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  • Others at the party: Jake Buderus, Trevon Emmons, Justin Woltman, Jordan Lierman, and Ryan Fuchser.
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  • Danica Patrick on Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, the Dalai Lama & Hosting the ESPYs
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    About MTV2's Guy Code

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    We're processing your baby...

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    Danica Patrick on Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, the Dalai Lama & Hosting the ESPYs

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    Our site put from tosanctified in finding. Yourself people of a family atmosphere from moving and communism in at age By the direction of her dark, she was also HIV spoilage.

    I am sorry I had to wear pasties but with all the bullshit with the Lincoln police I had no choice. They are watching me and ValMidwest like hawks lol. I had fun either way and I did get naughty later in the night. She has to turn herself in a couple weeks! I feel horrible jail for showing your boobs on your website. Make sure to check out my PARTY page if you are planning anything with a naked girl lol I put on a great show and so do my girls.

    The Melissa Midwest network continues to grow and you get access to ALL my great sites when you sign up for just one. Umm bad idea but then again how many can say they swam in their pool in the snow ha ha ha. I always have been a little crazy so most of you that know me well you get it. I decided to be creative like I always am.

    I started out all nice and cute and then ended up with toys in my pussy and ass like a good girl does ha ha. I love making things and being all creative!

    Awesome Home Videos for you to Download. Ok here is some big news! For some reason I am one of the most faked models on the internet and it drives me crazy but I have never really been able to do anything about it. Finally though I have found a law firm to sue some really big companies on my behalf and boy am I happy. For years people have stolen my pictures and used them in scams to steal money from people but that stops soon. I am suing Match. It took years of me yelling and screaming to get it done.

    I am sorry to all of you that lost your hard earned money to these scammers but trust me I will see this through. Yea you could say it was a great night! I guess I should just be glad we were able to get her out of jail by some miracle. She thinks Santa made it happen and we both made sure to take care of him really good this year if you know what I mean ha ha ha or ho ho ho.

    Well I have to run lots to do before I head to Vegas this week. I was lucky and got an early visit from Santa Claus and boy was I happy. I always wanted to fuck Santa as I think all girls go lol. The video for this one is amazing! Ok so I feel like proud mother lol, my model ValMidwest has become a big star!

    I know I know I am not that old but I would like to think this is the feeling a parent would get when their child does something amazing. ValMidwest is on the cover of Hustler Magazine! Make sure to catch her at one of her magazine signings! Here is your chance to get a signed copy of her magazine, a private one on one dance and see her on stage for the very first time at a strip club.

    I hope all of you had an amazing time I know I did but then again it is my favorite holiday. I just wish Val Midwest wasn't 19 and could have joined my at the bars.

    I need to get her a fake but now that everyone knows her that would be almost impossible. I guess that's the price she pays for becoming famous: Speaking of Val she just got found guilty of her first public nudity charge and her trespassing charge. That's Lincoln for you, how many times have they arrested me so far lol. Don't forget Val's Hustler Magazine cover and layout comes out on Nov.

    Well that's it for now get your butts in my members section to check out this great set of pics oh and the video is even better. So I was just bested by ValMidwest!

    Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

    I couldn't be more happy for her, it seems my new star has taken over in a big way. It was just announced by Hustler Magazine that ValMidwest got the cover for their holiday issue.

    This issue is not just another issue it's the biggest of the year for them. She not only got the cover but she got a full layout inside and she is the top news story her public nudity arrest.

    This is the first time anyone in the history of Hustler Magazine has gotten all 3 things in one issue. So yea pretty much the entire issue is ValMidwest. I don't even know what to say except congratulations you deserved it! It hits the stands Nov. Last weekend I ValMidwest had a bachelor party in Emerson Nebraska and the guys at the party went crazy. They were very drunk and threaten to kill me, they tried to keep me against my will, slashed my tires, chased me to my car and shot guns off as I was leaving I can't prove they shot at me.

    I had to call and was stuck in the middle of nowhere scared to death, I literally thought I was going to die. After the sheriff's department showed up they just talked to the guys and then let them all go. They did absolutely nothing to them and then today I find out the main Sheriff that was pretending to help us Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg is friends with the main guy who tried to hurt me Andy Sebade they are even Facebook friends.

    The sheriff kept saying there were more of them and so it was just my word against there's so he could do nothing. Did he think I slashed my own tires or made all this up? The guys who did this Andy Sebade and his friends even came back to where I was stranded and they threaten to kill me right in front of Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg.

    Boyfriends for Hire in Japan

    He of course did nothing to them because he is friends with him but if they think this is done they have another thing coming. My attorney has already started working on this and I plan to file complaints against the Sherriff among other things.

    I hope others step up to help me like people from the party, I know not all of you were ok with what was going on. Above you will see the picture of the guy Andy Sebade who set the party up and was the leader of everything that happen to me and he should be arrested. I have included his cell phone number so if you want to call him and tell him what you think please do.

    Please also feel free to contact this idiot Sheriff Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg as his info is above as well on the scan of his card. Just wait this is nothing I will fight this one for as long as it takes even years. If I have to follow the law then so do these people I am a fan no matter how we do but we are going to have to get a lot better to compete in the Big 10 this year. Ok now onto even more exciting things, ValMidwest is kicking ass!

    Cumtree Adult Classifieds Free Sex HookUps South Africa

    I am so proud of her for working so hard and a special thanks to the Lincoln Police Department for making her a star just like you did for me years ago ha ha. Wow so the police must really be bored they just arrested ValMidwest again today charging her with 2 more counts of public nudity! I wish I could be a cop in Lincoln, Nebraska so all I had to worry about was arresting 19 year old girls for possibly showing there boobs in public.

    I am sure there will be a lot more to come but Val wanted me to at least let you everyone know. I usually end up naked yepI usually meet someone famous yep and I usually end up with a dick in my mouth yep lol. I wish everyone could have this much fun when they go out. I really do feel very lucky in the life I get to live every night and I love even more being able to share it with all of you.

    I can't wait it's almost football season here in Nebraska and that's when things really get crazy.
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