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    Top 5 Best free online dating chat canada

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    Women in Canada live at greater risk than men of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, and sex trafficking. Why is it urgent to address gender-based violence?

    Because it costs women their lives: Violence against women costs taxpayers and the government billions of dollars every year: It has a profound effect on children: Children who witness violence in the home have twice the rate of psychiatric disorders as children from non-violent homes.

    While this page focuses on domestic violence against women, there is more information in The Facts About Sexual Assault and Harassment Is gender-based violence still a serious problem?

    Frequently Asked Questions National Defence Canadian Armed Forces

    All Canadians pay a steep price for gender-based violence. This figure includes immediate costs, such as emergency room visits and related costs, such as loss of income.

    Frequently Asked Questions National Defence Canadian Armed Forces

    It also includes tangible costs such as funerals, and intangible costs such as pain and suffering. As is the case with violent crime overall, the territories have consistently recorded the highest rates of police-reported violence against women.

    The rate of violent crime against women in Nunavut in was nearly 13 times higher than the rate for Canada. Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which have consistently recorded the highest provincial rates of police-reported violent crime, had rates of violence against women in that were about double the national rate. Ontario and Quebec had the lowest rates of violence against women.

    Like most violent crime in Canada, rates of police-reported domestic violence have fallen over time. It is also due to years of effort by groups who are working to end domestic violence.

    Their achievements include improved public awareness, more treatment programs for violent men, improved training for police officers and Crown attorneys, having the police lay charges rather than the victim, more coordination of community services, and the creation of domestic violence legislation in some areas of Canada. While the proportion of intimate partner homicides committed by a legally married spouse declined between andthe proportion of intimate partner homicides committed by a common-law, dating or other intimate partner has increased in the same time period.

    The United Nations defines violence against women as: Slapping, choking, or punching her. Using hands or objects as weapons. Threatening her with a knife or gun. Using threats, intimidation, or physical force to force her into unwanted sexual acts. Emotional or verbal abuse: Threatening to kill her or to kill the children, other family members or petsthreatening to commit suicide, making humiliating or degrading comments about her body or behaviour, forcing her to commit degrading acts, isolating her from friends or family, confining her to the house, destroying her possessions, and other actions designed to demean her or to restrict her freedom and independence.

    Stealing or controlling her money or valuables of particular concern to older women. Forcing her to work. Denying her the right to work. Using her religious or spiritual beliefs to manipulate, dominate, and control her.

    Following her or watching her in a persistent, malicious, and unwanted manner. Invading her privacy in a way that threatens her personal safety. What causes gender-based violence? In our society, gender inequality is present in many areas, including politics, religion, media, cultural norms, and the workplace.

    Both men and women receive many messages — both overt and covert — that is it natural for men to have more social power than women. In this context, the false belief that men have a right to control women, even violently, is common. Rigid gender roles limit everyone, and they are a contributing factor to violence against women. Research indicates that gender equality is associated with more peaceful and stable societies, 26 as well as overall economic growth.

    We strongly believe that ALL violence is unacceptable, and we applaud other campaigns that work to end violence.

    Frequently Asked Questions National Defence Canadian Armed Forces

    However, our teen violence prevention programs are co-ed, designed for both boys and girls. While both men and women experience violence, statistics indicate that women do experience higher rates.

    This explains why self-reported research often shows similar levels of violence by men and women, even though other research clearly shows that women are disproportionately the victim. However, when family violence does occur, the victims are overwhelmingly women: Women are twice as likely as men to be victims of family violence. Women often stay because the abuser has threatened to kill them if they leave, or to kill himself, or to kill the children. Sometimes, relatives or in-laws blame the woman for the violence and insist she stay.

    The mental health consequences of abuse can make it difficult for women to leave a relationship. Sixty-four per cent of battered women exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

    Since abusers often express deep remorse and promise to change, it can take years for women to admit that the violence will never stop and the relationship is unsalvageable. Who is most at risk of gender-based violence? Violence against women happens in all cultures and religions, in all ethnic and racial communities, at every age, and in every income group. However, some women are especially at risk: Newcomers who arrive in Canada traumatized by war or oppressive governments are much less likely to report physical or sexual violence to the authorities, for fear of further victimization or even deportation.

    If someone is in immediate danger, call or the emergency number in your community. Put her safety first. Never talk to anyone about abuse in front of their suspected abuser. Unless she specifically asks for it, never give her materials about domestic abuse or leave information through voice messages or emails that might be discovered by her abuser.

    However, abuse thrives in secrecy, so speak up if you can do so safely.

    Bobsled crash leaves twin boys dead on scene at Canada Olympic Park - TomoNews

    If she wants to talk, listen. If she decides to stay in the relationship, try not to judge her. Remember, leaving an abuser can be extremely dangerous.

    Sometimes, the most valuable thing you can offer a woman who is being abused is your respect. Search online or consult the front pages of your telephone directory.

    Can gender-based violence ever be stopped? Drinking and driving was once treated almost as a joke, but thanks to strong advocacy campaigns, it is no longer socially acceptable and is subject to serious criminal penalties. In the same way, public education, violence prevention programs, and a strong criminal justice response can bring an end to violence against women in Canada.

    Rising awareness about gender-based violence is also due to the courageous advocacy work of survivors and the family members of victims. Research shows that high school violence prevention programs are highly effective. Even years after attending one of our programs students experienced long-term benefits such as better dating relationships, the ability to recognize and leave an unhealthy relationship, and increased self-confidence, assertiveness, and leadership.

    And let your elected representatives know that you think violence against women and girls is a serious problem in Canada. Ask them what they are doing to end the violence. Download the fact sheet: Although more up-to-date data would be preferable, no recent Statistics Canada survey has asked women about their life-time experience of violence.

    In67 women were killed by their intimate partners; this number divided by days in the year comes out to 5. In a Shelter Voices snapshot survey, women and children were turned away from shelters due to lack of capacity: Available here Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: Available here Homicide in Canada,Statistics Canada, p.

    Available here Family Violence in Canada: A statistical profile,Table 4. Available here Cyber violence against women and girls, UN Women. Available here Online Harassment: Summary of findings, Pew Research Centre, Available here Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends, Statistics Canada,p.

    Available here and Measuring Violence Against Women: Family Violence in Canada, Available here Calgary police link domestic violence spike to economic downturn, CTV news, May 18, Available here The Hidden Disaster: Available here Homicide in Canada,Statistics Canada.

    Available here Adapted from: A fact sheet from the Department of Justice Canada, Available here Consolidation Criminal Code R. Available here Inclusive security and peaceful societies: Department of Defense, Complex Operations. The case for gender equality, World Economic Forum. Available here Alcohol and intimate partner violence: When can we say that heavy drinking is a contributing cause of violence?

    Available here Women and alcohol: Family Violence in Canada, Statistics Canada. Available herepage 5 Measuring Violence Against Women:
    Today this town is still tiny and remote and the original rusted old cable ends still stick out of the water. And Canadians too were enthralled with the pre-eminent mechanical marvel of the day. And wanted a souvenir to put on the wall or mantel. Great Canadian Heritage Treasure This fine Sunderland plaque, dating from cwas a prize possession of Elizabeth Collard, and among the hundreds of choice Canadian pottery pieces that were auctioned off into many collectors who sought to own a piece once selected for her own collection, by the premier authority on Canada's 19th century chinaware and pottery.

    The Great Eastern Steamship laid the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable from Ireland to Heart's Content, in Newfoundland, inallowing instant Morse Code signals to travel from Europe to North America.

    This, says Arthur Clarke, was progress akin to the Apollo Moon Project, allowing a message that had formerly taken an iffy two weeks or so, by ship, to be sent from Europe to America, to go now, in only seconds When launched, inshe was the first big ship built out of iron, the first to use screw propellers, and, being five times larger than any other vessel afloat at the time, remained the world's biggest ship displacement until the Lusitania was built in She was the creation of engineering genius Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who ushered in the age of iron construction, for ships and bridges, and so much fired the English imagination down through the years, that he was voted 2 in a UK BBC poll to pick the Greatest Briton of All Time.

    Quite an achievement for a guy who had already been dead for years By the time he died at 53, inBrunel had built three ships, 25 railway lines, and over bridges.

    Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

    Of an event that occurred only seven years after the Great Eastern visited Canada. But they outdid themselves with this one, wonderfully blending in the true horror of how hundreds of people lost their lives: With CNN immediacy - for the age - this very print is also wonderfully contemporary, actually hand coloured within only weeks of the disaster. He dove countless times on the Atlantic grave site and numerous other marine sites around Halifax.

    He wrote the lavishly illustrated book on the Atlantic sinking. But we will always remember fondly, his enthusiastic and irrepressible personality. Below the painting of the Atlantic that Greg had commissioned. And below that a more accurate Currier and Ives print of the disaster. The ship heeled to the left, not right, as she sank. Go to The Atlantic Wreck Great Canadian Heritage Treasure A fabulous antique print with original frame and glass from the s, was typical of the type of decorative paintings hung by Canadians to remind them of the trials and tribulations their families had faced, at one time or another, in making the Atlantic crossing to seek out a new life in Canada.

    There are countless stories of magnificent efforts by local fishermen making heroic rescues by swimming with ropes or venturing out with small boats to get a lifeline aboard a foundering ship. These magnificent prints are rare to find these days.

    This huge original print, in mint condition, that has been wonderfully preserved in a loving home, for well over a century. Lifeboat to the Rescue - c Orig. The Atlantic coasts of Canada were littered with masts, spars, and wooden flotsam from ships that had come to grief during storms or because of bad navigation at night. Wreck sites became emotional touchstones for artists trying to get across the power and supremacy of the seas. People below decks would build fires to cook, or had candles or lanterns for light.

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    Sometimes, especially during storms when everything rolled about, they might fall over and flames or coals would ignite flammables.

    Many ships on the oceans and on Canada's Great Lakes caught fire this way and went to the bottom. Passengers - who were usually sleeping below - burned up or drowned. The City of Montreal, like the Atlantic were sailing ships which also carried steam engines, switching back and forth depending on the winds or the timetable for arrival.

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