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    Dating 3rd Cousin @Hodgetwins

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    Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way

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    Richard III Society RICHARD'S WORLD

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    Beef Stew with Carrots & Potatoes

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    St Mary de Castro website: The castle keep was originally built in the 12th century as a stronghold of the Neville family and it was here that Richard of Gloucester was sent to learn how to be a knight.

    In later years, when Richard was given the governance of the north of England by his brother Edward IV, it was his favourite residence.

    Although ruined, much still stands, especially the curtain wall and the keep with the great hall. There is a stairway that can be climbed to get views of the surrounding countryside. Nearby is the Prince's Tower, so-called because the young Edward lived there.

    A few years ago, a rather controversial statue of Richard III was erected in the bailey, close to the entrance. The sculptor, Linda Thompson, has tried to portray various descriptions of Richard, including the good king and the Shakespearian villain. A basilisk is partially visible behind Richard, its tail curling over his right shoulder to form part of the livery collar. It was here, inthat he founded a college, where priests were endowed to say masses for the House of York.

    Richard's college did not survive his death, but a college of canons under a different statute did continue, and was only brought to an end in the Victorian period. One of the last of these canons was the author Charles Kingsley.

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    The church has been the recipient of several gifts from the Richard III Society or its predecessor, the Fellowship of the White Boarwith a stained glass window portraying Saints Richard and Anne, and a heraldic altar frontal, bearing the Plantagenet and Neville arms. Close to the castle is the base of the old market cross. Known as Swine Cross, it is a rather shapeless lump of stone today and thought to have been a statue of a boar, erected to commemorate a grant obtained by Richard of Gloucester in for Middleham to hold a twice yearly fair and market.

    However, it might equally have been a bear, the heraldic animal of the Nevilles. Middleham is 13 miles south of Richmond on the A To be found in the grounds of a local farm, the castle is a total ruin, with only a few turrets and the corners of the keep still standing.

    It has been described as looking like an upturned table. Richard acquired the castle through his marriage and although he preferred to live in Middleham, inhe made it one of the two centres that housed the Council of the North. The other was at Sandal, another property of the House of York. This Council was the administrative structure that Richard established to govern the north following his accession as King of England.

    As an administrative entity, it survived into the seventeenth century. Most important is a memorial possibly for a member of the Neville family; until recently this was thought to be a memorial for Edward of Middleham, Richard III's son, who died in However recent research has proved that it dates from the first half of the fifteenth-century and therefore cannot be associated with King Richard's son.


    From past records, it would seem that the monument has had several sites within the church. Made of alabaster, it has suffered over the years and during the twentieth century, it was twice restored at the Society's expense.

    Richard III Society RICHARD'S WORLD

    The village is about 13 miles north of York on a minor road off the A For example he gave active support in their efforts to have illegal fish garths removed; these were weirs which restricted the flow of the water and thus the amount of fish available to the common people. The Friars had moved to the city byand lasted there until the Dissolution in It occupied the land between Lendal and the river, and is likely to have had more than one entrance.

    Richard III Society RICHARD'S WORLD

    The alleys that today lead off Lendal in the direction of the river may well be the remains of these. There are a number of extant buildings and sites within the city which would have been known to Richard III. The principal ones are listed below together with links to sources of further information.

    Details of a walking tour of York focussing on a number of these buildings and sites can be found here. The City Walls York city walls with the Minster in the distance.

    Its walls run for around 2. Beneath the medieval stonework are the remains of earlier walls dating back to Roman York or Eboracum as it was then known. These survived until the ninth century when the Vikings invaded and named the city Jorvik.

    They buried the Roman walls under earth banks topped with a palisade. These were replaced in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries with the stone walls we see today. For more information about the walls visit www. The two of particular interest to Ricardians are: Micklegate Bar was first documented during the reign of Henry II in the twelfth century.

    Two of the shields on the outer wall depict the arms of the City of York and a third bears the royal arms.

    Richard III Society RICHARD'S WORLD

    All date to c. The three statues set on top of the bar are modern replacements of earlier statues. The bar is the southern entry into the city and for centuries the severed heads of rebels and traitors were displayed above the gate, including Sir Henry Percy Harry Hotspur in and Richard, duke of York in It was through Micklegate Bar that King Richard on his post-coronation progress entered the city on 29 August For more information go to www.

    Monk Bar dates from the early fourteenth century and is the largest and most ornate of the bars. It was constructed in several stages, with the top storey added in during the reign of Richard III.

    The abbey was once one of the wealthiest and most powerful Benedictine monasteries in England. Eventually most fell into ruins and were used as agricultural buildings before being excavated by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society in the s. The ruins of St Mary's Abbey. The lodge now forms the Marygate entrance to the Museum Gardens. Another building that survives is the Hospitium, a timber and stone structure; the ground floor is medieval and would have served as a guest house or barn for the monastery.

    The King's Manor The King's Manor was originally built in the thirteenth century to house the abbots of St Mary's Abbey; however the earliest remains date from the fifteenth century. When the abbey was dissolved in it became the seat of the Council of the North until when the council was abolished.

    Clifford's Tower Clifford's Tower. Clifford's Tower and its mound are iconic landmarks in the city and are Norman in origin. The original timber structure was constructed by William the Conqueror in to reinforce his power in the north. The present stone tower was constructed during the reign of Henry III. The Guildhall or Common Hall The Guildhall or Common Hall as it was then known was built in on the site of an earlier hall dating from the thirteenth century.

    Restoration took 18 years, and it was re-opened by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in There are three main rooms in the Hall: The Company of Merchant Taylors is one of seven guilds in York and dates back to the thirteenth century. For more information visit www.

    Barley Hall Barley Hall. Barley Hall was originally built as a townhouse for Nostell Priory in the fourteenth century and a new wing was added in about The hall was bought by York Archaeological Trust and work to restore it began in and it re-opened to the public in Bedern Hall The Shambles Bedern Hall was originally part of the College of the Vicars Choral and was the refectory or dining hall for the college from the s until the mid-seventeenth century.

    The Shambles The Shambles is one of the best preserved medieval streets in the world and can be found in the heart of the many twisting and narrow lanes which remain from medieval York.

    Many of the buildings on the street today date back to the late fourteenth and fifteenth century. There are number of museums and other heritage centres that will be of interest to Ricardians, in particular the following: It was one of the first purpose-built museums in the country and currently has five galleries showing archaeological treasures, rare animals, birds and fossils.

    The Middleham Jewel There are a number of exhibits of particular interest to Ricardians, especially the Middleham Jewel.

    This was found near Middleham Castle in and was purchased by the Yorkshire Museum in following a national appeal for funds. The jewel dates from the third quarter of the fifteenth century and is likely to have belonged to a lady of high social standing. For the story behind this lecture, you can read The Bulletin article. For more information about the Yorkshire Museum go to www.

    Dig Centre Dig Centre is a hands-on archaeological adventure focussing on children. It has four special in-door excavation pits, based on real digs in the city and filled with replica Roman, Viking, Medieval and Victorian finds.

    Jorvik Viking Centre Between the years archaeologists from York Archaeological Trust revealed the Viking city of Jorvik as it stood nearly 1, years ago.

    The centre is built on the very site of the excavations and it recreates the experience of life in Viking York. Twenty survive, in whole or in part, a number exceeded in England only by Norwich. Twenty are still used for worship, two in particular to note: All Saints Church in North Street was founded in the eleventh century, but most of the present building is fourteenth and fifteenth century.

    It has a fifteenth-century hammerbeam roof and is noted for the most extensive collection of medieval glass in York. Holy Trinity Micklegate was originally part of Micklegate Priory, a Benedictine foundation founded in and dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

    What is a First Cousin Once Removed?

    The church building dates from the twelfth century with additions in the thirteenth and fourteenth, its tower was built in The guild of Corpus Christi was one of the most important guilds of later medieval York. It placed considerable emphasis on practising charity and its shrine was in Holy Trinity until when it was removed to the civic chapel of St William on Ouse Bridge at the end of Micklegate.

    Richard, duke of Gloucester and Anne Neville became members of the guild in A leaflet with further details about the medieval churches of York can be downloaded from www. Its site has always been an important one for the city; indeed the remains of the Basilica, the ceremonial centre of the Roman fortress, have been found beneath it. The first Christian church on the site has been dated to around with the first Archbishop of York appointed in The present Gothic-style cathedral was built between and The first recorded visit of Richard duke of Gloucester to the Minster was in when he witnessed the investiture of George Neville as Archbishop of York.

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    Richard III Society RICHARD'S WORLD

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