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    Yellow Fever 2

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    Yellow Fever (2006) - Re-Release Official

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    Tips For Asian Men Dating White Women

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    ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

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    Orange and red Sources - Rubatzsky and Banga. Also Carrot Museum's Curator research material Reference material is here.

    Red was often confused with purple. Orange carrots may have been around well before - see here. The above listing is a "best guess" as there is much conflicting evidence.

    Carrots were also probably White throughout these periods, often confused with Parsnips also white. There was and still is! The Latin name for the parsnip genus is thought to come from, meaning "food". This would further explain the historical confusion of the two vegetables, as well as offer a testament to how important they both were in the ancient diet.

    Early evidence Fossil pollen from the Eocene period 55 to 34 million years ago has been identified as belonging to the Apiaceae the carrot family. Almost five thousand years ago, carrots were firstly cultivated in the Iranian Plateau and then in Persian Empire.

    It should be noted, however, that there were no Afghanistan or Pakistan in those olden days and the Iranian Plateau a term which covers Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran must be considered as the land of origin for carrots.

    That Field may be an evidence for the long standing historical record of carrot recognition and cultivation in Iran. Very early evidence of the consumption of carrots seeds has also been found in prehistoric Swiss lake dwellings Brothwell and Brothwell, Temple drawings from Egypt in BC show a purple plant, which some Egyptologists believe to be a purple carrot.

    Egyptian papyruses containing information about treatments with seeds were found in pharaoh crypts, but there is no direct carrot reference. The Carrot Museum has visited several tomb paintings in the Valleys of Luxor and some images are compelling. It known that ancient Egyptians did use other members of the Apiaceae family carrot including anise, celery and coriander. None of these plants would have been used as root crops, but were rather leaf, petiole or seed crops.

    Several books on the subject make conjecture about this but there is never proper documentary evidence that the Egyptians grew or ate carrots.

    They're All So Beautiful: Episode 1: What is "Yellow Fever"?

    Many colourful varieties were later found in Asia and there is also evidence of their use in Greece during the Hellenistic period. However, it is not known whether or not the Egyptians or Greeks cultivated a very edible plant or if they only grew wild carrots for their seeds. Mostly they were used medicinally. It likewise found a place as a medicinal plant in the g ardens of ancient Rome, where it was used as an aphrodisiac and in some cases as part of a concoction to prevent poisoning.

    Mithridates VI, King of Pontius bcbc had a recipe including Cretan carrots seeds, which actually worked!

    TOKYO (8 p.m.)

    Carrots were said to be recognized as one of the plants in the garden of the Egyptian king Merodach-Baladan in the eighth century B. C, once again there is no documentary evidence for this although many plants shown on the clay tablets held in the British Museum remain to be identified. The Carrot was well known to the ancients. It was written about the year It was destined to be one of the most famous books on pharmacology and medicine but is also rich in horticulture.

    This non-illustrated work contained descriptions of about plants, 35 animal products, and 90 minerals emphasizing their medicinal uses. Illustrated by a Byzantine in A. Dioscorides wrote "Ye root ye thickness of a finger, a span long, sweet-smelling, edible being sodden [boiled].

    Of this ye seed being drank It cooperates also to conception, and it also being [diuretic], both provoketh [poison], and being applied; but the leaves being beaten small with honey, and laid on, doth cleanse rapidly spreading destructive ulceration of soft tissues. Carrot was mentioned by Greek and Latin writers by various names, but it was Galen circa second century A. The common resemblance of many umbelliferous plants leads us to suspect that they were imperfectly distinguished by the ancients and therefore descriptions of plants could be applied to several very similar plants.

    Carrot and parsnip in particular have often been confused in historical references and in many cases were interchangeable, as those early carrots which were "dirty white" were very similar in looks at least to parsnip. They are of course from the same family. In classical and mediaeval writings both vegetables seem to have been sometimes called pastinaca yet each vegetable appears to be well under cultivation in Roman times.

    Since in many cases only the written word exists, if the Medieval writer called the plants "pastinaca", it is difficult to know if they were referring to carrots or parsnips. Throughout the Classical Period and the Middle Ages writers constantly confused carrots and parsnips. This may seem odd given that the average carrot is about six inches long and bright orange while a parsnip is off white and can grow 3 feet, but this distinction was much less obvious before early modern plant breeders got to work.

    The orange carrot became established in the 's probably in the Low Countries.


    Its original colour varied between dirty white and purple. Both vegetables have also got much fatter and fleshier in recent centuries, and parsnips may have been bred to be longer as well. In other words early medieval carrots and parsnips were both thin and woody and mostly of a vaguely whitish colour.

    This being the case, almost everyone up to the early modern period can perhaps be forgiven for failing to distinguish between the two, however frustrating this may be for the food or agriculture historian. See separate page showing illustrations from ancient manuscripts.

    After the fall of Rome, a period often referred to as the Dark Ages, carrots stopped being widely seen or at least recorded in Europe until the Arabs reintroduced them to Europe in the Middle Ages around Scribes continued to reproduce and embellish previous manuscripts, rather than observing and representing the existing contemporary native plants.

    The Greek Herbal of Dioscorides: Modern research has shown that there are two distinct groups of cultivated carrots from which the modern orange carrot derives, these are distinguished by their root colours and features of the leaves and flowers.

    The greatest diversity of these carrots is found in Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and India. These are possible centers of domestication, which took place around the 10th century. Eastern carrot was probably spread by Moorish invaders via Northern Africa to Spain in the 12th century. It is considered that the purple carrot was brought westward as far as the Arab countries from Afghanistan where the purple carrots of antiquity are still grown. Anthocyanin carrots are still under cultivation in Asia, but are being rapidly replaced by orange rooted Western carrots.

    Western or carotene carrot - identified by its yellow, orange, white or red unbranched root and yellowish green leaves more clearly dissected and slightly hairy. It is likely these carrots derived from the Eastern group by selection among hybrid progenies of yellow Eastern carrots, white carrots and wild subspecies grown in the Mediterranean.

    The first two originated by mutation. It is thought that Western carrots may have originated later in Asia Minor, around Turkey and could have formed from a mutant which removed the anthocyanin purple colour.

    Carotene carrots are relatively recent, from the 16th and 17th centuries. Orange carrots were probably first cultivated in the Netherlands. Our present cultivars seem to originate from long orange varieties developed there. Adaptation to northern latitudes has been accompanied by change in photoperiod response. The physiological reaction of organisms to the length of day or night.

    The origin of the cultivated carrot is clearly acknowledged to be purple and in the Afghanistan region mainly because it was known to exist there well before reliable literature references or paintings gave evidence of Western carotene carrots. It is thought the carotene carrot was domesticated in the regions around Turkey.

    The precise date is not known but thought to be before the 8th century. The purple carrot spread into the Mediterranean in the 10th century where it is thought a yellow mutant appeared. The purple and yellow carrots both gradually spread into Europe in subsequent centuries.

    It is considered that the white carrot is also a mutant of yellow varieties. It is now proved through modern genetic study that humans made selections from a gene pool involving yellow rooted eastern carrots.

    Some scholars think that orange carrots did not to appear until the 16th century, although there is a Byzantine manuscript of ad, and an 11th century illuminated script, both of which depict an orange rooted carrot, and suggesting it was around long before see photo above. It is known that purple or red and yellow carrots were cultivated in Iran and Arabia in the 10th century and in Syria in the 11th.

    By the 12th century carrots were reported in Spain, followed by Italy in the 13th, France, Germany and Holland by the 14th century. English sightings occur in the 15th century.

    Throughout the Medieval writings, carrots are confused with parsnips. When Linnaeus created scientific names, he called carrots Daucus carota and parsnips Pastinaca sativa, so the two are clearly different. Before Linnaeus, however, Pastinaca sativa was used for both plants. Fuchs in described red and yellow garden carrots and wild carrots, but names them all Pastinaca Meyer Trueblood and Heller Gerard uses the English name carrot, but calls it Pastinaca in Latin: Gerard distinguishes parsnips from carrots and calling the parsnip Pastinaca latifolia sativa and P.

    Gerard notes the name similarity and is dissatisfied with it. He gives daucus as a name for carrot in Galen, but notes that many Roman writers called it pastinaca or other names. The plants were not confused on purpose, but since we have in many cases, only the written word, if the Medieval writer referred to "pastinaca", it is impossible to know if they were carrots or parsnips.

    There was rarely any mention of colour or taste which would have helped the modern researcher to distinguish the two plant relatives. Many 16th century herbalists made reference to the cultivation and use of carrot roots and seeds, including its efficacy against the bites of venomous beasts and a whole manner of stomach ailments.

    North America, particularly the parts that would become the Thirteen Colonies, got its carrots somewhat later, with the arrival of the first English settlers in Virginia in When the English moved into Australia incarrots were with them there, as well. History of carrots in the USA here. The modern orange carrot was developed and stabilised by Dutch growers in the 16th century, evidenced from variety names and contemporary art works.

    Art pages start here. A tale, probably apocryphal, has it that the orange carrot was bred in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century to honour William of Orange. Though the orange carrot does appear to date from the Netherlands in the sixteenth century, it is unlikely that honouring William of Orange had anything to do with it!

    Some astute historian managed to install the myth that the arboriculturist's work on an unexpected mutation was developed especially to give thanks to King William I as a tribute to him leading the Dutch revolt against the Spanish to gain independence from Spain. There is no documentary evidence for this story! The purple carrots being consumed at the same time, not only stained cookware and appeared quite unsightly, they did not taste as good as orange carrots, and so the orange rooted varieties came to dominate the culinary world.

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