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    Review Overview

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    Best of Vampirefreaks Events 2009-2016

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    Vampirefreaks dating site

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    Vampirefreaks dating site

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    Jul 21, Mr Owl wanted to visit Rome so we went there, have you been before? Stalin's Cannibal Island Jul 20, Gulags, the Holodomor- they were all breathtakingly awful. When it came being horrible, he was right up there with the very worst. Having said all that, and set the bar really incredibly low as a result, old Joe still managed to limbo under it with the Nazino Affair.

    Yes, even by Stalinist standards this was a particularly bad one. Our story begins in By this point, nine years after he had succeeded Lenin, Joe Stalin had built up quite a collection of political prisoners alongside the usual genuine criminals. Probably tortured a bit too, just to really rub in the injustice of the situation. There they were, all these hundreds of thousands of people locked up and being a serious bloody inconvenience- what was he supposed to do with them?

    Well, Stalin had a bit of a boner for Siberia. He was convinced that with a huge influx of manual labour Siberia could be turned into productive agricultural land that would feed and fuel Soviet growth. So nobody tried stopping it. As a result, many thousands of political prisoners were transported east to supply the necessary forced labour to carry out this deranged gardening experiment. In Aprilsome 25, arrived at the transit camp in the Siberian town of Tomsk, and immediately hit problems.

    The camp was incomplete and could contain only a fraction of the number that had turned up. Even when those running the camps considered things like food for the captives to be frivolous luxuries, it quickly became clear that the sheer quantity of arrivals was making absolutely every aspect of the plan unworkable.

    Fearing riots from the hungry prisoners, the local Party leaders started looking for secure areas that could be used as holding grounds And on the edge of Siberia there was a promising little holding ground, in the form of Nazino Island- a swampy islet about 3 km long and meters wide where the Nasina river meets the Ob. Being remote, and surrounded by nothing more than the harsh environment of the taiga, it was considered escape-proof- prisoners might get off the island, but their chances of surviving more than a few days were incredibly slim.

    In late spring ofsome already-starving prisoners were transported there, each provided with no more than a small bag of flour. No tools or fuel of any kind, just a bag of flour. As they had no means of cooking the flour, their only option was to drink it with river water, and within the first few days hundreds had died from dysentery. At first the guards maintained order through sheer, murderous brutality, but after a couple of weeks the situation got so far out of control that the prisoners were organising into gangs and fighting back, and the guards were forced into defensive positions by the starving survivors.

    By this point, with food stores exhausted and no means of producing food on the island, cannibalism became the norm. This is where the story becomes really grim, because the prisoners didn't have access to blades or tools, beyond the local sticks or reeds. The most effective tool they possessed was their teeth, and eye-witness accounts from survivors tell of victims being literally eaten alive.

    The guards would punish captured escapees by tying them to trees and allowing other prisoners to eat them alive.

    Vampirefreaks dating site

    The camp at Nazino was disbanded in June. Of the arrivals, were confirmed as dead while a further were missing and presumed dead. Having spectacularly failed to supply labour for the great transformation of Siberia, the Nazino Affair finally killed off the large-scale relocation of urban populations within the Soviet Union. Jul 19, In fact, the Victorians essentially invented the idea of the cemetery that we have today. In earlier years, communities in Great Britain and America generally buried their dead in churchyards—literally, the small plot of land surrounding a church, usually in the middle of town.

    However, as populations increased and urban centers started to become overcrowded with the living, let alone the dead, a new idea was born: Based on the ideals of Romanticism, a rural cemetery also called a garden cemetery is a sprawling, landscaped burial ground, built to resemble a park and located on the outskirts of dense city centers. They tend to feature meandering paths, artful statuary, and plenty of trees and other greenery.

    During the Victorian era, they became popular sites for tourism and public recreation, in addition to their primary function of housing the dead.

    The rural cemetery movement spread simultaneously across England and America, but in this post I wanted to focus on 5 particularly gorgeous examples in the U. It was built in and sits on the line between Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.

    The cemetery features an imposing main gate built in the Egyptian Revival style, a Gothic chapel, and a beautiful garden with a fountain. Among Mount Auburn's more well-known permanent residents are the cemetery's designer Jacob Bigelow, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth, the escaped slave and abolitionist Harriet Ann Jacob, and many of the prominent Boston Brahmins.

    Mount Auburn served as inspiration for many other cemeteries on both sides of the Atlantic throughout the following century. It is located in Brooklyn, New York, and has served as a popular leisure destination and ultimate destination for many New Yorkers, since long before the city's other green spaces were constructed.

    Vampire Freaks Haul

    At the main entrance to the cemetery are gorgeous Gothic Revival gates built by the prominent architect Richard Upjohn. The natural landscape consists of glacial ponds and rolling hills, full of wildlife and foliage.

    Popular destinations within the cemetery include the monuments for the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as famous grave sites like those of the gangster "Boss" Tweed, the composer Leonard Bernstein, and the stained-glass designer Louis Comfort Tiffany.

    The winding paths and cultivated greenery of Green-Wood Cemetery served as inspiration for New York's Central Park, which was built a few decades later. Green-wood offers regular tours and hosts all sorts of special events from movie nights to battle reenactments. Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum Ohio Rural cemeteries were by no means limited to the east coast. Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is located in Dayton, Ohio, and has been there since its establishment in Today it sits right next to the University of Dayton.

    The cemetery's chapel boasts a gorgeous example of an original Tiffany stained-glass window, and its mausoleum has a whole series of more modern stained glass depicting scenes from literature.

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    The most popular graves are those of the famous aviators Orville and Wilbur Wright, as well as that of the humorist Erma Bombeck who chose to be interred beneath a giant boulder. Directly inspired by Mount Auburn, Hollywood Cemetery was built in and named for the holly trees that dotted the landscape.

    Kisses Vampirefreaks

    This site contains the graves of two U. Hollywood Cemetery is also home to the legend of the Richmond Vampire—local folklore holds that a member of the undead resides in the mausoleum labeled "W.

    Pool" and occasionally ventures out to haunt the surrounding area. This one is located in the Bronx and was built inin the midst of the Civil War. It contains over 1, mausoleums located in distinctive circular lots with paths that spoke out to connect to the main walkways.

    There's always something going on at Woodlawn Cemetery, whether it be tours, concerts, or even a summer camp for kids. Have you ever visited a rural-style Victorian cemetery? Do you have a favorite that's not on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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