killed again.

    Powers[ edit ] As a succubus, she can seduce and manipulate both humans and Fae with the touch of her skin; and has the power to absorb the life force the "chi", or Qi of humans and Fae by drawing it out through their mouths. She feeds and heals from oral chi intake, and chi absorbed from the sexual energy created with males or females. At first she could not feed without killing her sexual partners; but with Lauren's help Bo learned to control her sexual drive and chi-drawing powers so that she could have sex with both Fae and humans without injuring or killing them.

    Although Fae are stronger than humans and can better endure her feeding on them, they are not immune from being drained. Without self-control Bo can render them comatose or dead.

    Sick of Black Men Dating White Women! #GirlTalk

    In " Dis Members Only ", Dyson's chi is drained by Bo's succubus birth mother, Aife, and Bo brings him back to life by transferring some of her own life energy into him. As the series progressed, Dyson and Lauren began to understand each other and the role they played in Bo's life, with the animosity that used to exist between them fading in favor of helping and protecting Bo.

    What Bo meant to them and they to her was tested throughout the series, with the relationship between Dyson and Bo evolving into an unequivocal friendship, while Lauren and Bo remained in love through hurdles and episodic distance. He is over 1, years old, very strong, possesses a sharp sense of smell, is acutely knowledgeable about Fae politics, and is scornful towards humans.

    He is the first individual Bo drew chi from that didn't die as a result. Dyson fell in love with Bo while under orders from Trick to keep an eye on her, and is best friends with Hale, his Light Fae detective partner.

    In " Blood Lines ", he involuntarily sacrificed his love for Bo when he offered his wolf to the Norn in return for her giving Bo the strength to defeat her maniacal mother, Aife; but the Norn, who demanded his wolf the first time he supplicated her intervention, realized that his wolf was no longer what he valued most and instead took Dyson's love for Bo and ability to love anyone else; leaving him with the memory of their relationship but unable to feel his passion for her.

    He made efforts to remain friends with Bo, which was initially awkward when Bo couldn't understand why he had become distant. After being reunited with his old love, Ciara, in " BrotherFae of the Wolves ", the two enter into a relationship that was hampered by Dyson's reluctance to reveal his encounter with the Norn and what he had lost in the exchange; however, he eventually admitted to her that he had offered his wolf but it had cost him his being able to love anyone.

    His ability to love was restored by the Norn in " Into the Dark ", after Kenzi threatened to mutilate and cut down her Ancient Tree with a chainsaw.

    In the first two seasons he showed disdain towards Lauren and there was rivalry between them over Bo, but Bo chose to be in a committed monogamous relationship with Lauren in " Caged Fae " even though it eventually wasn't feasible because of her succubus feeding needs.

    After this, the few times Dyson was sexual with Bo was when she needed sexual chi to heal or gain strength — but her being "in love" with Dyson was no longer an element in their relationship. To extract truth from someone, Oracles must also deliver truth to them.

    In order to accomplish this, they try to seduce their targets by appearing as the individual their heart desires most. The Oracle appeared as Dyson and said to Bo, "You chose me first for a reason.

    Everything we've gone through, everything we've sacrificed And it's still there. It doesn't go away. It is revealed in Season 5 that Dyson has a son named Mark, a black panther shapeshifter. Lauren Lewis[ edit ] A Human owned by the Ash as his property, she serves as a doctor and scientist for the Light Fae. She was seduced by Bo during their first meeting and hence fell in love with her. She has extensive knowledge of the different types of Fae and their abilities.

    Lauren helped Bo learn how to control her powers so that she could have sex with both Fae and humans without hurting or killing them. It is later revealed that she had a human girlfriend, Nadia, who had fallen into a coma five years earlier after contracting a mysterious virus while in the Congo with her. In exchange for her servitude, The Ash offered Lauren access to the Light Fae's laboratory and resources to find a cure for Nadia's condition. Lauren learned from Lachlan in " Masks " that she was tricked by the previous Ash: After Bo unbeknownst to Lauren removed the curse, Lauren and Nadia reunited; but their relationship was soon shattered when it was revealed that Nadia had been infected by the Garuda and he could control her mind and body.

    Bo was forced to kill Nadia when she threatened Lauren's life leaving Lauren devastated. Grieving, Lauren seeks comfort in Bo and the two grow closer emotionally. In the Season 2 finale, Lauren relinquishes her chance for freedom from the Light Fae to stay with Bo, despite encouragement from Dyson to leave while she can.

    In " Caged Fae ", Bo asks Lauren to be together in a committed relationship. However, in " Delinquents ", Tamsin visits Lauren to furtively carry out one of her mercenary tasks, and intentionally provokes Lauren by telling her that she and Bo kissed without Bo feeding from her not knowing that the kiss was caused by Trick and Stella touching the Dawning invitation machine at the moment they shared a first kiss in " Fae-ge Against The Machine ", which made the machine spark, and propelled Tamsin towards Bo to kiss her.

    Overwhelmed by the all the stress and loss she had experienced, and feeling inadequate in satisfying Bo's succubus nature, Lauren tells Bo that she needs to take a "break" from the relationship. As time passes, however, Bo becomes concerned that it might not be a temporary separation. In " Adventures In Fae-bysitting ", a part of Lauren's past is disclosed and we learn that her real name is Karen Beattie and that she is a fugitive wanted by the International Criminal Offences and Criminal Intelligence Bureau.

    In addition to English she is also fluent in Spanish, French and Swahili. Isaac Taft and rejects her to protect Bo, and herself, from him. After this encounter, Bo and Lauren go their separate ways. She goes missing thereafter. The conversation that she and Dyson had during a phone call in " Sleeping Beauty School " showed that Dyson was aware of Lauren's motives for subjecting him to the deceptive procedure. In " Turn to Stone ", Lauren reveals to Crystal that she has a brother, they had been inseparable, and decided together "to change the world", but their cause had turned into blowing up pipelines.

    Lauren knew how to build pipe bombs and made them for her brother to position; however, one location was supposed to have been deserted but wasn't, and eleven people were killed in the explosion. This led Lauren Karen Beattie to go on the run, change her identity, and keep running ever since.

    Lauren confesses that not a day goes by that she doesn't hate herself for what happened. They jump into each other's arms and kiss passionately. Lauren told Bo that she had fled for her life after the Una Mens began to kill humans.

    The Dark Fae i. The Morrigan came looking for her, offering refuge, protection, and freedom to come and go as she pleased in exchange for working for the clan. When Bo tells Lauren that she can offer her protection by claiming her, Lauren turns her down. After being owned by The Ash for over five years, Lauren doesn't want to be owned by anyone, even Bo.

    Bo walks away, stunned and bewildered by Lauren's response. Lauren saw that Bo was wearing the necklace gift from Lauren she had found in " Turn to Stone ". At the start of Season 5, Bo and Lauren have remained good friends, putting behind their previous tensions. In Big in Japanwhen Bo felt that she was alone, following Kenzi's departure, Lauren was among those who reassured Bo that she would never be alone, because she stole her heart.

    They were seen by Tamsin, who had initiated a sexual relationship with Bo and thought the two were now "girlfriends". When Bo realized their 'friends with benefits' had been misunderstood she told Tamsin that she did love her, but not in a romantic way. In " End of Faes ", Tamsin told Bo that it didn't matter where her body was, because her heart will always be with Lauren; that she and Lauren will always be a couple, even when they were not.

    Afterwards, Bo stopped Lauren to talk about what happened between them the day before and told her, "There's always going to be a reason for us not to be together. And I don't want to put this off any longer. Or 'Oh, Boy', Yes? Tamsin told Lauren "I entered the game and I lost.

    Bedroom Talk- 7 things to know before dating a black girl

    The best woman won. You should be, too. Bo had to leave to find one of the Ancient Fae, Iris, while Lauren and Dyson search for Mark, but before they went different ways, Lauren tells Bo, "Oh, Boy, Yes"; letting her know that she, too, wanted to resume their relationship.

    In " Rise ", as the series comes to an end, Lauren tells Bo that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her, acknowledging mistakes that she would never make again. Both admit their relationship is messy and complicated, but after Lauren assures Bo that she is willing to weather the inevitable complications of their lives, Bo, gladdened, accepts her proposal.

    They embrace and kiss, this time forever. A pickpocket and scam artist with a long rap sheetshe can speak Russian fluently, possesses excellent street-smarts, and has family connections in organized crime. Kenzi ran away from home and lived on the streets and underground for a long time before meeting Bo. During the "trial" by the local Fae leaders to choose alignment with either the Light or Dark, Bo chose to side with humanity after Kenzi risked her life to discover where Bo had been taken by force and what they were doing to her, and called out to Bo to help her break out of a spell she had been put under during the trial.

    Kenzi suggested to Bo that she should take advantage of her bewitching powers and neutrality to become a private investigatorwith her as partner. She was declared Bo's "property" and pet to allow her to participate within Fae society. Kenzi does not care about fae politics. Trick is very powerful: Once known as the Blood King, he forced the truce and wrote the decrees that ended the war between Light and Dark Fae; and though few are now aware of his former position in the Fae hierarchy, he is on equal terms with the Fae Elders.

    Compared to other Fae, who have contempt for humans, he is tolerant and often fond of humans, even trading away his most prized possession to help save Kenzi's life after she was infected with a lethal Fae virus. He respects Lauren and when necessary seeks her opinion and expertise with matters involving Fae. Near the end of the second season, it was revealed that Trick is Bo's maternal grandfather. He can pacify, control, and kill humans and Fae alike with his whistling ; in addition, he can cure pain and heal wounds with it.

    He is the son of the leader of one of the three most powerful Light Fae clans, the Clan Zamora, but despite his family's high social status he disdains their social contacts and makes his own way in life although Bo and Kenzi used his contacts when they needed to infiltrate a high-class Fae event.

    Hale is good friends with Kenzi, with an undercurrent of mutual attraction gradually developing between them. He helped save Kenzi's life by using his siren's whistle to cauterize her wound in the Season Two finale.

    In the third season, he became the acting Ash after Lachlan's death. She creates doubt and intimidation in her victims, can awaken a comatose person, senses from a cadaver the fear someone experienced before death, kills with mental power, and reincarnates into several life cycles until the last one.

    Their mission was to solve the murder of a Dark Fae that was drained of his chi outside the Dal Riata. At first determined to find Bo responsible, Tamsin becomes friendly towards her and defies The Morrigan. However, she had secretly accepted a contract by The Wanderer to find Bo and bring her to him. To capture her, Tamsin procured one hair from someone Bo loved Laurentwo from someone she trusted Dysonand three from Bo's own head, and mixed them in a rune glass to create a special elixir that, when Tamsin threw the vial at Bo's feet and it shattered, the liquid marked Bo so that she could be "collected" by The Wanderer's agents and transported through transcending planes.

    As time passes, Tamsin becomes Bo's roommate in Season 5 and falls in love with her. However, later in " Here Comes the Night ", when Tamsin tells Bo that she knows Bo's heart lies with her and that she is in love with her, Bo tells Tamsin that she did care about her and loved her, but "not like that".
    November 22, Studies showed that love can really hurt if you are not in constant relationships.

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    Montreal or Toronto: Better City to Be Single?

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    Canadian Woman Wants To Experience A Black Man

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    Phone chat lines are another innovative dating strategy that has been around for quite a while, yet is being enhanced to engage a more extensive audience. It is presently a stand out amongst the most prevalent approaches to meet singles in numerous parts of the world. If you are new to phone chatlines, here are a couple tips to help you with getting started: Read More Getting The Best Use of Chat Lines September 13, Life is beautiful when interrelating with other likeminded folks and it becomes even better when you get it on a platform that offers you real and immediate connection with several likeminded singles to experience pleasure, friendship and awesome relationships.

    As a boy or girl, man or woman, when you give this a try, all you will experience is a system of chatting — that is such in natural ways, sparking up instinctive connections with others.

    You can never live a life that is boring when you connect with phone chatlines and the more you get connected, the more your life and those of others get more interesting and full of zest every day.

    Interracial Dating Online - Find true love!

    With a voice to voice chat, you can immediately start chatting genuinely with someone else on the other side and the game just keeps you excited always. This is different from other dating systems as it offers you the direct and most instant tangible way to connect with other locals, and all you have to easily do is just start talking!

    Whatever be the reason, with the increase in the number of adults considering dating options, the ways and means of facilitating it are also increasing. Dating sites have been in the market for a while now but the option of phone chatlines are keeping users excited. They let you browse through the profiles of other members and even make recommendations based on the criteria entered by you.

    Taking up a paid membership of online dating site lets you contact individuals whose profiles you have liked. And if all goes well, you could be in for a romantic relationship. Phone chat lines on the other hand let the users record their introductory messages. The users can listen to introductory messages of other members and if they like any voice or message, they can contact the person for a live conversation.

    Some chat lines also offer the option of leaving an off-line message for the person. To understand which of the two options is better, we have compared both over some parameters that are essential to every dating media and identified the winner of the two options The vast majority of the people on the chat lines are those looking for engaging conversation. There are even those seeking pillow talk or something more intimate.

    Some people are there seeking long term relationships and some people actually find love. However, every rose has its thorns and there a few bad apples looking to spoil it for everyone else.

    These are some of the most common phone scams that happen on chat lines Is Caht line scam? June 15, Biggest advantage is to to living in this modern society is the ease with which we can meet new people.

    Because your first conversation is like your first date. Based on the impression you create in your first shot when next time you try, you may get a chance to chat with her or get a drop off.

    Representation of Chat lines December 2, Chat line is a phone-based matching service; you will be paired with a random person and be able to have a conversation where you get to know them. Chat lines operates through what is called an IVR system interactive voice response systemso there are no paid operators.

    You will normally have to pay a small fee per minute in most cases in order to speak with random people: Dating This type of phone chat is very common to online dating, except that it happens over the phone. Many chat line users are looking to find someone interesting and someone they connect with. You get to speak with another person and decide if they intrigue you enough to continue the conversation; you can hang up any-time and your phone number will remain anonymous.

    This gives you the opportunity to quickly speak with another person and try again. The information provided on this website is for entertainment purposes only.
    Landscaper Bruce McArthur, 66, has been charged with a total of five murders, after police announced on Monday that they had discovered dismembered remains in large flower pots. The horror case has sparked comparisons to American serial killers John Wayne Gacy, who killed at least 33 men and boys, and Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed On Tuesday, fresh details emerged about what led to McArthur's arrest on January 18 after cops made a dramatic discovery in his apartment.

    McArthur had been under police suspicion since September as part of a probe into the disappearances of several men from Toronto's Gay Village area, but investigators didn't have enough evidence to charge him. Fearing for the man's safety, cops kicked in the door and rushed inside, where they found the man bound to McArthur's bedposts, shaken but unharmed. Cops found pictures of McArthur's alleged victims on his computer, police sources said, offering the first clue of how investigators initially tied him to the murders.

    Forensic investigators believe they found blood from at least four of the victims in the apartment as well. This map shows the locations the five known victims were last seen in around Toronto. Police suspect he had a sexual relationship with both men. Esen disappeared in March from the Church-Wellesley Gay Village district of Toronto and Kinsman vanished from Cabbagetown in June of The fresh murder charges related to the deaths of left to right: Kayhan disappeared in from the Church-Wellesley village area of Toronto, Marmudi in from Scarborough and homeless Lisowick is believed to have vanished in either in or Arrested: Cops saw a male 'date' enter McArthur's apartment on the 19th floor of this apartment building on January They burst in the door and found the man bound to his bed Police are seen outside McArthur's apartment building the day after his arrest.

    Forensic investigators believe they found blood from four victims inside the apartment Now, as police search for bodies on more than 30 properties that McArthur worked on as a landscaper, speculation has run rampant that the number of victims could be much higher.

    Police have already probed a number of similar and yet unsolved disappearances of men from the Gay Village area - including that of one man inyear-old Skandaraj Navaratnam, who dated McArthur, according to Daily Xtra.

    As yet, police have not linked McArthur to that case. Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40, reportedly dated McArthur before he disappeared in But no charges have been brought in that case Experts voiced a note of caution though, warning that attempts to link McArthur to a string of similar unsolved disappearances might be premature. The criminal profiler said that serial killers sometimes take decades to begin killing, as they struggle internally with their impulse to kill.

    Their bodies have not yet been found. Police believe both men had sexual relations with McArthur, and the suspect and victims used dating apps in common.


    On Monday, McArthur was charged with three additional counts of first-degree murder. Alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur is seen posing as Santa Clause in this Facebook photo This map shows where remains have been recovered, and the location of the apartment where McArthur was arrested. Police are searching at least 30 other locations across Toronto Police discovered the dismembered remains of at least three men in planters behind this home on Mallory Crescent, where McArthur stored his landscaping equipment Police set up this tent behind the home on Mallory Crescent to preserve evidence, and have been actively searching the property for a week.

    On January 22 they found human remains Homeowners Ron Smith and Karen Fraser pictured let McArthur store his landscaping equipment behind the home in exchange for lawn mowing. The were shocked when police found the dismembered remains of at least three men in flower planters he had stored there Members of the public are urged to contact police if McArthur pictured has done landscaping work on their property.

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