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    Sunshine Coast Community Update

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    Geoscience for Society Coordinator: For more information, visit http: It will embrace the experience of science communicators, museums and the media. This Symposium will provide a forum for earth scientists to showcase development of new sophisticated field and laboratory methods; and explore their experiences through case study analysis. The symposium is organised in collaboration with a number of other professional organizations with which EFG has developed important working relationship: Mike KATZ mikekatz gmail.

    The Symposium invites papers on experiences in managing and conserving groundwater resources and ensuring sustainability of the quality and quantity of groundwater, for improving rural health and rural economies. In the 21st century, the global population will approach 10 billion people and climate change will have a significant effect on the health, safety and wellbeing of societies, especially in low-income countries and poor communities.

    This is a multidisciplinary Symposium whose goal is dissemination of best practices in reducing the impact of geohazards in low-income countries and poor communities.

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    It will focus on the hard-learned experiences in creating public awareness, capacity building in the Public Sector, and initiating actions in low-income countries. But examples from elsewhere are welcome, with the intent of providing a forum where geoscience practitioners can learn how to effectively translate science into action Keynote speaker: A safe supply of potable water, a sustainable food supply and a wide range of other natural resources are required to attain this ambition and ensuring their availability draws heavily on geoscientific knowledge.

    This Symposium seeks to expose innovative ideas and projects, working both through the formal education system and informal community networks, that seek to raise geoscience awareness amongst the people.

    Testing Your Soil's pH Level

    Education is essential for facilitating responsible decision-making based on integration of moral and cultural values with social, environmental, technical and economic considerations. Low income countries are behind in development activities due to lack of good economic condition and properly educated human resources in geosciences. Large and wide varieties of fuel and non-fuel mineral, construction and industrial minerals are insufficient to satisfy growing demand because of substantial increase in consumption.

    A strong economy can be related to the growth of mineral based industries. Robust investment in this sector can become the main engine of an economy. The Symposium will attempt to formulate guidelines to address these issues. In many low-income countries the collection and dissemination of national geological data and information suffers from a lack of financial resources and trained personnel.

    This Symposium seeks examples of projects, both international and domestic, aimed at overcoming these difficulties and producing sustainable outcomes assuring the future provision of nationwide geological data and information.

    Lessons from the Past; Implications for the Future Coordinators: Abrupt and rapid climatic changes in the past provide valuable analogues for future potential changes, and can be used to explore the veracity of climate models. We are interested in contributions addressing climate model-paleoclimate data comparisons, climate sensitivity, ocean acidification, carbon cycle dynamics, geosphere-biosphere feedbacks, climate variability in a warmer world, multi-proxy approaches to climate-temperature-hydrology reconstructions, and polar ice sheets and sea-level change.

    Contributions from other important areas of paleoclimate research such as climate and tectonics are also welcome. In this Symposium, we seek to place the impact of anthropogenic climate change into the context of natural climate variability over the last 10, years. We particularly encourage contributions that utilise multiple proxy, high-resolution approaches to the study of ice core, terrestrial and marine sediment archives.

    This shelf region provides the key to understanding earliest human dispersal out of Africa, and subsequent dispersals to all the major land masses as well as earliest developments in seafaring and marine exploitation. Marine geologists, archaeologists and climatologists are invited to present and discuss results in this field of underwater paleoenvironmental investigation. SAYYED India The role of extreme weather events and enhanced climate variability is rapidly becoming a focus of concern for future climate change.

    Climate variability and the role of extreme events is, however, difficult to model and possible changes in climate state mean that modern climate records may be of limited use in predicting future variability. Geological archives provide a unique opportunity to investigate climate variability and extreme events under altered climate regimes.

    We seek novel contributions that address all areas of climate variability and extreme weather events. Despite differences in temporal and spatial resolution, ice, terrestrial and marine archives of past change are invaluable for depicting how Earth is likely to respond to temperature changes projected for the next few centuries.

    Papers centred on environmental change during interglacial periods of the lastyears are particularly welcome. Ninety five percent of the Cenozoic exhibited little to no bi-polar glaciation, in part due to high CO2.

    Yet the lessons gleaned from this pre-icehouse climate archive have not informed discussions of the future as much as they should. Contributions are sought that identify key patterns and processes that caused, maintained, perturbed, and modulated pre-Quaternary greenhouse climate conditions. For example, during the mid-Cretaceous atmospheric CO2 contents were times greater than the modern pre-industrial level. This topical Symposium will address the causes, processes, and consequences of rapid environmental changes in the Mesozoic-Paleogene greenhouse world, from both marine and terrestrial records.

    The proposed session will explore integrated approaches to palaeoclimate reconstructions fossils, proxies, modelscorrelation of the stratigraphic record of climate change, and cause-effect relationships within the ocean- atmosphere-biosphere Earth System during the Palaeozoic and Neoproterozoic.

    A rapid rise of land plants during the Middle Devonian which was coupled with strongly decreasing atmospheric CO2 values during the latest Devonian was followed by a complete reorganisation of ecosystems with tremendous consequences for marine communities at global scales. We are interested in contributions related to refinement of taxomomic identification and the increase in documentation of all fossil groups indicating terrestrial, neritic and pelagic marine environments during the Mid-Paleozoic for a better understanding of evolutionary trends in biodiversity during that time interval.

    Over the next years, an additional cubic kilometres of waste rocks and tailings will likely accumulate around the globe. This session will bring conference participants up to date with current environmental aspects of mining and highlight new frontiers.

    This session will focus on recently completed, or ongoing, geochemical mapping studies involving any of the above sample media. Although the primary focus of the session is on national- and global-scale geochemical mapping, we also welcome contributions from studies conducted at a more local or regional scale. The diversity of such data, along with its compositional nature closure problemcan create difficulties with the integration, evaluation and interpretation over large regions.

    However to understand the complex relationships between environment and health the collaboration of professionals in the fields of both medicine and geology is essential and this topic seeks presentations from people working in both these fields.

    Presentations addressing health issue such as those associated with: Such strata comprise cultural layers, landfills, waste management sites, abandoned industrial land, mine tailings, non-remediated pollution sites and other formations accumulated without proper environmental management, monitoring and treatment.

    These formations contain a variety of pollutants, are geotechnically weak, unstable and unpredictable and can be subject to severe liquefaction and landsliding during earthquakes. Therefore, man-made strata can have multiple problems and environmental implications, which must be better understood and managed.

    4Tel Pty Ltd

    Further details, including proposed sessions and convenors, are provided here. Digital mapping techniques and methodologies, digital data capture and digital workflows from field to output; digital cartography techniques and standards. New advances and methodological challenges in the analysis of spatial, time-dependent and compositional geoscience data.

    Application of geostatistical and geomathematical methodologies and tools to the interpretation of geochemical data, remotely sensed data, rock anisotropy, and climate data.

    Grand Hotel Monto

    Energy in a Carbon Constrained World Coordinators: Peter COOK pjcook co2crc. Symposia will explore issues and options for future energy use including: Topics to be covered include resource exploration; site selection for nuclear facilities, in particular for repositories for nuclear waste disposal; environmental remediation, and monitoring systems.

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    A special focus will be on geologic risks and uncertainties. Each of the options will be considered in a series of presentations and a panel discussion of leading experts to evaluate clean energy options for and beyond.

    Mineral Resources and Mining Coordinators: Although these metals, which include lithium and the rare earth elements, among others, have traditionally been niche markets, they are anticipated to become economically and strategically more important, and, hence, more attractive exploration targets. To provide a background on these important deposits, the program would include: Papers are invited on the following topics: A global movement to increase the standardisation of reporting codes is in progress.

    Similarly codes have been developed to guide the valuation of mineral prospects, discoveries and operations. This Symposium discusses these issues with case studies in reporting and valuation. The current status of international codes will be discussed and there will be a session on national reporting. Visualisation of models and estimation outcomes assists in the communication of key issues and risks to relevant stakeholders including mine planners and operators.

    This symposium will review recent advances in these areas through a series of focused case study presentations and papers discussing core skills development, leading edge technology, modelling techniques and estimation processes. These include mining geology analysis and best practice, advances in drilling technology and in-situ measurement, in-mine geophysics for resource definition at a mining scale, and geometallurgy to predict and plan for processing, throughput and product variability.

    In all these areas, sound data collection, analysis and geological understanding is the key to significant gains in operational performance. This will require high levels of automation and teleoperation. Such sensors exist, are emerging or are being researched.

    In addition, methods of presentation must be developed to provide the operator with the contextual perception necessary for operation. Even if the operator is not remote, this level of geo-sensor technology will be useful and will allow a transformation in the way mines are operated.

    These data, combined with automation technology will allow real-time sensing of an evolving excavation, mineral-tracking mining equipment, automated grade control and real-time upgrades to mine plans. This seminar will explore the requirements and state of the art of geologically intelligent mining process.

    This information is critical for land-use decisions, long and short-terms resource availability and for developing exploration programs and strategies for significant commodities such as rare-earth elements including scandium and yttrium lithium, chromium, cobalt, antimony. Papers are invited on methods, methodologies and case studies focusing on land-use decisions. Mineral Exploration Geoscience Coordinators: Indicative Symposia topics include: However, the characteristic footprints of many types of mineralised systems are not well documented at the district to regional scales, despite years of studies of individual ore deposits.

    This Symposium will consider the geological, geochemical and geophysical signatures, and their significance, of major mineralised systems from deposit through district to regional and crustal scales. The emphasis will be on signatures of practical application in exploration, and particularly those footprints useful in exploring covered terranes. Reports on studies of broad-scale hydrothermal effects and the associated signatures in geochemical, hyperspectral and geophysical datasets, will be welcome, as will be contributions on the structural and magmatic footprints of major mineralised systems.

    Talks will emphasise examples of the integration of these subdisciplines in targeting mineral and energy resources, and novel approaches in approaching the challenge of delineating future mineral districts.

    This Symposium will provide a forum to showcase recent developments in geophysical acquisition and processing techniques, modelling software, and application case histories. Case studies from various geochemical landscapes from the deeply weathered to the glaciated are invited. Symptoms of this problem have been a decrease in the discovery of tier one discoveries for a large range of commodities and a significant increase in the cost of discovery.

    The purpose of this Symposium is to document this problem and propose solutions. Topics to be considered include:
    The rich and significant contribution by German-speakers was covered up during and after WWI. Bilingual schools were closed. German-speaking Jewish refugees arriving in Australia were also interned. In Germany, much has been done to restore trusting relationships and outlaw racial prejudice.

    It is now a criminal offence in Germany to use symbols and greetings of the Nazi era, a fact of which Australian exchange students and tourists should be aware. The same symbols and greetings are offensive to the Australian Jewish community.

    He became the pre-eminent industrial and architectural photographer in Australia. Sievers was active in Australia, Germany and Austria with research into the emigration of war criminals to Australia from to In he was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1.

    Whilst Premier, he held a reception in his offices to honour the German National Day in October and made a speech outlining the contribution of German-speaking communities to Victoria over time. The Ambassador of Germany commented in his speech, that this was the first government - state or federal - who had hosted such an occasion. It as an excellent overview of German Australia and used as a reference on this site.

    This rose to 45, in The effect of two world wars reduced this number to '14,' in The numbers of German-born rose to ', in Memories in my Luggage - a website and book about the migration experience to Australia Descendants of all the German-born people live in Australia today.

    South Africa was the 10th largest group. Bilingual schools for German and English operated in Victoria in the early s until they were closed or prevented from using German after the beginning of the First World War. Speakers of German were regarded with great suspicion during both wars.

    More than Australians have been awarded this unique opportunity to have all expenses paid to live with a German family for 10 weeks and a trip to Berlin for the scholarship group. Sixteen scholarships were awarded to Victorian students in German has excellent retention rates at this level.

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    RMIT University has a successful industry experience program, where almost all of the companies are in German-speaking countries. See 'Where to learn German' undrer: Scholarships at University There are tertiary exchange programs for both German and Australian students.
    Each broadcasts television services in digital format, with analogue transmissions having been deactivated on 6 December Southern Cross Austereo has offices in the city with short local news updates airing on Channel 9 throughout the day, presented from studios in Canberra.

    Transport[ edit ] There is a suburban bus service operated by Bus Queensland Toowoomba throughout the city. This is a TransLink service. Stonestreets Coaches operate many school services in the city. There are frequent inter-city bus services between Toowoomba and Brisbane, and other centres operated by Greyhound Australia and Murrays.

    Toowoomba station has a twice-weekly rail service from Brisbane to Charleville and return on Queensland Rail 's The Westlander. Toowoomba is served by Toowoomba Wellcamp Airportwhich is serviced by QantasLinkAirnorth and Regional Express Airlineswith flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Townsville and destinations west of the city, but there is potential for services to Mackay and overseas.

    Toowoomba City Aerodrome is located in Toowoomba's outer suburbs. Toowoomba Base Hospitalwhich is a public hospital and one of the largest hospitals in regional Australia; a specialist psychiatric hospital called Baillie Henderson Hospital ; and two private hospitals: Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital and St. There is also the Toowoomba Hospice which is a community-based private healthcare facility which provides palliative care to the terminally ill.

    Water[ edit ] Toowoomba's third water storage Cressbrook Dam was completed in and supplied water to Toowoomba in It has a full capacity of about 80, megalitres 2. Toowoomba also sits above the eastern edge of the Great Artesian Basin and to the west underground water is available beneath unconsolidated alluvium.

    On 29 JulyToowoomba City Council conducted a poll of Toowoomba residents on the proposal to use this multi-barrier filtration system for filtering sewage for drinking purposes. The poll question was: This meant that despite dams reaching critical levels, the city rejected the use of recycled water in a plebiscite. Since the public rejection in of adding recycled sewage to the drinking water supply, water conservation measures have included harvesting stormwater for use in public parks and adding filtered groundwater to the town water supply.

    The city was under level 5 water restrictions as of 26 September This prohibits residents from using town water on their lawns, gardens or cars, and residents are strongly urged to cut down on water consumption. Many of the subartesian bores provided potable water with a reliable yield and have been developed into production however the artesian bore's water quality was very poor, prohibiting development as a potable source.

    In Januaryyield testing had been stalled due to the unavailability of appropriate pumping equipment. The Toowoomba Regional Council began supplementing the city's water supply with bore water from the Great Artesian Basin in September

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