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    He was responsible, in large part, for adding the Steven M. Selvik to the Alger Underwater Diving Preserve. Open Water Certification Required. You must have your own gear. Tanks and weights are available for rent Shipwreck Tours offers Lake Superior shipwreck diving for beginning, intermediate and expert divers.

    There is a dive shop air service. Morning and afternoon dives. Shipwreck Tours offers individual and group rates. Preserved by the cold fresh water of Lake Superior, these shipwrecks provide some of the finest sport diving in the Midwest. Each year, wrecks appear and disappear as the currents of Lake Superior cover and uncover them.

    The total number of shipwrecks in the Alger Preserve is unknown. There are 7 major dive sites. Scuba Dive from the Fireball or the Fun Time, our 25' six passenger dive boat. Both are Coast Guard inspected and licensed, carrying full navigation and safety equipment. Easy off and on at dive site with full width stern ladders.

    Sugar Baby Profile Tutorial (Seeking Arrangement)

    Enter and exit in full gear. The Fireball is used for dive charters accommodating up to 24 divers per trip with room for family and friends to join the divers for a great day on the water. Limited Scuba rental equipment is available at the dive shop and air station. A diver on the Bermuda. Her top deck is just 12 feet below the water's surface where she has remained for years. The Bermuda went down in and is an intact schooner sitting upright and waiting for visitors.

    Montreal Location, History, Sites, & Facts

    The Bermuda had three hatches giving access to the cargo hold, as well as two companionways and the large cabin trunk near the stern. The Smith Moore, a wooden steam barge in 90' of water.

    This is the most famous shipwreck in the area. The Smith Moore was lost in the Munising East Channel on July 13, as the result of damages suffered in a collision. The wreck lies nearly intact on the sand bottom.

    Montreal Location, History, Sites, & Facts

    The Kiowa, a steel bulk freight steamer feet in length, hit by a gale in Nov. The Kiowa is in foot depths. On a clear day the huge sections of hull are easily visible from the surface.


    The stern of the wreck, lies on its port side. Here the diver can see the steamer's steering quadrant and emergency steering gear. A short distance forward, an enclosed ladderway leads down toward the propeller shaft tunnel. At the forward end of the tunnel, the propeller shaft and its massive thrust bearing can be seen.

    Hettler was seeking shelter in Munising Harbor, in November ofwhen she slammed into a reef. She is now at 20'- 40' of water. On the inner edge of the reef where the Hettler struck, her boiler can be found in about 25 feet of water, along with part of her hull and a field of debris such as mechanical parts, tanks, piping, and even a bathtub.

    A mysterious tree stump was found in the wreckage of the Herman H. Suspecting that the tree was extremely old, Captain Pete Lindquist sent samples of the wood for carbon dating.

    The laboratory results showed an age of 7, years plus or minus l00 years, but provided no clue as to why a nearly 8, year old tree would be found amid the remains of a shipwreck. The Manhatten, a wooden freighter in 30'- 40', hit a reef in October of Divers can visit a large portion of the steamer's hull framing.

    The vessel's enormous rudder, with its depth markings still visible, lies nearby. Selvick, a 70' tug intentionally sunk in in 40'' of water. The pilot house starts in 40 ft. Divers have access to all areas of the tug. The pilothouse, galley, mess room, engine room, and crew quarters can all be penetrated. Individual and group rates.
    A pound lock has a chamber with gates at both ends that control the level of water in the pound. In contrast, an earlier design with a single gate was known as a flash lock.

    Pound locks were first used in medieval China during the Song Dynasty — ADhaving been pioneered by the Song politician and naval engineer Qiao Weiyue in The gates were 'hanging gates'; when they were closed the water accumulated like a tide until the required level was reached, and then when the time came it was allowed to flow out.

    The water level could differ by 4 feet 1. Yet the first true pound lock was built in at Damme near BrugesBelgium. In large scale river navigation improvements, weirs and locks are used together. A weir will increase the depth of a shallow stretch, and the required lock will either be built in a gap in the weir, or at the downstream end of an artificial cut which bypasses the weir and perhaps a shallow stretch of river below it.

    A river improved by these means is often called a Waterway or River Navigation see example Calder and Hebble Navigation. Sometimes a river is made entirely non-tidal by constructing a sea lock directly into the estuary. In more advanced river navigations, more locks are required. Where a longer cut bypasses a circuitous stretch of river, the upstream end of the cut will often be protected by a flood lock.

    The longer the cut, the greater the difference in river level between start and end of the cut, so that a very long cut will need additional locks along its length.

    At this point, the cut is, in effect, a canal. Use in canals[ edit ] Locks of the Panama Canal during construction, Early completely artificial canals, across fairly flat countryside, would get round a small hill or depression by simply detouring contouring around it.

    As engineers became more ambitious in the types of country they felt they could overcome, locks became essential to effect the necessary changes in water level without detours that would be completely uneconomic both in building costs and journey time.

    Later still, as construction techniques improved, engineers became more willing to cut directly through and across obstacles by constructing long tunnelscuttings, aqueducts or embankments, or to construct even more technical devices such as inclined planes or boat lifts.

    However, locks continued to be built to supplement these solutions, and are an essential part of even the most modern navigable waterways. Basic construction and operation[ edit ] A plan and side view of a generic, empty canal lock. A lock chamber separated from the rest of the canal by an upper pair and a lower pair of mitre gates.

    Principle of operation of a pound lock For a boat going upstream: For a boat going downstream: The boat enters the lock.

    Montreal Location, History, Sites, & Facts

    The lower gates are closed. The upper gates are closed. The lock is filled with water from upstream. The lock is emptied by draining its water downstream. The upper gates are opened. The lower gates are opened. The boat exits the lock. All pound locks have three elements: A watertight chamber connecting the upper and lower canals, and large enough to enclose one or more boats. The position of the chamber is fixed, but its water level can vary. A gate often a pair of "pointing" half-gates at each end of the chamber.

    A gate is opened to allow a boat to enter or leave the chamber; when closed, the gate is watertight. A set of lock gear to empty or fill the chamber as required. This is usually a simple valve traditionally, a flat panel paddle lifted by manually winding a rack and pinion mechanism which allows water to drain into or out of the chamber; larger locks may use pumps.

    The principle of operating a lock is simple. For instance, if a boat travelling downstream finds the lock already full of water: The entrance gates are opened and the boat moves in. The entrance gates are closed. A valve is opened, this lowers the boat by draining water from the chamber. The exit gates are opened and the boat moves out. If the lock were empty, the boat would have had to wait 5 to 10 minutes while the lock was filled. For a boat travelling upstream, the process is reversed; the boat enters the empty lock, and then the chamber is filled by opening a valve that allows water to enter the chamber from the upper level.

    The whole operation will usually take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the lock and whether the water in the lock was originally set at the boat's level. Boaters approaching a lock are usually pleased to meet another boat coming towards them, because this boat will have just exited the lock on their level and therefore set the lock in their favour — saving about 5 to 10 minutes.

    However, this is not true for staircase lockswhere it is quicker for boats to go through in convoy. Operation of a canal lock 1—3. Boat enters 'empty' lock 4. Bottom gates are closed, bottom paddles closed, top paddles opened, lock starts to fill 5. Lock is filling with water, lifting boat to the higher level Details and terminology[ edit ] An empty lock chamber For simplicity, this section describes a basic type of lock, with a pair of gates at each end of the chamber and simple rack and pinion paddles raised manually by means of a detachable windlass operated by lock-keepers or the boat's shore crew.

    This type can be found all over the world, but the terminology here is that used on the British canals. A subsequent section explains common variations. Rise[ edit ] The rise is the change in water-level in the lock.


    The two deepest locks on the English canal system are Bath deep lock [6] [7] on the Kennet and Avon Canal and Tuel Lane Lock on the Rochdale Canalwhich both have a rise of nearly 20 feet 6.

    Both locks are amalgamations of two separate locks, which were combined when the canals were restored to accommodate changes in road crossings. Again, sources vary as to which is the deepest, and in any case Etruria has been deepened over the years to accommodate subsidence. A more typical rise in England would be 7—12 feet 2. Chamber[ edit ] The chamber is the main feature of a lock. It is a watertight masonry, brick, steel or concrete enclosure which can be sealed off from the pounds at both ends by means of gates.

    The chamber may be the same size plus a little manoeuvring room as the largest vessel for which the waterway was designed; sometimes larger, to allow more than one such vessel at a time to use the lock.

    The chamber is said to be "full" when the water level is the same as in the upper pound; and "empty" when the level is the same as in the lower pound. If the lock has no water in it at all, perhaps for maintenance work, it might also be said to be empty, but it is more usually described as "drained" or "de-watered". Cill[ edit ] The cill, also spelled sill, is a narrow horizontal ledge protruding a short way into the chamber from below the upper gates. Allowing the rear of the boat to "hang" on the cill is the main danger one is warned to guard against when descending a lock, and the position of the forward edge of the cill is usually marked on the lock side by a white line.

    The edge of the cill is usually curved, protruding less in the center than at the edges. Some canal operation authorities, primarily in the United States and Canadacall the ledge a miter sill mitre sill in Canada. Each end of the chamber is equipped with a gate, or pair of half-gates, made of oak or elm or now sometimes steel.

    The most common arrangement, usually called miter gates, was invented by Leonardo da Vincisometime around the late 15th century. This reduces any leaks from between them and prevents their being opened until water levels have equalised. If the chamber is not full, the top gate is secure; and if the chamber is not completely empty, the bottom gate is secure in normal operation, therefore, the chamber cannot be open at both ends.

    A lower gate is taller than an upper gate, because the upper gate only has to be tall enough to close off the upper pound, while the lower gate has to be able to seal off a full chamber. The upper gate is as tall as the canal is deep, plus a little more for the balance beam, winding mechanism, etc. Balance beam[ edit ] A balance beam is the long arm projecting from the landward side of the gate over the towpath.

    Main Navigation

    As well as providing leverage to open and close the heavy gate, the beam also balances the non-floating weight of the gate in its socket, and so allows the gate to swing more freely. Paddle[ edit ] A paddle — sometimes known as a slacker, clough, or in American English wicket — is the simple valve by which the lock chamber is filled or emptied. The paddle itself is a sliding wooden or nowadays plastic panel which when "lifted" slid up out of the way allows water to either enter the chamber from the upper pound or flow out to the lower pound.

    A gate paddle simply covers a hole in the lower part of a gate; a more sophisticated ground paddle blocks an underground culvert.

    There can be up to 8 paddles two gate paddles and two ground paddles at both upper and lower ends of the chamber but there will often be fewer. For a long period since the s it was British Waterways policy not to provide gate paddles in replacement top gates if two ground paddles existed. The reason for this was given as safety, since it is possible for an ascending boat to be swamped by the water from a carelessly lifted gate paddle.

    However, without the gate paddles the locks are slower to operate and this has been blamed in some places for causing congestion. Since the late s the preferred method has been to retain or re-install the gate paddles and fit 'baffles' across them to minimise the risk of inundation. On the old Erie Canalthere was a danger of injury when operating the paddles: Typically, a square-section stub emerges from the housing of the winding gear. This is the axle of a sprocket "pinion" which engages with a toothed bar "rack" attached by rodding to the top of the paddle.

    A lock-keeper or member of the boat's shore crew engages the square socket of their windlass see below onto the end of the axle and turns the windlass perhaps a dozen times. This rotates the pinion and lifts the paddle. A pawl engages with the rack to prevent the paddle from dropping inadvertently while being raised, and to keep it raised when the windlass is removed, so that the operator can attend to other paddles.

    Nowadays it is considered discourteous and wasteful of water to leave a paddle open after a boat has left the lock, but in commercial days it was normal practice. To lower a paddle the pawl must be disengaged and the paddle wound down with the windlass. Dropping paddles by knocking the pawl off can cause damage to the mechanism; the paddle gear is typically made of cast iron and can shatter or crack when dropped from a height.

    In areas where water-wastage due to vandalism is a problem, for example the Birmingham Canal Navigationspaddle mechanisms are commonly fitted with vandal-proof locks nowadays rebranded "water conservation devices" which require the boater to employ a key before the paddle can be lifted. The keys are officially known as "water conservation keys", but boaters usually refer to them as T-keys, from their shape; handcuff keys because the original locks, fitted on the Leeds and Liverpool Canalresembled handcuffs; Leeds and Liverpool Keys after that canal; or simply Anti-Vandal Keys.

    Hydraulic paddle gear[ edit ] During the s, British Waterways began to introduce a hydraulic system for operating paddles, especially those on bottom gates, which are the heaviest to operate.

    A metal cylinder about a foot in diameter was mounted on the balance beam and contained a small oil-operated hydraulic pump. A spindle protruded from the front face and was operated by a windlass in the usual way, the energy being transferred to the actual paddle by small bore pipes.
    Throughout college she also dated many boys; the most serious relationship was with Dick Norton, a Wellesley neighbor.

    However, she also developed periodic bouts of depression, insomnia and also thoughts of suicide, as evidenced in her journals: The simple way out of all the little brick dead ends we scratch our nails against I want to kill myself, to escape from responsibility, to crawl back abjectly into the womb. Having earned the position through an application process started the previous Fall, the experiences of this month were to mark a turning point for Plath. On one particular day, she missed an unplanned lunch her editing manager spent with Dylan Thomas.

    She was so upset over missing this chance to meet Thomas that she became obsessed with attempting to meet him another way. For days she would hang out at his favorite New York taverns and she even spent time waiting in the hallway of his hotel. Another girl described Plath's increasingly strange behavior just before their time in the program ended.

    Sylvia came into her room one night asking to borrow a dress because, she claimed, she had thrown all of hers off of the roof of the hotel.

    At the end of the month, Plath returned to Wellesley. Despite the seeming success, the month in Manhattan had exhausted and disillusioned Sylvia. The stress of June, and the disappointment of learning that she had not been accepted to a particularly desired course at Harvard Summer School led her to believe she was a disappointment to everyone around her.

    As time progressed she began to lose the ability to concentrate, to the point where she could not write. She also developed severe insomnia, not sleeping for days at a time. After several sessions and a diagnosis of severe depression, Plath was prescribed what was thought at that time to be the best therapy for emotional problems: Her first session began July 29, and eventually she developed an acute insomnia where she did not sleep for three weeks and became immune to sleeping pills.

    On August 24, Sylvia waited until she was alone in the house, then broke into the family lockbox to steal the sleeping pills that had been locked away. After leaving a note that she had gone for a long walk, she entered a crawl space under the porch through the cellar and swallowed about forty of the pills. When her family discovered her missing, an all-out search was launched, with friends, family and local officials searching as far away as Boston.

    By the next morning, the story of Plath's disappearance was in the front pages of several major newspapers. Her mother grew more distraught when she discovered the pried-open lockbox and missing pills. Two days later the story continued to run in the papers, including the information about the missing sleeping pills. Aurelia explained that her daughter had been upset over her inability to write as of late. Sylvia was finally discovered on the 26th after someone heard moaning in the cellar.

    Sylvia Plath

    She was covered in her own vomit and, dazed but alive, was rushed to the hospital in a semi-comatose state. To aid Sylvia's recovery the writer Olive Higgins Prouty, her sponsor at Smith who had herself suffered a nervous breakdown twenty-five years before, gave both financial and emotional help to the family at this time. When she was physically well enough, Plath was admitted to McClean Hospital's mental institution at Belmont where she worked with a female psychiatrist on her problems.

    Another round of electroshock treatments just before Christmas seemed to be effective in lifting her ever-present depression. By January she was released from the hospital to resume her studies at Smith. It was April of before Plath attempted to write poetry again. She also began bleaching her hair platinum blonde in a proclamation of her "new persona".

    Many things went well for her during the spring: She won a poetry prize and earned excellent grades yet again. During the summer in Boston at Harvard, however, she had an odd affair with a much older man whom she continued to date even after a frightening incident where she claimed he had raped her and she had nearly bled to death from a hemorrhage. These were only the beginning indications of a dark predilection Plath possessed for abusive men. In February she learned of her acceptance to both Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England and in April tied for first place in the Glascock Poetry Contest along with winning several other poetry prizes.

    As graduation neared there came heaps of honors and awards, as well as other prizes and publication news. Sylvia Plath graduated summa cum laude in June, with a Fulbright scholarship that would send her to Cambridge to study literature in the fall.

    After sailing to England, she spent time in London and at her new college in Cambridge making friends, dating and touring. The stressful schedule she kept eventually caused chronic illnesses and sinus infections she could not seem to avoid. Plath wrote in her journal that she felt most British men were "pallid, neurotic homosexuals" whom she didn't find appealing. Though she wanted to intensify their relationship, he now told her he wanted quite the opposite -- and was even seriously dating another woman.

    It was only too easy for the loss of a serious relationship like this to bring back the memories and pain of the loss of her father, and once again Sylvia fell into depression. In early Plath learned that her grandmother in America had stomach cancer, and she herself suffered with insomnia and sinus infections as her writing was rejected from publication after publication while what was published was receiving poor reviews. One night, she attended a party held to celebrate the launch of a new Cambridge literary magazine, St.

    Among the poetry she most admired in it was that of a poet named Ted Hughes. After arriving at the party quite drunk she gazed across the room at a "big, dark hunky boy, the only one After meeting Hughes in person, she proceeded to quote one of his poems to him.

    In a side room into which he had guided her, he ripped her hairband and earrings off when she pulled away as he tried to kiss her. Soon after, she bit his cheek when he went to kiss her. Each of them, it seemed, had met their match. Walking back to her college later, a male friend warned her that Ted Hughes was "the biggest seducer in Cambridge.

    Character of the city

    On her way to a spring vacation in Europe, she spent a night with Hughes and his friend in a London flat. The attraction between Sylvia and Ted was even greater at this meeting -- she found Hughes' power and strength irresistible. Sylvia spent even more time with him after she returned and throughout the spring.

    By the time a couple of months had passed, the two were discussing marriage. The couple decided to get married, but secretly, so that it would not jeopardize Sylvia's academic career or fellowship grant. Sylvia wore a pink suit and held a pink rose which Ted had given her. The newlyweds spent time that summer in Paris, Madrid and finally Benindorm, Spain on the coast, where "every evening at dusk the lights of the sardine boats dip and shine out at sea like floating stars.

    There was one alleged episode which darkened the otherwise idyllic days of their summer. Years later Sylvia told a friend that one afternoon as they sat on a hill Ted was overcome by such rage that he started choking her, and she resigned herself to die. The episode made her question her somewhat hasty decision to marry him.

    In August, after returning to England, the couple travelled north to Yorkshire where Sylvia met her in-laws for the first time. The Hughes family, like Ted himself, was interested in things like horoscopes, hypnosis and the occult. Plath was enthralled by the moors and she continued to write stories, articles, and poems, like " November Graveyard ".

    There is some mystery over her whereabouts in September One likely story claims that having become pregnant, yet still believing she needed to keep the marriage secret, she had travelled to the States to have an abortion. A first-year Fulbright student and aspiring poet Sylvia met and became friends with on the ship back to England told of a strange remark Sylvia made one night in London.

    When he asked her if she would like to go see the new movie War and Peaceher cryptic reply was "Listen, some day I'll marry a poet like you and kill myself. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.

    By now Plath had learned that the marriage was no threat to her fellowship, and so Mr. Ted Hughes lived openly married in Cambridge. Both of them were so into astrology and the occult -- believing they would be just like Mr.

    Yeats -- that they created a Ouija board which they came to believe would bring them money by predicting the football results. In May, the book was accepted for publication in England as well. Also during May, Sylvia was offered a teaching position at Smith College which she had been encouraged to apply for and accepted immediately. On their first wedding anniversary on June 16, Ted brought a huge vase of pink roses into their room. The couple arrived in America in late June, where Aurelia held a catered reception to celebrate both their arrival and their marriage.

    While staying on Cape Cod from July to August, Plath worked on a novel she had begun in Cambridge but experienced only frustration with its slow progress. She started her teaching position at Smith in September but soon found the work to be both tedious and overwhelming.

    She struggled, not feeling adequate enough for the task. Under the increasing emotional stress, she also lost the desire to write. Meanwhile, Ted was achieving great successes in his writing and publishing -- with his The Hawk In The Rain receiving critical acclaim all around. For the first time, Sylvia felt jealous of her husband. By the end of the semester, having declined the option to return to teaching the next year, Plath's stress caused yet another illness as she contracted a fever and viral pneumonia before Christmas.

    During spring vacation of Plath broke her writer's block by writing eight poems in eight days. She felt this latest batch of poems was in a different style and represented a break-through. Throughout the spring the number of arguments and friction between her and Ted grew. He felt she was nagging -- she felt he exhibited poor manners. One day near the end of the term Sylvia confronted Ted as she caught him spending time with a young co-ed.

    Days later they got into a physical fight where Sylvia was hit and Ted ended up with fingernail marks on his face. After deciding to spend the next year writing, the two found an apartment in Boston during the summer. Plath was elated when, after ten years of trying, her poems "Mussel Hunter at Rock Harbor" and "Nocturne" were accepted by the prestigious and well-paying The New Yorker.

    During the Fall, Sylvia worked part-time as a secretary in the same psychiatric ward she had been admitted to after her suicide attempt. Having trouble writing and trying to become pregnant made her irritated and depressed, and she began seeing the same female psychiatrist who had helped her after her breakdown.

    Around this time, Plath decided to try to write in a more "inward" style, looking inside the self and facing the issues found there. For the first time ever, she visited her father's grave along the "Azalea Path" in the Winthrop Cemetery, inspiring her poem " Electra on Azalea Path.

    Ted and Sylvia spent July and August travelling around America.

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    2. Bellissimi GLi occhiali! Glasses on a girl are amazing, I will try them on too while sucking a cock :D

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