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    Textbook Analysis This activity may be done in segments at the time the class is studying the topics of the Slave Trade, Molasses Act and Sugar Act, and Louisiana Purchase, or altogether in a unified exercise about historiography, how history is written.

    Ask students to examine how their textbook covers these topics, the pages number s on which they are discussed, and to count the number of lines about them; and then compare how the same three topics are covered in Sugar Changed the World. What names, dates, explanations, questions, does Sugar Changed the World add? How does it change their understanding of these three events?

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    What research questions that are unanswered does it raise? Have students make a graph of the number of overseas Indians on each continent. Explain that crossing the Kala Pani Black Water was a taboo because: Only if they paid for the expensive feasts and went through harsh purification ceremonies prayaschita poojas could they be reinstated. It was not just the indentured sugar immigrants who went through this—Gandhi had to go through purification ceremonies when he traveled to England to study law.

    Discuss in class whether some Hindu beliefs made the already difficult immigrant experience more stressful. Students may wish to watch these for enrichment or follow-up. History through Biography and Autobiography Slave Narratives, Oral and Written Very little of the history of sugar and slavery is in the words of the people who experienced it. That which survives may have language or descriptions of violence.

    Documenting the American South is a University of North Carolina website that has online numerous printed North American slave narratives including that of Ouladah Equiano at http: Ask students to compare and contrast the differences in time and location, for the two individuals, as well as their upbringing and access to education. Discuss the impact of editors on their narratives. Direct students to conduct biographical research for further information on the following individuals mentioned in Sugar Changed the World: The Economics of Sugar Synopsis of Idea: Sugar lends itself to exploration of a number of basic economic topics including: These activities use simulation and examination of popular products to help students learn about the economics of sugar.

    How is it Sweetened? reviews

    Ask students to determine what ingredients are used to sweeten each product. Identify what sweetener is most commonly used. Ask students to hypothesize why that is the case Division of Labor, Specialization, and Industrialization Divide the class into four teams. Provide the teams with three minutes, timed, to complete the task described below. Provide the team with one pair of scissors, a single sheet of pre-drawn figures as a sample and sheets of blank paper. Each person on the team must copy the figures, color, and cut out a cow, apple, ear of corn, and sugar.

    Provide the team with one set of crayons to share and sheets with pre-drawn cows, apples, ears of corn, and sugar. Each person will be given scissors. They will then color and cut out the cow, pig, apple, and ear of corn.


    Provide the team with sheets of the pre-drawn cow, apple, ear of corn, and sugar. Give two people scissors to cut out the images and each person coloring with a set of crayons. Have one person do apples only, one cows only, one corn only and one sugar only. Division of Labor Team 4: Provide the team with pre-colored, sugar only sheets and scissors for each to cut out the sugar. Specialization At the end of time, count up the total number of sugar pictures produced by each group, along with apple, cow, and corn pictures.

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    Discuss the impact of mechanization, division of labor, and specialization on the totals each group produced. What advantages did Team 4 have? Which group got to be most creative? Which group had the least interesting task or got the sorest hands? Share with students the following passage and ask students how it relates to the activity: On a regular farm there may be cows, pigs, and chickens; fields of grain, orchards filled with fruit—many different kinds of foods to eat or sell.

    By contrast, the plantation had only one purpose: Indeed since you cannot live on sugar, the crop grown on plantations could not even feed the people who harvested it. Divide the class into three groups: Either the teacher or a designated Banker may handle the money and record transactions.

    The teacher should also designate a Factory Worker to swap out the units of sweets for the appropriate unit of candy.

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    Explain that the purpose of the simulation for the Sweets Manufacturers and Candy Makers is to make the most money in each round and, ultimately, in the simulation. For Consumers, it is to have the most Candy, with the greatest amount of Money left. Inform the Factory Worker and Candy Makers that the sweetener to candy conversions are: Round One—Supply, Demand and Price: One sugar manufacturer will be drawn by lot.

    That person will auction off a single unit of sugar to one lucky Candy Maker. The Banker will disperse the funds and record the price to that account. The Candy Maker will give the unit of sugar to the Factory Worker and receive a unit of candy. The Candy Maker will auction off the single unit of candy to one lucky Consumer. The Banker will record the transfer of funds between the accounts. Two other sugar manufacturers will be drawn by lot. They will auction off one packet each to the Candy Makers.

    After going to the Factory Worker, the two winning Candy Makers will auction off the candy to the Consumers. Sugar manufacturers will put up 9 packets of sugar for a three-minute silent auction. Each packet will have a sheet of paper and the Candy Makers will write how much they are willing to pay for the sugar, increasing the bids if they wish on as many packets as they wish.

    Record the winning bids.

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    After getting the candy from the Factory Worker, the Candy Makers will put up the candy for a three-minute silent auction to the Consumers. Direct students to graph the quantity of sugar packets offered in each of the three auctions. Have them graph the quantity of candy offered in each of the three auctions. These are Supply Charts.

    Direct students to graph for each of the three auctions the twelve prices paid for the sugar. Then have them graph the prices paid for the candy. These are Demand Charts. Discuss the relationship between the supply and demand, how the price goes down as the quantity available increases. After getting candy from the Factory Worker, the Candy Makers will put up the candy for a three minute silent auction.

    If the Consumer does not offer to pay more than the reserve price, there is no sale. Which raw material was the most successful? Which was the least? Conduct a silent auction of all remaining units by the Sweets Manufacturers.

    This time there will be a reserve price, the price the candy maker paid for the raw material plus labor, if applicable. Note, honey requires doubling up while corn syrup is half!

    What sold the fastest to Consumers? Ask consumers if they purchased candy on any other basis besides price. The Banker should inform the class which sweet manufacturer made the most money, which candy maker made the most money, and which consumer had the combination of most candy plus money.

    Discuss the strategies that principled candy makers might adopt to convince consumers to pay more for products made without slave labor. If you wanted the product, abolitionists forced you to think about how it was made.

    How can ethical manufacturers help educate consumers think about dolphin-free tuna labeling? The Civics of Sugar Synopsis of Idea: Civic action is one legacy of sugar. Students will explore three avenues used historically to shape public opinion to oppose slavery and end mistreatment of indentured servants.

    Hearings, Bills, Laws Share the following passage with the class. Some of the most power testimony in favor of the bill came from former army officers who had been to the Caribbean and seen the courage of the former slaves and the horrors of slavery…One member of parliament told his colleagues of the tortures he had seen in the islands…Members of Parliament were being confronted with the reality of slavery.

    Congress and Parliament of Great Britain. Explain that the legislative process is quite similar. Show a clip from a Congressional hearing. The teacher may wish to record a hearing from C-Span or use a YouTube clip. Discuss how the hearing process can advance or delay the progress of a bill. The Abolition Project Website at http: Ask students to analyze the source examined answering the following questions: What is the item?

    Is it primarily visual, verbal, or fairly well balanced? Who created this item?
    The mother-of-two, 29, had shared photos of Charlie to raise awareness of the skin condition after revealing parents drag their children away from her in case they catch something. Ashley said Charlie has not needed any topical or oral medications after going on the diet Her mother says Charlie's skin complaint does not define her and describe her as 'bubbly' The baby developed small red dots that developed into large welts that peeled and flaked off Ashley immediately altered her daughter's diet, starting with the removal of gluten and dairy, and saw dramatic results.

    She says the two-hour bath routine they had to carry out every day to keep Charlie's condition under control was been reduced to just 20 minutes.

    She is not on any topical or oral medications. Ashley said she notices the difference if Charlie goes off because she breaks out 'I would say that it took a good month for her to get all of the bad food out of her system. There are moments of indulgence. Hanna shares photos of people who have tried her diet and found it has helped This toddler was covered head to to in psoriasis but has found relief through the book Hanna was sent these before and after pictures of a woman who tried her method 'I must get at least 20 plus messages a week via various social networks with stories, pictures and lovely messages from people who have been inspired and helped.

    Here is a selection of food and drinks Radiant: Caffeine Caffein stimulates the nervous system, causing our adrenals to pump out cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which helps the body respond to stress.

    Cortisol depresses the immune system, making it much more difficult for our skin to fight off bacteria, which multiply inside clogged pores. Cortisol also encourages the body to pump out insulin.


    Alcohol Alcohol is a natural diuretic, which means that the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become. It literally saps the moisture from every part of your body, skin included. Drinking too much deprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin A, for example, is essential for cell renewal and a lack of it can cause the skin to look dull and grey.

    Check labels, because alcohol as a major ingredient in any skin-care product is most definitely a problem. Autoimmune illnesses such as psoriasis are activated by an over-responsive immune system. Hanna found that removing sugar from her diet provided great relief Foods such as sugar, sweets, ice cream, white pasta, ketchup, pre-packaged snacks and fizzy drinks are some of the worst culprits.

    Digested sugar permanently attaches to the proteins in our skin through a process known as glycation.

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    Over time, the end products accumulate and destroy our collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for keeping skin firm and supple. Processed and junk food Processed foods contain chemicals, plus cheap fats and refined vegetable oils that are often hydrogenated. Also known as trans fats, these oils increase bad cholesterol and can block the production of chemicals that combat inflammation.

    A good rule of thumb to improve the health of your skin, is to eat foods that keep your blood sugar levels steady. Almost all processed and junk foods are full of ingredients that will cause blood sugar to quickly soar. Over time high insulin levels can make skin drier, thicker and flaky, often blocking the pores and resulting in acne.

    There is however, a great deal of anecdotal evidence and blog posts from people who have found that nightshades aggravate their autoimmune illness. To take care of our skin, we want to eat as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible.

    All animal protein is inflammatory to some degree but it is specifically dairy proteins that have been linked to skin problems. Wheat For many people, identifying a wheat or gluten allergy can be the missing link to clearing skin and resolving a whole host of underlying health problems. High GI foods prompt raised blood sugar, in turn triggering insulin. Not only are elevated insulin levels linked to increased sebum production that can clog pores and lead to acne breakouts, more worryingly they promote chronic inflammation throughout the body.

    Hanna's blog can be found here.

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