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    White Girl Who Dates Black Guys Speaks Out

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    Other Georgia Cities:

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    'Where White People Meet' Say Dating Site Isn't Racist

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    Contents [ show ] Appearance InSora is a small girl with lightly tanned skin, chin-length orange hair, and maroon eyes.

    She wears a green pajama shirt with long yellow sleeves and a white collar. Digimon Adventure BySora is a preteen girl, much taller than she was four years before. Her hair is now at shoulder-length and fans out at the back, with a tuft of hair in the front, which is usually left sticking outside of her headgear and covers her forehead. She wears a yellow sleeveless turtlenecked shirt with a white collar and a white triangle on it and white ruff on the bottom.

    She also wears red gloves, blue jeans, a pink belt with black buckle, a pink pouch, and a gold button, where she keeps her Digivicedark gray sneakers with red highlights and red lightning bolts on the soles, and a blue beanie with a cyan brim and cyan straps.

    The beanie is depicted as both stiff like a helmet during the battle with Bakemon The Dancing Digimonand soft like fabric on August 3, One is the uniform of the soccer club she plays in with Tai, consisting of a red T-shirt with a white collar, white lines on the sleeves and a white "11" on the back, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side, white socks with red borders, and black and red football cleats with white marks on them. The Arrival of Skullgreymon The other is of the all-girls team she played in previously, consisting of a blue T-shirt with a white collar, purple lines on the sleeves, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side and red waist, white socks with purple borders, and black and red football boots with white marks on them.

    After an injury, she also wears a white bandage on her left leg. Sora's Crest of Love After taking a bath on Devimon 's illusory mansion, she wears a pink bath robe over her underwear, which is later revealed to be an illusion. Evil Shows His Face When escaping from the shower in Kokatorimon 's cruise ship, Sora has a white towel wrapped around her body.


    The Crest of Sincerity On March 4, [3]she wears a pink and purple striped shirt with long sleeves, partially tucked inside blue jeans with a pocket on each side and a brown belt. She also wears a cream-colored beanie with straps and a dark green zigzag mark on it.

    After receiving Tai 's e-mail, she removes her hat to put on the hair clip she received from him, which has an orange and red flower-shaped ornament.

    On Maywhen Gennai summons her back to the Digital Worldshe wears a light blue top with pink polka dots, and cream colored pants.

    Fusion Confusion On Octobershe wears a blue sweater, gray pants, and a blue and dark blue hat.


    She usually wears the Odaiba Middle School uniform; a green and white sailor uniform with a blue neckerchief, white stockings, and blue shoes with white soles. Her tennis uniform consists of a white T-shirt with blue vertical lines on the front and back, a blue line on the border of the collar, and a yellow triangle on the left side of the chest, light gray wristbands on her hands, a short white skirt, striped panties of undetermined color, [8] white socks, and white sneakers with light blue and light pink lines on them.

    During summer, she wears a pink T-shirt with a yellow oval with light purple borders with two pointy tips, and the word "circle" in the chest. She also wears a wine-colored skirt, white socks, and gray and cerulean sneakers. Ghost of a Chance On the day she's abducted by Kokomonshe wears a blue T-shirt with a wine-colored oval with pink borders with two pointy tips, and a yellow rectangle in the chest, and a light blue skirt.

    The Golden Digimentals When Kokomon reverts her age to 4[ citation needed ], she wears a green sleeveless dress. The Golden Digimentals During winter, she wears a yellow sweater under a blue hooded coat with a white ruff in the hood, two pockets and three dark blue buttons, a pink scarf, turquoise gloves, a purple skirt, brown stockings, and turquoise boots with white soles. A Very Digi-Christmas During a date with Mattshe wears a yellow turtlenecked shirt with long sleeves and a gray and green hat.

    Revenge of Diaboromon On March 25,she wears a purple shirt under a yellow buttoned shirt with long sleeves, with only the top button done. She also wears a blue skirt, pink and yellow striped stockings, and white boots. Revenge of Diaboromon InSora was 16 years old and retains the same look she had as a preteen.

    She wears a neat version of the Odaiba High School uniform. In the chaotic battle against the three Kuwagamon at the Haneda airport, Sora wears a casual outfit; a yellow mini jacket with a light yellow sleeveless spaghetti strap, orange colored jeans and white open-toed sandals. During the battle against Alphamon, she wears another outfit; a red long sleeve shirt with the number 38 on front, blue denim skirt and yellow brown knee-high boots and white socks. Reunion She also wears a sunmer version of the Odaiba School uniform.

    DeterminationLossCoexistenceFuture She later wears her winter school uniform from the beginning of Reunion as her hair is cut short. Future BySora is an adult. She wears a green turtlenecked shirt with long sleeves, and blue pants. At work, she wears a green kimono with a white and light green granular pattern, and a yellow ohashori. Description Sora is a very kind and responsible person. She is very caring and protective, with her first instinct being to try and help others in any way she can.

    When she feels someone needs her help, she will not turn them down, even at the cost of her own well-being. As a preteen, she is a bit tomboyish, from the way she dresses to her hobbies.

    She starts out low self esteem, believing herself to be unloved and criticizing herself for not being able to help her friends. Throughout her adventures in the Digital World, she realizes she is very much loved, and her friends make her realize how appreciated she is.

    As a teenager, she embraces her femininity, and is much more confident and laid back. Sora's father, Haruhiko Takenouchiworks away from home at Kyoto Universityso she is primarily raised by her mother, Toshiko Takenouchi. The two initially didn't have a very good relationship, but it improves once Sora realizes Toshiko cares deeply for her.

    Sora's oldest friend is Tai Kamiyawho attended the same class at the same school as her in Highton View Terrace and plays in the soccer club with her. In Digimon Adventure tri. She is also a very brave person when she faces a disguised Ken Ichijouji as the Digimon Emperor who later revealed himself as Dark Gennai who causes the infected Digimon to take rampage in the city and its reboot while he attempts to steal her Digivice.

    Officially romanized in the Digimon Adventure: Also used in multiple dubs, including the American English. Japanese surname that means "within the warrior". Japanese name that means "sky", likely a reference to Biyomon. Story Sora is the daughter of Haruhiko and Toshiko Takenouchi. Sora witnesses the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon. InSora lives in Highton View Terrace. One night, she witnesses the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon. Digimon Adventure This event caused among the new DigiDestined.

    The Ultimate Clash The destruction created by the battle caused it to be labeled a terrorist attack, and the Takenouchi family moved away from the area. During a game, when Tai disputes the ball with one of the opponent players, Sora asks him to pass the ball, and when the boy is knocked by another player, Sora makes the goal. The Arrival of Skullgreymon Sora is banned from playing soccer by her mother. Later, Sora plays an all-girls team. Her mother wants her to leave soccer to learn the art of flower arranging.

    At some point she injured her leg in a game, and Toshiko forbid her from playing soccer. Sora tried to go to her team's game, but when she arrived, they had already lost. She gets surprised when it starts snowing, and takes refuge in a small temple with the others.

    Is Dating a White Girl A "Trophy" For Black Men?

    When it stops snowing, they get out and see an aurorafollowed by seven small meteorites. From the place where the meteorites fell, the Digivices start floating from the ground, and when they touch it, they are taken to the Digital World. At File Island 's Tropical Jungleafter meeting Yokomonshe tells Tai and Izzy, who are hiding from a Kuwagamon inside an holographic tree, when it's safe to get out.

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    After the group sans Mimi reunites, the DigiDestined and their Digimon introduce theselves. Sora notices someone is missing, and they hear Mimi screaming and find her and Tanemon running from Kuwagamon.

    When running from the Insect, they reach a dead end, but Kuwagamon reaches them before they can search for another path. The Digimon then start to fight Kuwagamon. As Sora worries for Yokomon, Kuwagamon rises again, and the Digimon go back to fight, and as the children call for them, they digivolve to their Rookie forms, and manage to fight with the Insect on even terms.

    After they seem to have won, everyone celebrates. Kuwagamon then stands up again and tries to attack Tai and AgumonSora warns the boy, and they evade. However, Kuwagamon's pincers hit the ground, and the edge of the cliff, with everyone on it, breaks and begins to fall. And so it begins Biyomon tries to stop Sora's fall by flying with her, but is unable to carry her weight. They are rescued by Gomamon 's "Marching Fishes". As Kuwagamon falls in the water, taking a large part of the rocky edge with it, it produces a large wave that drags at a high speed.

    Arriving at a shore, the Digimon explain the kids about Digivolutionand that they couldn't have digivolved without their energies. As the group thinks about what to do next, Sora suggests going back to where they started, but Mimi complains about there being more monsters. This section of the article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.

    White Men Dating Black Women: Five Things You Should Know!

    The Birth of Greymon When she is transported to the Digital World, Sora is often the voice of reason, and mediates between Tai and Matt 's different attitudes.

    She takes care of the others, particularly of the younger T. Initially, she's not sure what to think of Biyomon's eager and clingy attitude, but she soon grows to care for her new partner. Seeing he feels down, she decides to boost his spirits by letting him lead.

    When they arrive at Overdell Cemetary, they are captured by Bakemon who want to eat them. When the Bakemon fuse into one giant Bakemon and threaten to defeat Ikkakumon and BirdramonJoe remembers a chant he learned to give himself luck during exams, and Sora beats on her hat like a drum to give him a beat while he uses it to depower the Bakemon.

    A mysterious person offers to help the DigiDestined find it, but it turns out to be Datamonwho kidnaps Sora and Biyomon. The Prisoner of the Pyramid While Datamon does, indeed, have Sora's Crest, he does not intend on giving it to her; instead, he creates a data copy of Sora, intending to use it to power up her Digivice and Crest and force Birdramon to Digivolve to settle a score with Etemon. Fortunately, Tai appears to save her at the last minute.

    She soon meets DemiDevimonwho tells her of the Crests' traits, and tells her that her Crest of Love will never glow because she has no concept of love. Sora's Crest of Love Though she is hurt by these words, she doesn't let them stop her from helping her friends from the shadows.

    When Myotismon attacks them head on, Biyomon, who is injured, attempts to fight, but Sora is reluctant to let her. When Biyomon demands to be let free to help, Sora understands that her mother's actions were because of her love - just as her mother wished for her to not be hurt while playing soccer, Sora wishes for Biyomon to not be hurt either.

    Upon making the decision to let go and let Biyomon fight, her Crest shines and allows Biyomon to digivolve to Garudamon. However, on August 3, Myotismon sends his Bakemon to capture everyone in Odaiba, including Sora while she's at soccer practice.

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