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    Subscribe to Fortune Fortune Magazine -- You wouldn't think the men who run the oil-rich country of Nigeria would have much spring in their step these days. The nation is plagued by a never-ending guerrilla war, one that has trimmed the country's oil production to two-thirds of its potential capacity.

    CNOOC CEOone of China's three largest oil companies, is trying to pick off some of the licenses; indeed, the Beijing-based company wants to secure no less than one-sixth of the African nation's production. Tanimu Yakubu, an economic adviser to the Nigerian President, recently told the Financial Times that the Chinese company is "really offering multiples of what the existing producers are pledging [for licenses].

    Natural gas in Iran. Iron ore in Australia. China's hunt for natural resources around the globe, which began in earnest earlier this decade, has intensified as never before.

    Yes, China still lags the U. Yet in many ways, China has only begun. And it won't stop anytime soon. Though still focused mainly on the natural resources that power its economy, China is now, slowly but surely, broadening its foreign-investment horizons. Both the government and private firms are beginning to look beyond the developing world for assets. Already the Chinese have bought stakes in foreign banks, utilities, and semiconductor companies.

    This is a hugely consequential step, both for China and for the global economy. In the first decade of the 21st century, China established itself as the world's workshop. The next decade if things go right could see China emerge as the world's leading exporter of capital. As Daniel Rosen, the coauthor of a recent study on China's foreign investment and a principal at the Rhodium Group, a New York City consultancy, puts it, "Increasing foreign direct investment is the next critical step in China's integration into the global economy.

    China's recycling of the dollars it earns via its trade surpluses is a key part of the "rebalancing" of China's economy that everyone knows needs to occur. China saves too much, consumes too little, and has been overly reliant on exports to fuel its economic growth. Neither is sustainable, and indeed, policymakers in China have already begun to rein in the surge in bank lending.

    Make no mistake, the way Beijing has generated growth inhowever impressive it may look from afar, will prove to be an aberration.

    Once this period of crisis passes, China has no choice but to confront the necessity to drive up household incomes and private consumption. This macroeconomic adjustment will, among other things, require a stronger renminbi to boost the Chinese consumer's purchasing power. A more valuable currency will also make foreign assets cheaper for acquisitions, driving microeconomic decisions at the company level.

    From factory to owner The implications for Chinese companies are huge. Becoming the world's factory has pretty much taken China's economy as far as it can. As consultant Rosen puts it, "For a lot of Chinese companies, domestic economies of scale are now maxed out.

    Chinese companies need to become Nike, Mattel, and Magna. They need, in consultant-speak, to move up the value chain. Another reason the Chinese are buying stakes in foreign companies -- or buying them outright -- is that so few domestic companies have experience operating in the U.

    Everything -- from the regulatory and legal environments to auditing and consumer safety standards -- is alien to the Chinese. Arguably the most painless mode of entry for them is outright acquisition. Lenovo had a dominant position in PCs at home but little presence abroad. The acquisition changed that instantly. Lenovo has since worked hard to maintain the image of a global, as opposed to a Chinese, company.

    This process, which China has called its "going out" strategy, will not happen overnight. But make no mistake, it is gaining momentum.

    Take Geely, for example, an ambitious, privately owned automaker based in Hangzhou, a city just south of Shanghai. A deal may or may not happen of late Volvo's management has been throwing cold water on the idea.

    But the interest shown by a credible Chinese company in wanting to buy a big, established brand abroad should not be ignored. It's a signpost to the future. Real estate fever A big part of that future will involve China investing in financial assets and real estate. Look only at the number of trips that the world's leading hedge fund managers have been making to Beijing this year. They go for the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks, but they arrive at the headquarters of CIC as supplicants on bended knee, desperate for investable capital in the one place in the world where that is very much in surplus.

    CIC itself, in one of its first investments, bought a 9. The Chinese have already learned from bitter experience that investment abroad is not always win-win. Far from it, in fact. The effort triggered opposition in Washington -- some congressmen questioned the wisdom of letting a big American oil company get taken over by a partially state-owned company from a country that, while not an enemy of the U.

    As China's state-owned companies increase their foreign investments, expect repeats of the Unocal case. At a time when trade tensions with Beijing are rising in the wake of President Obama's decision to slap tariffs on Chinese-made tiresthe cry of the trade hawks is easy to anticipate: Chinese state-owned companies can buy our assets here, but can we turn around and buy a state-owned company in China?

    The answer is no, but that doesn't mean the U. Washington needs to set clear guidelines for Chinese investment. Because the Chinese have more dollars than they know what to do with, and economies benefit when both goods and capital flow freely across borders.

    If the Chinese want to park more of their money in American assets besides Treasury billswhy wouldn't we open our pockets and take it?
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