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  • Greatest Hits of Haggis

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    11 things you can still get for free on an airplane

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    2018 Scottish Isles & Glens - 13 Days/12 Nights

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    The night of the incident, the group had set up camp on a slope, enjoyed dinner, and prepared for sleep—but something went catastrophically wrong because the group never returned.

    Surrounding the area were footprints left by the group, some wearing socks, some wearing a single shoe, some barefoot, all of which continued to the edge of a nearby wood. The scene bore marks of death by hypothermiabut as medical examiners inventoried the bodies, as well as the other seven that were discovered over the months that followed, hypothermia no longer made sense.

    In fact, the evidence made no sense at all. One body had evidence of a blunt force trauma consistent with a brutal assault; another had third-degree burns; one had been vomiting blood; one was missing a tongue, and some of their clothing was found to be radioactive. It was found to be seaworthy and with its cargo fully intact, except for a lifeboat, which it appeared had been boarded in an orderly fashion. We may never know because no one on board was ever heard from again.

    Supplies on board were ample enough for six months, and luxurious—including a sewing machine and an upright piano. Theories over the years have included mutiny, pirate attack, and an assault by a giant octopus or sea monster.

    In recent years, scientists have posed the theory that fumes from alcohol on board caused an explosion that, as a result of a scientific anomaly, did not leave behind signs of burning—but was terrifying enough that Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat. Who and where is DB Cooper? He was described by passengers and flight attendants as a man in his mids, wearing a dark suit, black tie with a mother-of-pearl tie-clip, and a neatly-pressed white collared shirt.

    He took his seat, lit a cigarette, and politely ordered a bourbon and soda, for which he paid cash.

    The Food Timeline history notesstate foods

    The flight attendant brought the demands to the captain. The other passengers had no idea what was happening, having been told that landing was delayed due to mechanical difficulties. During refueling, Cooper outlined his plan to the crew: Two hours later, the plane took off. No parachute was found, and the ransom money was never used.

    Ina young boy on vacation with his family in Oregon found several packets of the ransom money identifiable by serial numberleading to an intense search of the area for Cooper or his remains. Nothing was ever found. What is Area 51? Based on historical evidenceit would appear that Area 51 supports the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons.

    The intense secrecy surrounding Area 51 has sparked rumors that the government uses it to house crashed UFOs and conduct lab tests on aliens. Well, then you disagree with these celebrities, all of whom are certain that UFOs are out there. Other theories about what Area 51 is used for include: Where these theories come from is as much a mystery as Area 51, itself, but one thing is certain: At one point, conspiracy theorists believed the moon landing in had been faked.

    If you want to be spooked out by more unsolved mysteries, read these science mysteries no one has figured out. What is the Voynich Manuscript? It is believed to have been intended as a medical text. The manuscript changed hands for centuries until it was purchased by Voynich, who posited that it was authored by Albertus Magnus an alchemist or Roger Bacon an early scientist.

    However, some believe that Voynich fabricated the manuscript and its history all by himself.

    The Food Timeline history notesstate foods

    Various other hoaxes have been proposed over the years. Centuries after its first alleged discovery, the Voynich Manuscript remains as impenetrable and inexplicable as ever. Did you know that Walt Disney left behind a cryptic note when he died?

    Do the Pollock Sisters prove reincarnation? Although scientists tend to poo-poo the possibility, every once in a while, an unsolved mystery comes around that is so compelling and otherwise unexplainable that it gives even scientists pause. That is what we have in the story of the Pollack sisters.

    Intwo young English sisters, Joanna Pollock, 11, and Jacqueline Pollock, 6, died in a tragic car accident. One year later, their mother gave birth to twins, Gillian and Jennifer.

    After the twins turned five, these incidents became less frequent, and the girls went on to lead normal lives. Still, the story of the Pollock Sisters made its way to Dr.

    Ian Stevenson —a psychologist who studied reincarnation. After studying thousands of supposed cases, Dr. Stevenson wrote a book telling of 14 he believed to have been real, including that of the Pollock Sisters. Where are the Sodder children? George and Jennie Sodder of West Virginia were forced to cope not only with the immeasurable loss of their children but also with the mysterious circumstances surrounding that loss.

    The Food Timeline history notesstate foods

    After the Sodder home burned to the ground on the night before Christmas infive of the ten Sodder children were still alive and accounted for. But what about the other five? From all accounts, it would seem that they had vanished into thin air. What really happened to young Walter Collins? Single mom Christine Collins reported her nine-year-old son, Walter, missing in March from their home in Los Angeles. Whatever happened to Walter Collins, his body was never found, and no one ever learned what really happened.

    Apparently, Paula had not returned home for Thanksgiving the week prior, and she may have been distraught about a disagreement with her father. The lighthouse was manned by a three-person team Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthurwith a fourth man rotating in from shore. On Boxing Day December 26 ofthe relief keeper arrived to find none of the lighthouse keepers present. The only sign that anything was amiss was an overturned chair near the kitchen table.

    No bodies were ever found, which has led to endless speculation. Theories range from drownings to abduction by foreign spies, a ghost ship, or a giant sea monster. Whatever happened back in December at the Flannan Isles Lighthouse, we may never know. But here are 42 water safety tips that lifeguards desperately want you to know.

    A perfect spot for unsolved mysteries. Since the early s, some 50 canines have perished, and hundreds more have jumped but survived, reports Slate via their Atlas Obscura blogwith some returning for a second leap onto the jagged rocks 50 feet below.

    The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has sent representatives to investigate but to no avail. In terms of scientific truth, it is debatable, if not incredibly unlikely that dogs are capable of forming an intent to die.

    Yet, something is luring dogs off that bridge, often from the very same spot, and always on sunny, dry days. Whatever is causing this phenomenon, dog owners would be wise to take heed and keep their dogs on leashes. Here are some unbelievable facts you probably never knew about your own dog.

    Those who have seen the Big Grey Man describe it as extremely tall over 10 feet and human-like, with short hair, broad shoulders, and long arms. Nearly all reports of sightings include the sound of gravel crunching beneath footfalls. White left for more supplies, but on his return three years later, found the colony meticulously abandoned, with all houses and fortifications dismantled with care.

    White took this to mean that the colonists had moved to Croatoan Island now known as Hatteras. Ensuing investigations turned up claims that the colonists had been slaughtered by the Powhatan tribe, but there is no archaeological evidence of this, and a recent re-examination of the primary sources indicates that any massacre that occurred was not of this particular group of colonists, but rather a group of colonists who had arrived earlier.

    More enduring theories involve integration between the colonists and the Croatoans or other local tribes, but so far, no DNA evidence has positively identified any descendants of the colony. The letters, postmarked from Columbus, were invasive and accusatory, highlighting a supposed affair between school bus driver Mary Gillespie, and the school superintendent.

    Bythe husband was dead, the result of a suspicious one-car crash involving shots fired. When the Sheriff ruled the death an accident, however, residents began receiving letters accusing the Sheriff of a cover-up. Even with Freshour in prison, however, the letters continued.

    You Know You Are Dating a (Northern) ENGLISH Woman When...

    He even received one himself. InFreshour was released, and he maintained his innocence until his death in The true identity of the Circleville Letter Writer remains unknown. Some still believe it was Freshour. Others believe it was Mary, herself, and that she used the letters to concoct and support the perfect murder of her own husband. Thus, scientists can only surmise what may have happened, which may be that an asteroid exploded over the earth, and the destruction that ensued beneath it in Siberia was the result of after-effects.

    The multinational search effort, the largest in aviation history, has turned up a mere 20 pieces of aircraft debris. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has declined to comment other than to say that the aircraft disappeared over the Indian Ocean.
    From day trips to unique inns and full service resorts for families with kidswe've included weekend getaways from NYC for all budgets.

    If you are looking for ideas from other cities, we've already written about best weekend getaways on the East Coast and in the United States. The property is just 45 minutes north of Manhattan which means that you can easily visit the spa on a day trip. Have a romantic dinner at the award-winning Equus, and take a stroll in the woods. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, fitness center, and offers luxurious in-room spa services for additional relaxation on your weekend trip.

    Browse more quick weekend getaways. There are guestrooms and suites, including twenty-two Executive Suites and two Presidential Suites. All rooms have inch flat-screen TVs with Direct TV and HBO, large work desks, oversized bathrooms with hair dryers and heat lamps, voice mail, Keurig coffee machines, irons, and high-speed internet. You can choose from double beds, queen, or king beds. You can also get a room with a fridge or crib.

    Surrounded by undulating farmlands in Mattituck, NY, this beautifully restored farmhouse offers a tranquil and secluded escape from the city. Four well-appointed guestrooms are spacious and light, with antique pine floors and modern en-suite bathrooms with deluxe amenities. Start the day with a sumptuous farmhouse breakfast in the sunny breakfast room overlooking the vineyards, where a huge table is laden with seasonal creations and homemade delights, such as freshly baked scones, savory biscuits and slow-cooked eggs.

    Spend the day exploring the farm - stroll through the vineyards or take a scenic bike ride down Oregon Road. Mattituck offers a variety of museums, theaters and outdoor activities, including fishing, sailing, horseback riding, and kayaking.

    Surrounded by acres of manicured gardens on the Belle Haven peninsula in Greenwich, this timeless boutique hotel epitomizes elegance and sophistication. The hotel is home to the renowned four-star Thomas Henkelmann Restaurant, famed for its exceptional contemporary French cuisine and seasonal specialties. Two private dining rooms are available for special occasions and the extensive wine list will delight wine-lovers and aficionados alike.

    Best Finger Lakes Trips.

    Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang

    Accommodation options include individually decorated guest rooms, historic cottages and houses. If you are looking for privacy, ask about the Treehouse, a s bungalow surrounded by trees and views of Lake Champlain.

    Scotland Dating Scotland Singles Scotland Personals

    The Shelburne Farms campus is made up of several distinct areas, including the Farm Barn which houses the Children's Farmyard, an organic bakery, cheesemaking facility, a furniture maker and an elementary school.

    The Solar Orchard behind the Coach Barn generates enough power for 25 houses, in line with the farm's commitment to renewable energy. The Jarves Suites have romantic hand-carved beds, gas fireplaces, oversized whirlpool tubs, and heated tile floors.

    Amenities include eco-friendly count cotton triple sheeting, micro-fiber bathrobes, and Olive Branch Botanical bath products. Just one hour from Boston and four and a half hours from New York, the inn is a relaxing getaway from the city. Relax at the Beach Plum Spa with a massage, body treatment, manicure or pedicure. In the summer, swim laps in the outdoor pool which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, or rejuvenate in the heated whirlpool.

    The restaurant serves traditional favorites such as filet mignon and tender prime rib in four different dining rooms. The Music and Webster Rooms are candle-lit, and the Conservatory serves meals in the sun or moonlight.

    Best Romantic Weekend Trips in Vermont. The resort is situated on 2, acres with holes of championship golf, a acre sporting facility and an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing school. The Adventure Center offers many fun activities for the whole family, including an animal nursery where you can see tigers and black bears. There is also horseback riding, daily art tours of the multi-million dollar Hardy Family Art Collection, cooking classes, wine tasting and 14 boutique shops.

    Head to the indoor kids' pool, just three feet deep, with your younger children. Or play on water slides at the Paradise Pool. The Sundial Lodge can keep the whole family entertained for hours on end with its winter activities, bowling, arcade games, a retail shop and Adventure Headquarters.

    Families who want the option of preparing their own meals on vacation can rent a Townhome with a full kitchen or one of the Luxury Homes. The inn is set on Gull Hill in the town's charming West End. The property has beautiful gardens which are in full bloom during the warmer season. Take romantic walks through the garden, have a cup of tea surrounded by flowers, and stroll on the beach just steps from the inn.

    Activities include dune tours, biking, trolley tours, sailing and whale watching. If you are planning a romantic trip, book the Bay Tower room which has soaring ceilings and panoramic ocean views.

    If it wasn't for the lavish decor and art, you would feel like you are sleeping in a lighthouse high above the ocean. The Tower Room has two decks for relaxing outdoors with a view. Guest rooms overlook the water and are individually furnished in different styles.

    Weekend on Nantucket Famous for its picturesque beaches, pretty lighthouses, and historic homes, the small and beautiful island of Nantucket off the coast of Cape Cod offers a peaceful and relaxing escape. A wide range of excellent restaurants, offering everything from casual fare to fine cuisine, can be found throughout the hotels, so you will never be a loss for delicious food.

    For spa enthusiasts, The Wauwinet and the White Elephant offer exclusive seaside spas for a day of pampering. Find romantic restaurants and things to do on Nantucket. A perfect base for exploring the surrounding Adirondack Mountains, the hotel has been meticulously renovated with care to preserve its charm and architecture.

    The magnificent Great Hall, inspired by a 14th century Italian palace, is there to greet the guests. The rooms and suites also seamlessly blend modern and historical with ornate crown moldings, smart TVs, free Wi-Fi, and other modern amenities.

    Some rooms have sofas and desks, while suites add mini-fridges, private bedrooms, and additional TVs. Premium suites have a wet bars, sofas, and dining areas. The guests enjoy shuttle services and mountain bikes to explore the mountain trails. Kykuit — 50 minutes from the City Since Kykuit is less than an hour from the city, head there if you are looking for romantic day trip ideas. If you are interested in historic buildings, gardens and 20th-century sculpture, Kykuit is just the place.

    Not all great getaways from NYC have to include an overnight stay. Home to the Rockefeller family, this historic estate is a great place to visit, offering scenic views of the Hudson River, formal gardens with fountains and a collection of art.

    Since tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis you should get there early, especially on weekends. Tours are offered daily, except Tuesday, from the end of April through the beginning of November. The Visitor Center opens at 9 am to sell tickets for that day only. It's a good idea to confirm opening times before you go. Boscobel — 50 minutes by car A beautiful estate overlooking the Hudson River in Garrison, Boscobel is the perfect place for a spring picnic among blooming daffodils, tulips and cherry trees.

    In addition to the incredible gardens, the house features furniture and decoration from the Federal period. The mansion is set high above the river and offers scenic views of the Hudson River Valley. Since the property is 1. The attraction is open daily, except Tuesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    It is closed during January, February, and March. From April through October, the property is open from 9: To confirm opening times and admission fees, call The inn is one of the best romantic weekend getaways on the East Coast.

    Fun weekend activities range from spa pampering to skiing, cross-country skiing, golf, tennis hiking, cricket, polo, bicycling and shopping.

    If you are looking for romance, book a sleigh ride in the winter. Book a relaxing massage in the privacy or your own room, or in the massage room. Skiing is available nearby at Sugarbush, with terrain suited for beginners as well as skilled skiers. Arrangements for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking and golf can be made with the hotel staff. If you are looking for an active honeymoon destination on the East Coast, book a trip to this unique hideaway.

    In the summera number of golf courses are available in the Mad River Valley, including the hole golf course at Sugarbush Resort. The Mountain Golf School at Sugarbush offers golf classes for all levels. There are nine guest rooms and two suites, most with wood burning fireplaces, jacuzzis and steam showers. The rooms are beautifully appointed and are great on a romantic weekend getaway.

    The restaurant menus are based on contemporary American cooking and incorporate organic local seasonal ingredients. The wine cellar holds over 6, bottles. For an intimate romantic dinner, you can reserve a private dining table in the wine cellar. Guests can unwind in the casual lounge, Tracks, which has a large fireplace, shuffle board, pool table and darts. Summer or fall are great for golf in Mad River Valley. The hotelis approximately a five hour drive from the New York and three hour drive from Boston.

    It is about an hour from Burlington Airport in Vermont. A minimum of two nights is required on weekend. Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Maine.

    You Know you are Dating an IRISH Woman When...

    During the summer, play golf on two hole golf courses: After a round of golf, relax by the outdoor pool and stroll through the fragrant chef's garden with colorful flowers and herbs.

    There is also cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and sledding at Catamount Family Center. For a bit of pampering on your weekend tripvisit the spa. The hotel offers unique culinary vacations that allow you to enjoy customized private dinners, watch cooking demonstrations and take classes at the Cook Academy. Fresh herbs and vegetables used in the restaurants grow in the gardens where guests can relax surrounded by fragrant herbs.

    The guest rooms are decorated with warm, vibrant colors inspired by Scandinavian design elements.
    Expect an unforgettable evening of music, ceremony, theatre and dance with reserved seats for Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on July 28 to August 13 departures.

    Enjoy dinner on board a ferry as you cruise to the Isles of Orkney. Board the classic and elegant steamship the Sir Walter Scott for a picturesque cruise of Loch Katrine. It is located just to the north of Poolewe in Wester Ross, and is noted for the breadth of its collection.

    Isle of Orkney Isle of Orkney Experience island life on the largest island of the Orkneys and enjoy the majestic and historic sights throughout the island. Stay in the capital, Kirkwall, where you will have free time to browse around on your own and dine independently.

    Kilt Rock Kilt Rock One of these is the magnificent 90 meter Kilt Rock, which looks strikingly similar to a pleated kilt. Made up of basalt columns resting on a sandstone base, one might even say that the colors of the rock formation appear almost tartan. It is the second largest Scottish loch by surface area at Skara Brae Skara Brae These 5,year-old ruins are of an incredibly well preserved stone settlement containing an intricate maze of dwellings.

    The site was revealed in by a violent storm and is now one of the most famous Neolithic sites in Northern Europe. The castle is on the A82 road, 21 kilometres south-west of Inverness and 2 kilometres east of the village of Drumnadrochit.

    Nine dinners including a festive Scottish evening in Edinburgh Hotels: The Winnock Hotel The Winnock Hotel Picture yourself soaking up the atmosphere of this 18th century Inn near Loch Lomond, sitting beside the roaring log fire whilst planning your day's exploration of the surrounding beautiful Trossachs countryside with many castles, gardens and city attractions within easy reach.

    The Food Timeline history notesstate foods

    All rooms are tastefully decorated and many enjoy stunning views. A delicious full English breakfast is served in the s-style coffee lounge. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet with a wide range of foods in the stylish restaurant, which is also the setting for dinner with fresh produce and seafood. Relax in the cocktail bar or the Waterfront Bar, which also serves snacks.

    The hotel offers 55 rooms, half of which boast breathtaking views over Loch Broom and the rugged mountain landscapes beyond. Rooms are modern and sophisticated, with flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, tea and coffeemaking equipment and upscale bedding; many have harbor views. Full Scottish breakfast is included, and there's a restaurant serving locally-sourced fare, plus a casual sports bar with a pool table, darts and a light menu.

    Dating in Shetland

    Kirkwall 2 nights Columba Hotel Inverness Opened inthis grand historic hotel combines contemporary style and amenities with traditional comfort. Each room features excellent modern facilities including movies, music, radio on demand, and high-speed wireless and free Wi-Fi Internet access.

    There is a traditional roast meal restaurant with a range of hot, cold and grilled options. This hotel has a great location in the heart of Inverness with splendid views of the Ness River and Inverness Castle. Inverness 2 nights Apex Grassmarket Hotel Edinburgh This contemporary hotel is a 7-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle and some of the guest rooms have views of the castle. Sophisticated yet casual rooms have designer toiletries, free WiFi and inch flat-screen TVs, as well as tea and coffeemaking equipment.

    A brasserie offers breakfast, lunch and evening meals, plus city views, and private dining is available at a rooftop restaurant with castle views. Other amenities include an indoor pool, a fitness suite and 6 meeting rooms. The Grassmarket hosts an excellent collection of pubs and restaurants of many types.

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