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    Il più grande concorso enologico internazionale in Nord America

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    Top 5 Best free online dating chat canada

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    TM Main Page banners

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    Moodle Opensource learning platform

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    Tweet Pin Raise your hand if you've been dying to take cooking classes, but you find yourself way too busy to actually attend IRL. Us, too — but enter online cooking classes. Many of them are free and perfect for people who need to learn new skills without leaving the house.

    Here are 18 of the best cooking classes out there. Gordon Ramsay's Masterclass Chef and Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay takes you into his kitchen and guides you through 20 exclusive video lessons. Udemy classes Udemy offers 65, online courses, including plenty of food-related and culinary courses. For instance, you can learn how to make craft beer at hometake a healthy living with "no oil" recipes course or learn how to make quick and easy Asian meals.

    Prices vary at Udemy 3. Top Chef University This interactive course is created by professional chefs and taught by 11 former Top Chef contestants. The app gives you access to 28 hand-picked lesson videos with more than three hours of instruction.

    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

    The Kitchn's Cooking School The Kitchn's Cooking School is a day, lesson program where students tackle an essential cooking topic each day. You'll even have homework! Free to join at The Kitchn 5. Food Techniques BBC has a nice selection of cooking videos for people with a variety of skill levels. Don't know how to cut an onion? There's a class for that. But there are also classes on advanced techniques.

    Free at BBC 6. Chef2Chef Cooking Basics Class If you do better with text than videos, check out the Cooking Basics lessons, with two bonus advanced cooking techniques courses. Free at Chef2Chef 7. Free at The New York Times 8. Gluten-Free Baking Academy This bake-it-at-home course offers 18 video lessons and six start-to-finish baking videos organized into four weekly modules. You'll get the tools, recipes and know-how to bake right in your own kitchen.

    Prices vary at Gluten-Free Baking Academy 9. America's Test Kitchen America's Test Kitchen classes are a lot like Good Eats without the silliness unfortunatelybut they're very detailed and teach you the perfect way to make anything as tested sometimes several hundred times by the America's Test Kitchen chefs. The site also has literally hundreds of free videos to teach basic cooking techniques as well as paid cooking school classes.

    Kitchen Chemistry Most people associate MIT with building those intense robots that rip each other apart in a ring, but MIT also posts online versions of real classes, including one called Kitchen Chemistry. Free at MIT Delia Online Cookery School Delia Online features a host of cooking technique articles of varying levels of difficulty.

    Each lesson has step-by-step instructions with photos. Free at Delia Online Craftsy Cake Decorating and Food and Cooking Classes Craftsy is an online learning site where students can buy classes in a variety of fun disciplines, including cake decorating and cooking classes.

    Prices vary at Craftsy Rouxbe Cooking School Rouxbe provides courses in which students get lessons and practice recipes, exercises and more to help them learn to cook. Free at Better Homes and Gardens Foodist Kitchen Learn to cook in a month-long cooking boot camp. This is literally a class for beginners, starting with classes in developing the habit of cooking, keeping the kitchen stocked and grocery shopping. Healthy Baking Bootcamp gluten- soy- dairy- and sugar-free If you have a food allergy but don't want to live life without your baked favorites, check out this healthy online cooking class.
    There are 22 publicly funded universities in the Canadian province of Ontario that are post-secondary education institutions with degree-granting authority.

    Ontario also has 24 publicly funded collegesmost referred to as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and five as Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning, all of which are commonly referred to as colleges. The University of Toronto was established in making it the oldest university in Ontario. The newest University in Ontario is Algoma Universitywhich was established in after gaining independence from Laurentian University. The largest university in terms of enrolment is the University of Toronto, which has campuses in three locations.

    York Universityin Toronto has overstudents, the second largest university in terms of enrolment. Prince Edward Island[ edit ] See also: The institution resulted from an amalgamation of Prince of Wales Collegea former university college founded inand Saint Dunstan's Universityfounded in McGill University is the oldest anglophone university in the province of Quebec.

    By means of legislation or constitutional charters, lawmakers have granted each university the freedom to define its own curriculum and develop its own teaching and research programs.

    The university has full responsibility for setting admission standards and enrolment requirements, awarding degrees and recruiting its personnel. Of the eighteen universities, three are anglophone: The rest are francophone: The most recent institutions are: Higher education in Saskatchewan The University of Saskatchewan holds the highest enrolment numbers out of any university in the province.

    There are three universities in Saskatchewan. The University of Saskatchewan is the oldest university in the province, founded inand the First Nations University of Canada is the newest, established in Accreditation[ edit ] Canada is the only developed country without an accreditation system to assess the quality of post-secondary schools, such as the United States' network of national and regional accreditation organizations.

    Maclean's annual Canadian university rankings is a good place to start comparing different universities. Several other magazines like Times Magazine also regularly publish rankings.

    Athabasca in became one of the first Canadian universities to receive American accreditation, when the Middle States Commission on Higher Education approved its application. According to Simon Fraser, US accreditation will "simplify our relationships with US institutions, including government, foundations and collegiate sports associations", and "enhance the value of an SFU degree for alumni abroad and for international students returning home".
    Down to Earth Surface conditions of the planets Venus and Mars are compared with those of Earth, and scenes of Earth's living landscapes lead into a discussion of how unique Earth truly is.

    Major topics addressed in the series, including plate tectonics, natural resources, seismology, and erosion, are introduced in this program. However, this notion changed dramatically over time, especially after the invention of the telescope. This program traces the development of astronomical theory with discussions of the discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton.

    Unique characteristics of Earth are also discussed. This program introduces the topic of geophysics, exploring methods of studying what lies beneath Earth's surface.

    Geophysicists use seismic wave studies, variations in temperature, magnetic fields, gravity, and computer simulations to create models of deep structures. The Sea Floor The mysteries of the ocean floor lie hidden under enormous pressure and total darkness.

    This program looks at the research submersibles and indirect methods used to study the bottom of the sea, providing a glimpse of volcanic activity, formations such as the continental shelf and mid-ocean ridges, and life forms that thrive at extreme depths.

    The Birth of a Theory In the s, earth scientists developed the theory of plate tectonics. This program traces the development of plate tectonics, beginning with the contributions and methods of geologist Alfred Wegener.

    Sea-floor spreading, continental drift, paleomagnetism, and the primordial supercontinent Pangaea are some of the topics covered.

    The program covers convergent boundaries, subduction, hotspots, and the debate over what drives plate motion. Mountain Building This program erodes the myth of the mountain as a solid, permanent structure. Animations are used to illustrate the process of orogeny mountain building through accretion and erosion, as well as the role of plate tectonics, the rock cycle, and how different types of rock are formed in the course of mountain building. Earth's Structures A visit to the Grand Canyon lays the foundation for this exploration of rock layers and deformation.

    The program covers sedimentation, major structures, the methods used to examine them, and how petroleum may be trapped inside them. It also looks at tectonic force and the different types of stress involved in the formation of geologic structures.

    Earthquakes Showing actual footage of earthquakes and their aftermath, this program discusses the forces that fuel these massive events. Faults, waves, and the transfer of energy from the epicenter are explained, and histories of the seismograph and Richter scale are presented. Geologic Time To illustrate the immensity of geologic time, the entire span of Earth's existence is compressed down to a year.

    Update On Special Youth Pilgrimage Recently Authorized by Pope Francis

    The timeline of major geologic events is superimposed onto the year for a condensed view of Earth's evolution. A relationship between this timeline and that of life on Earth is established, with fossils and radiocarbon dating playing a major role in the discovery.

    Evolution Through Time The fossil record reveals much about the diversity and development of species. This program examines the traces left by early plants, animals, and single-celled organisms and follows the progression of life forms over time.

    Connections are drawn between atmospheric gases, climate change, rock formation, biological functions, and mass extinctions. The Materials of Earth Minerals have been indispensable to human civilization.

    This program looks at the variety of minerals, their atomic and crystalline structures, and their physical properties such as hardness and luster. Petrologists' methods of sectioning rocks are shown, and gems, precious metals, ore excavation, and the value of silicates are discussed. Volcanism Volcanoes provide clues about what is going on inside Earth. Animations illustrate volcanic processes and how plate boundaries are related to volcanism.

    Moodle Opensource learning platform

    The program also surveys the various types of eruptions, craters, cones and vents, lava domes, magma, and volcanic rock. The eruption of Mount St. Helens serves as one example. Intrusive Igneous Rocks Most magma does not extrude onto Earth's surface but cools slowly deep inside Earth. This magma seeps into crevices in existing rock to form intrusive igneous rocks.

    Experts provide a graphic illustration of this process and explain the types and textures of rocks such as granite, obsidian, and quartz. Once again, plate tectonics is shown to be involved in the process. Weathering and Soils The Cleopatra's Needle obelisk in New York City's Central Park is severely weathered after only 75 years, whereas the dry climate of Egypt has preserved similar structures in that country for millennia.

    This program shows how weather, climate, chemicals, temperature, and type of substrate factor into rock and soil erosion. Environmental connections are also considered.

    Community driven, globally supported.

    Various factors in mass wasting, including the rock's effective strength and pore spaces, are discussed, as are different types of mass wasting such as creep, slump, and landslides. Images of an actual landslide illustrate the phenomenon.

    The movement of sediment and its deposition are covered, and the processes of lithification, compaction, and cementation that produce sedimentary rocks are explained. Organic components of rock are also discussed.

    Best Dating Sites in Canada

    Metamorphic Rocks The weight of a mountain creates enough pressure to recrystallize rock, thus creating metamorphic rocks. The relationship of metamorphic rock to plate tectonics is also covered. Rivers, Erosion and Deposition Rivers are the most common land feature on Earth and play a vital role in the sculpting of land. Aspects of flooding are also discussed. This program focuses on how such carving takes place over time, looking at erosion and deposition processes as they relate to river characteristics and type of rock.

    The evolution of rivers is covered, along with efforts to prevent harmful consequences to humans.

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