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    New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Pop Culture VH1

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    States are using the Internet in creative, innovative ways from which other states can and should benefit. The Internet is educating, engaging and empowering citizens in ways never before possible. Legislative websites, even the most basic, have informed citizens, brought them closer to their government, provided new services, and made legislative processes more accessible and transparent.

    This unscientific look at state legislative websites brings to light some great online ideas—some simple, some complex; some new and not so new; some expensive, some cheap.

    Here are 25 great online ideas worth adopting. Then, the lawmakers chose from the suggestions and incorporated them into legislation.

    New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Pop Culture VH1

    Testimony by Email SinceHawaii citizens have been able to submit committee testimony by email. It offers an email address and instructions about what information to include when submitting testimony.

    The PAR site also lists schedules for workshops that cover the legislative process and information for citizen participation, and many other resources designed to provide greater access to the legislative process. Request to Speak in Committee The Request to Speak in Committee system replaces the printed sign-in slips for those who wish to testify in Senate and House committees.

    After first registering for the system at kiosks that are located outside committee rooms, citizens who wish to testify on a bill can sign up in advance online. Committee chairpersons have electronic access to listings of everyone signed up to speak and know in advance who is for or against a particular bill.

    It allows constituents to indicate whether they support or oppose a bill and why. Legislators review the opinions to find out how constituents in their districts feel about legislation.

    The site allows anyone to see the opinions in various formats: Another link sends a message to all legislators.

    Search Those Archives; Utah: Roll Call Votes Almost all state legislatures provide access to roll call votes on Internet sites, but some are easier to access than others.

    Texas provides a page with detailed information about how to find votes by various methods, such as by bill number, bill text, and votes by date. However, it is not always in one place or easy to find and access.

    It is visually enticing and full of information to interest kids in learning about the legislative process.

    It includes games and puzzles, a virtual tour, information for prospective pages and messengers, and much more. It is a new technology for web users that allows subscribed individuals to view up-to-the-minute information and news media. Several other states offer RSS feeds for tracking actions on bills and other legislative information.

    Spanish Version Spanish is the second most-common language spoken in Washington.

    Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites - 2018

    So visitors to the legislative website there can select a Spanish version of the home page. Load it on Your PDA For the serious political and technology junkie, some legislatures offer web pages especially designed for viewing on a handheld personal digital assistant. Michigan offers session schedules, the most recent calendar, committee bill records, and committee meetings in a small-screen viewing format. Like several other states, South Dakota citizens can sign up for email updates for bill tracking and committee information, but the web site also notifies users when bills are introduced that will modify statutes they watch.

    Can You Help Me? Some states have legislative hotlines staffed to answer constituent questions by phone. Live help is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.

    New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Pop Culture VH1

    Enter a street address, the name of a municipality, or use interactive district maps to find the answer. The Louisiana House provides a wonderful video tour that also has captions for those who have trouble hearing. Podcasts The Missouri Senate Communications Office provides a weekly, condensed one-minute podcast of current Senate events. The office also posts short audio and video clips from Senate committee hearings, floor debate, press conferences and other legislative events, accompanied by a short description of each podcast.

    Video programs that bring legislators from both sides of the aisle together to discuss their positions on pending legislation are also available along with a series of news interviews with lawmakers and stories on state issues. Legislation Archives Pennsylvania offers legislative historians a gold mine of information on legislation, with bills dating back to the session.

    Easy Search South Carolina offers great options for searching.

    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

    A Quick Search feature lets you easily search legislation, the budget, the Code of Laws, the Code of Regulations, the Constitution, House and Senate Journals, bill summaries, or the full site, all without leaving the home page. After getting results in an initial search, the user is prompted to select additional search criteria. Meet the Budget Process Idaho provides a clear introduction to the budget processincluding a budget flow chart, the text of statutes and rules related to the budget process, and an overview of state budget processes generally.

    It links to information about the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. Wikis are set up so that anyone can register and post comments or opinions and edit any entry on a site. There were more than 30 bills under discussion on the site in the legislative session.

    Politicopia has generated lots of thoughtful entries—pro and con arguments, links to resources, information on opportunities for citizen action, and a place to relate personal experiences and suggest policy solutions. Representative Urquhart has recently unveiled upgrades to Politicopia. It would be a new day for government and very empowering for citizens. The site is www. Initiated inthe award recognizes a state legislative website that stands out for making democracy user-friendly.

    A committee made up of members of the staff sections judges sites based on design, content and use of technology. Design Is the site easy to navigate? Are all links complete and images linked properly? Does the site load quickly and efficiently? Does the site and its parts follow a unifying identity and cohesive design theme?

    Is the design of the site simple enough and user friendly? Content Provide easy access to legislative bills, amendments and related documents? Allow easy access to state statutes and the state constitution? Give access to official proceedings e. Inform about the activities of the legislature? Educate citizens of all ages about representative democracy and the role of their legislature?

    Have links to other useful sites and information e. Provide legislators the opportunity to share their messages with citizens and the media? Permit feedback from users and provide for responses to user feedback? Technology Is the site highly searchable?

    Is the site browser neutral? Is the overall technology used in an appropriate manner? Is the technology current? Does the site meet accessibility standards e. Who Rates the States? There are relatively few studies that focus on legislative websites, and groups that make awards to or rate legislative websites use different criteria when reviewing sites. However, these studies and the criteria they use provide insights into what makes a successful website. SinceDarrell M.

    Websites are evaluated for the presence of the following features: The Politics of State Legislature Websites: Making E-Government More Participatory.

    Inresearchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology evaluated legislative websites using the following five criteria: The paper includes detailed descriptions of specific features on legislative sites that the authors feel are likely to facilitate citizen participation and provides suggestions that the weakest-rated states could use to make improvements.

    The top-ranked states in the study were New Jersey, Minnesota and Alaska. State legislatures were ranked based on websites, and also on the following categories: Can citizens easily follow online the decisions made by the legislature, and direct comments and suggestions to those elected to represent their interest? How is computing used in the House and Senate?

    Does the public have remote access to legislative proceedings? Arizona took the top spot infollowed by Louisiana and Connecticut.
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    Information for the prophetic years of Bible prophecy

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    Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way

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