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    What To Do In Tokyo A 5 Day Tokyo Itinerary Nerd Nomads

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    Do girls like nerds? Girls on Nerds!

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    Struggles Only Geek Girls Understand

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    Why Guys Can't Find A Nerdy Girl

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    Would You Date a Nerd?

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    What To Do In Tokyo A 5 Day Tokyo Itinerary Nerd Nomads

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    It supposes that Einstein's dreams informed his inspiration for his theories on time, and takes a surreal look into his creative impulses. In this story, time is measured in images, not hours or days--time is variously a line, a circle, a hangman's noose.

    A musical of this little book-- essentially an amalgam of parables -- is also in the works. A Stage Portrait This one-person bio-drama covered a lot of territory, with flashbacks from Einstein's Princeton home to various phases of his personal and professional life. These Nobel Prize winners differed widely on the scientist's purpose Einstein believed that his job was to put ideas out there; Haber believed in harnessing his talents to practical application.

    Einstein, a pacifist, remained a Jew, while Haber pragmatically converted to Christianity, only to learn that to the Germany he loved so much he would always be a Jew. Ultimately, both men's work become subject to the rule of unintended consequences at work. The Einstein Project The Einstein met here was an intense, charismatic but not very loving or lovable man. His relationship with his overly sensitive son are used to most tellingly illustrates the contradictions and flaws in his personality.

    He had an intense relationship with the boy, yet overchallenged him cruelly and ends up putting his public concerns before the boy's needs. An Experiment With An Air Pump Shelagh Stephenson's drama takes its title as well as its inspiration from a painting by Joseph Wright whose work often depicted scientific or industrial subjects. In "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump" the painter captured a scene demonstrating that life could not exist in a vacuum.

    Three men and four women the exact makeup of the cast are watching the oldest man pump air out of a glass globe the air pump into which a live bird has been placed. A fascinating, multi-layered drama.

    Aaron Sorkin's docudrama about the invention of television. Fermat's Last Tango Instead of supplying the proofs for his theorems, the seventeenth century mathematician, Pierre de Fermat, often challenged others to do so.

    When a Princeton professor named Andrew Wiles finally proved this puzzling theorem in he became that rarest of species, a mathematician who captured the public's imagination. Many months later, while sitting in his office, still studying that fatal error, he suddenly saw it.

    The Five Hysterical Girls Theorem A get together with a bunch of mathematicians at a British seaside resort infor a frolic about something called Number Theory.

    One of its remarkable achievements, according to our critic, was that it conveyed a striking and yet earth-bound sense of what it means to be a mathematician, without either taking itself seriously or letting the underlying humanity escape. Flight Orville and Wilbur Wright rank alongside Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison and other tinkerers and dreamers whose vision and perseverance profoundly changed the lives of people throughout the world.

    Arthur Giron's play thus fits this list even though it's more a family memoir than a play to give a great deal of technical insight into just how their flying machine actually worked. The Fly Bottle Written by David Egan, a philosophy graduate of Harvard, this pits three famous philosophers, two also working witin the discipline of mathematics against each other. A famous dispute between two of the three -- Ludwig Wittgenstein and Karl Popper -- prompts a Rashomon-like recapping from each man's point of view, as well as that of a third great 20th Century mind, Bertrand Russell.

    The mother's tenure and career is largely the result of her scholarship with regard to advancing a revolutionary theory known as "The Grandmother Hypothesis. The scientific link is the son's occupation of bee keeping and discussions of theoretical physics and the gap between reality and our perception of it.

    Hypatia Mac Wellman considers Hypatia, the 5th Century mathematician, pagan philosopher and inventor who was considered so inherently dangerous that Christian monks found it necessary to drag her through the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, before dismembering and then burning her body.

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    The play follows Hypatia's imaginary trajectory from that spectacle through 8th Century Byzantium and then on to the early 20th Century. Immaculate Misconception Carl Djerassi comes to playwriting as a man of science whose aim is to make science comprehensible and compelling for the layman.

    In this debut play, the chemist who developed the birth control pill and shepherded it to worldwide success has taken a cutting edge area of biomedical science known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI and dramatized it in very human terms. The fertilization technique of injecting a single sperm directly into a woman's egg under the microscope, followed by reinsertion of the egg into the uterus is not just demystified, but explored in terms of its human and ethical repercussions.

    Incognito Award-winning young playwright Nick Payne's follow-up to his hit 2-ander, Constellations. Like that play it's a a dramatic intellectual puzzle about the workings of that most mysterious human organ, the brain. He's used the same edgy structure of fast-paced viewpoint switches and upped the number of actors from two to four. Unlike Constellation which was basically one story replaying the same characters' varied comings and going in parallel universes, Incognito zig-zags back and forth between three stories — two loosely fact-based and one completely fictional — involving twenty characters.

    The most dramatic and probably best known real story is Payne's version of how American pathologist Thomas Stoltz Harvey stole Einstein's brain. The most moving story revolves around a young Brit named Henry in real life an Americanwhose experimental surgery to cure his seizures results in his inability to either form new memories or remember anything or anyone from his past. The most contemporary and strictly Payne inspired scenes involve two women who meet through a dating service.

    One is a neuropsychologist who's only recently left a conventional marriage and is still coping with being open about her new sexual identity and the other is a less inhibited lawyer. Informed Consent The very real and well documented conflict and subsequent legal battle between science researchers at Arizona State University and the Havasupai Native American tribe provide the bases for Deborah Zoe Laufer's play. The drama touches on quite a few moral and ethical issues, but mainly on a scientific one: The attempt by Jillian, a genetic anthropologist, to pursue and find clues to the devastating increase of diabetes in the tribe.

    That the results of scientific research may be as stunningly indeterminate and inconclusive as is the belief and dependence we have on our eternal myths to validate who and what we are.

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